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Political Positions For Evangelical Christians Re Bible Prophecy

I am out of Jerry Falwell’s school that teaches you stand up and vote for the candidate who is closest to you on the issues and Evangelicals take positions on various political issues. If you are not voting, you need to vote, it is your duty as a citizen. But, and I cannot say but loud enough, that is where it ends.

Within the end time community of Bible Prophecy experts, watchmen, and teachers we have the vilification of all that Bible Prophecy predicts.   The forecasts in Bible Prophecy are mostly negative predictions of doom and gloom and of the emerging final world empire and the Antichrist. The conspiracy theorists sited the New World Order and then vilified it to its students., Geopolitically the New World Order has been replaced by the age of empires. While many vilified the New World Order  they also criticized  globalization, groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and  world organizations. Although it was not outwardly stated it was insinuated that Christians should not have anything to do with any of these groups specifically the ones they cited as fulfilling Bible Prophecy.

In Scripture we see the opposite of this vilification regarding the conquering empires that the Lord of Hosts foretold would invade Israel..  Joseph becomes second to Pharaoh in Egypt and this nation would years later would cause the Israelites to suffer cruel and hard bondage. In Genesis 15:13 God foretold to Abraham the enslavement the children of Israel would suffer in a strange land. It was Joseph who was the instrument to bring the children of Israel to Egypt because of the famine. Did God tell Joseph to stay out of Egypt because this nation would brutalize Israel? He in fact brought the children of Israel to Egypt.

Jeremiah the prophet preached of the coming Babylonian invasion and he warned about Nebuchadnezzar who is a forerunner to the Antichrist. One of the Antichrist’s titles is the ‘king of Babylon.” Yet, it was Nebuchadnezzar himself who after the invasion protected Jeremiah and provided for him.

Daniel the prophet was a Babylonian captive.  He was chosen for his good looks and intellect to serve in the Babylonian kingdom. This was not his choice. Daniel was a captive. You will notice in all of Daniel’s conversations with Nebuchadnezzar he treats him with respect and even tells him that he is given his power by God.  Daniel worked for the government of the first empire to judge Israel and is a forerunner of the final world empire. Daniel served in its government.

Despite the Biblical examples many who teach on the end times speak against who and what they are stating fulfills Bible Prophecy. This is not their job!   I discovered that the fulfillment of various prophecies will bring about the fulfillment of other prophecies. I am giving no details here because it is written about in my Magi report and you have to get a copy of the report to learn the details. For this reason I mostly stay neutral on my position and if I come out in favor  of a position it is because it fulfills Bible prophecy.

The Antichrist himself is given his seat by God and is appointed as the rod of his anger. God gives the false prophet the power to breath life into the image of the beast. Let me correct, it is Satan who gives the Antichrist his seat but God who allows that seat.  The events of the Tribulation are all in God’s plan. Why then is it that when end time expositors show that an event is linking up they issue warnings and warn against the powers that are falling into place?   For instance globalists are assailed, world institutions are battered and why?  What is the reason for preaching against globalization when the all of this is in God’s plan?   Bible Prophecy provides the forecasts for the time of the end and we are able to speculate, but we are not to warn folks against any of the signs that are fulfilling the coming end time Bible Prophecies. 

We see Jesus Himself tell of the signs that will lead to the end and He is very specific on those signs.  Concerning the Antichrist he states that one is coming in his own name and him you will accept. He doesn’t even mention him during his abomination of desolation warning. Jesus affirms that when this occurs he warns the Jews to flee because there will be such great tribulation as never before in the history of the world.  In Matthew 24:20 Jesus tells the Tribulation Saints to pray that their flight is not in the winter or on the Sabbath. As they see the signs they are to pray and prepare for their flight. So you see these events are going to happen and Jesus himself does not point fingers at those causing the events, but rather issued warning for when they occur.      

We should be happy when we see geopolitical events fall into place and not try to stop it. We need to remain neutral.  We are in the age of empires- hooray as this lines with the book of Daniel. The Federalists in Europe ultimately want the EU to act as the cornerstone for uniting the world- wow, I am on the side of the federalists and their ideology because it fits with the prophetic forecasts. Should I be writing against them? As a matter of fact I wrote a blog once on an EU policy website and I critiqued a proposed treaty to amend the Lisbon treaty after reading it  so that it would be more federalist and directly in line with the prophetic forecasts. Shame on me.  How could I do such a thing, because I am 100% categorically committed to the fulfilment of the forecasts.  The quicker these events line the sooner we can be out of here in the Rapture.

Where I draw the line is that I would not have any RFID implant because the idea of one and its relation to the Mark of the Beast creeps me out. Also while I know that the US is going to decline and the US dollar is going to lose the world’s reserve currency status I am critical of its foreign policies because I know its future.

As I stated we should still stand on the issues that reflect our beliefs, but geopolitically and in foreign policy we want to be in line as well and make sure we are not fighting against what is predicted to occur.

This may be difficult for you to grasp.  For the conspiracy theorists this would mean you would stop slamming the Masons or groups that you refer to as secret societies. You would be happy they exist. For those who say that Islam is the beast of Revelation you would be pro growth of Islam.  I teach the beast of Revelation is the European Union and I am pro EU empire and pro federalist teachings because this is the will of the living God that the final world power will rise from this geopolitical framework. From here it is Satan that will give his son, the son of Satan himself his political seat. As I watch the EU’s development into the final world empire my heart jumps for joy. I would never get in the way of it, or write against it, I am only here to tell you that it is happening and lining the way that God said it would happen.and that these evetns mean that the Tribulation is coming and if you are not sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ you need to be sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ and if you do not know Him as personal savior you need to know Him now, otherwise you will find yourself in the midst of the judgment of God and all that is about to occur. As I stated  even the Antichrist himself is appointed by God for his purpose.

When the Tribulation Saints realize that they are in the Tribulation their attitude is going to be we are here and it will purely and strictly be about survival.  They are not going to be able to try to fight what is happening, their one focus will be trying to survive it.

We do not have those kind of worries, we are living in difficult perilous times that will lead to the start of the Tribulation and to the Rapture. These times are growing harder to live in.  As we see these signs unfold geopolitically we are not to warn against the events themselves, but warn that they are happening just as the Bible predicts and not take issue against them  rather we are just to point out that they are happening and we should want to see their coming to pass.

Why Christian Martyrs Must Die During the Great Tribulation

Why would God allow Christians to be killed during the Tribulation, when the Tribulation is coming as judgment upon the world. This is the hard to grasp.   Why would God allow the Beast to be both the judge of the world and the persecutor of the church?

   Under the Roman empire Jesus was born and died a Roman execution death. It was the persecution of the church afterwards that caused the church to expand and grow.  During the Tribulation the church will suffer persecution again but this persecution will usher in the second coming of Jesus and the destruction of the earth.  There are two Biblical reasons why Christians being killed during the Tribulation falls in line with Biblical teachings and why God would allow the Tribulation Martyrs to be killed.  For the seventh trumpet and the final woe to occur the believers will need to be gone, why? Because if one righteous person remained on the earth God would not destroy it or more specifically I should say ten..

The book of Daniel tells us that the end occurs when the power of the holy people is crushed. Daniel 12:7 states:
Then I heard the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven, and swore by Him who lives forever, that it shall be for a time, times, and half a time; and when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered, all these things shall be finished.

It is God’s policy that if one righteous person were left on the earth he would not destroy it.
God created the earth as a place that men and women would have fellowship with Him, when the last person who seeks God is gone the purpose for the earth ends.  This lines with Abraham’s discussion with God that if ten righteous were left in the City would God destroy it and the answer is no.  This was referring to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The dialogue that Abraham had with God is in Genesis 18:16-33.  I heard it taught once that when the Rapture occurs the Holy Spirit is taken out of the earth and for this reason the Tribulation could begin because all of the believers are gone.  This is not true because the Spirit is at work during the Tribulation and there are believers during that time.  It is not the Church’s removal that allows the Tribulation to begin It is the church’s removal that ends the dispensation of grace and th is is one event lined with another that I discuss in my Magi report that marks the end of the age of Grace and begins the final dispensation, which is focused on Israel and the Jews.  The significance of the persecution and martyrdom is that when the power of the holy people is crushed the final judgments that culminate in the destruction of the earth can begin. We see this in several passages. Daniel 12 tells us that there are 1290 days from the abomination of desolation until the end. Revelation 11 Tells us that the two witnesses prophesy for 1260 days and after this the third woe and the seventh trumpet is coming.  We also see in Revelation 12 the woman (Israel) protected in the wilderness but her protection is for 1260 days, the same time frame that the two witnesses warn the world. The two witnesses dead bodies lie for three and ahalf days and they resurrect before everyone. This coincides with the three and a half year ministry of Jesus and the timing of his resurrection.  The Antichrist as a false Christ also has a three and a half year reign from the day he establishes his being a deity in the temple.. We see God tell those murdered in Revelation 6:11 “that they should rest a little while longer, until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were, was completed.” This completion takes place on the 1260th day and within days of this date as the two witnesses resurrect back to heaven. During this time the  Antichrist successfully destroys  the remaining believers. When he successfully murders the remaining believers there will either not be any righteous or there will be under ten righteous walking the earth.. Notice again the number 10 of the 10 days of Tribulation.  If ten are left the seventh seal would not launch or the final woe.

There are 30 days unaccounted for and in these thirty days or within them  because remember Daniel tells us there are 1290 days until the end, within these 30 days, the seventh seal and the final woe occurs, which includes the battle of Armageddon, the sun darkening, the moon turning to blood, the great earthquake which levels every mountain and worldwide tsunamis sink every island. The earth rotates off its axis and the stars fall from the sky and pummel the earth to pieces.  All of this cannot occur with just ten righteous left walking on the earth.

Consistent with Scripture is another teaching.  When God brought judgment onto the nation of Israel, the nations who invaded who God used to judge Israel for its sin were punished as well for their actions against Israel. We see this with the Antichrist and his government. The Antichrist and the false prophet are thrown directly into the lake of fire.

In Revelation we see power in the deaths of the Tribulation Saints, For they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death.  While the Tribulation Saints must die for the final judgments to take place they will have conquered death like Christ and through his blood they  overcome death and defeat Satan who can take their lives but not their souls. When the number is complete of the brethren being killed, and they are completely crushed, and annihilated, the world will finish to be judged and in part on account of their deaths.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Eric Garner Death -More Violence From The Police & Protesters

The Verdict from the  New York City Choke Hold case surprised me along with everyone else who looked at the video,( published by the Guardian) which shows a clear case of police brutality.  Even the UN took notice and issued a statement that the United States needs to deal with this issue. Our police policy got the attention of a world organization, which means that the problem is not only evident to US citizens but to nations of the world.

What is striking in the video is that as Eric Garner is telling the police that he can’t breath and they totally ignore him.  The autopsy ruled the death a homicide and there was no mention if the hyoid bone in Eric Garner’s throat was  fractured, which occurs in one third of all strangulation deaths.  With or without, the police officer’s arm around Eric garner’s neck with all of his force would be enough to strangle the man.   It was obvious Eric Garner was not a threat to the police officers but they were obviously threatened by his size alone to use such excessive force. His crime was that he broke up a fight and possibly sold untaxed   cigarettes.  Tragically, his six children are now fatherless and his wife of 27 years a widow.  A good man has been murdered and to add to the injury the jury did not charge the violent police officer.  There must have been something in the water for that group of individuals not to see that it was clearly a crime. The UN saw it, the rest of the viewing public could see it, but the grand jury missed the obvious.

If an out of control child were to be held in a choke hold the person would be held on child abuse charges. If a woman were to be violated in the same manner it would be labeled domestic violence. But used on a big man and it is restraint? The hold itself taught  in martial arts and the military is intended to reduce air and blood flow and is superior to manual strangulation because of the advantage of  leverage. If you want to kill your victim via strangulation a choke hold is the way to do it  A family man is now murdered by a police officer who walks free.  The officer is a public servant and should be held to a higher standard.

 If this is not the lawlessness that is described in Bible Prophecy that is characteristic of the end times I do not know what is. Since society is already heightened in its anger due to the end times, we now have more riots and protests. This is an issue of police brutality and we are seeing police officers use excessive force in situations in which no force should be used. I recall the mentally ill women who the police officer pounded fist after fist while she lay on the pavement.   The murder of the mentally ill man in Fort Bend Texas who was threatening suicide and when the police got to his home they opened fire on him murdering him because he refused to open the bathroom door he hid behind and would not release the knife he was going to use to harm himself.. 

What is going to end up happening is that people are not going to want to call the police for anything because they will not want their call to end in a homicide. People who have mentally ill family members are going to think twice about phoning the police because their call can end in the death of their loved one. We are going to feel uneasy around police and want to avoid the civil servants who are there to protect us like the plague. Meanwhile with more of these episodes occurring, social unrest will follow. People are reacting violently to the issue of police who use excessive violence. Doubling the issue is that it is used against a black man who the officers deemed a greater threat based not only on his size but the color of his skin.

Meanwhile this family and the world lost a good man to a murderous cop or to a police officer who was so stupid that he thought that he was taking down Goliath with super human strength and abilities and he needed to use a choke hold that would cut off Eric Garner’s air and blood supply because of the disparity of force.  The officer and all of the officer’s in the clip were obviously afraid and acted out of fear and they have no place in law enforcement with that kind of fear that blinds them to the situation at hand and caused them to make foolish judgment calls. The injustice of it is now for all for all to see. Sadly these are the end times and this type of violence was predicted by Jesus that it would be characteristic in the end times. Jesus talked about the coldness and loss of love in the end times. He said that if he does not come back when he does there would be no love left on the earth.

People are enduring the most horrific of life circumstances and they become bitter over them. Eric garner’s lovely family has now firsthand experienced the horrors of living in these end times and its brutality. Sadly Eric garner’s words “I can’t breath” touched many who saw the video. We were left shocked at the coldness of the officers who ignored Eric garner as they thought they were taking down a superhuman Goliath, who they no longer regarded as human and who they felt no empathy towards.  This man who only minutes before used his enormous size to break up a fight when most would have walked away or ignored it.Eric garner used his size for good to put a stop to something bad that was happening and instead of the police giving him the honor he deserved for making their job easier, they ganged up on him, and choke held him to his death.  Something must be done and police who are cowards, because that is exactly what these officers looked like, a bunch of cowards are more apt to use excessive force out of fear and they need to be terminated. 

We are hearing so many stories of those who are suppose to protect us, the Oklahoma officer accused of raping 6 women reported by USA today,  the cannibal cop who wanted to cook the gals he liked, and the list goes on.

The police in the United States now suffer an image problem and people will think twice before calling them or being around them. They will only incite the violence that is not only within them but also within those living in society. This story while focused in the Untied States is one among many that evidences the difficulties faced of living in these end times.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sign My Petition For President Obama To End Russia Sanctions

In my articles I have stayed clear of political involvement and have remained neutral on many topics. It now ends with the initiation of my petition for “The US Government to End Russia Sanctions.” I have covered the EU, Ukraine, and Russian conflict in several articles and as the cartoon character Popeye was famous for saying, “I have had all I can stands I can stands no more.”  Thus I wrote my petition for the US Government to End Russia Sanctions.

In my previous articles I have stated this dispute is between Russia and the EU and it is the first conflict in the age of Empires, which is the geopolitical framework we now find ourselves living in.

Certain US politicians such as Hilary Clinton and the media portray Vladimir Putin as a dangerous, ruthless leader.  It seems that the media likes to portray Putin as the world’s next greatest threat for page hits. Truth in media gets compromised for page hits because the ad revenue keeps them in business and they do not earn money from ads if no one reads what they write so they have to attract your attention.

Think about it, what does Vladimir Putin’s troops in Ukraine have to do with the United States?  While President Obama stated that Putin invaded Ukraine out of weakness, it was the United States who jumped into that conflict, uninvited. This dispute does not affect US foreign policy even if Vladimir Putin invaded all of Ukraine. United States Russia sanctions hurt US/ Russia relations at a time when we should be working on mending those relations.  Unlike President Obama accused Vladimir Putin the US is the one who appears weak by acting as a bully and by going into this fight uninvited and jumping in without looking at both sides.

The European Union is an empire that is now bigger than the United States.  It has 508 million citizens to our 314, and possesses the world’s largest market. The EU has been working very hard at forging its political identity. The launch of the euro at the turn of the millennium via the Maastricht treaty was the single most political act on the part of the EU.  Within a few years the euro was the world’s second reserve. The Amsterdam treaty negotiated after Maastricht helped the EU take in the eastern bloc countries as members that embraced democracy after the fall of the Berlin wall.  Russia didn’t interfere. The Ukraine is obviously where Vladimir Putin draws the line. Vladimir Putin is facing sanctions issued from two of the world’s leading empires, in the face of such adversity he is doing remarkably well for his nation and is maintaining his image of a strong leader for Russia.

Below you will find links to each of my articles.  I am also going to include again two video’s one is Nigel Farage’s speech to the European Parliament and he references what occurred in the second video the waving of the EU flag at Kiev.

So look at the Video Stop Playing War Games With Russia with UKIP President Nigel Farage. He makes the same points that I argue.

Video of the Euromaiden Rally that Nigel Farage is referring to and that provoked Vladimir Putin.

For some reason the Upload feature does not work on this particular video so you will have to click on this link or paste it into your browser.

Video that Details the EU Position in Ukraine, and provides a good understanding of their point of view. This video also blogger is not allowing me to upload. You must click on the link or paste it in your browser.

Video Title Ukraine Crisis What Your Not Being Told, is a great video and you must watch it because its reveals taped conversations regarding the US setting up a puppet neo Nazi regime in Ukraine.  This video contains the __ck the EU comment by Victoria Nuland during the discussion which shows her position of the EU in this matter.   After listening to this conversation the US diplomats look like keystone cops and you get the impression that they do not at all know what they are doing that this is just job to them. This mission does not appear in the best interests of the United States, the European Union and it is obviously aimed at Russia in a continuation of Cold War strategies and game play. The methods are dated in that they have been used by the US for years and most times ineffectual.  They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Video of Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, he does not address the EU accords, just the military situation.

Letter by Vladimir Putin to the New York Times to the American People Regarding His Position on Syria. When you read it tell me if this sound like a letter from a ruthless leader?  Not at all. He sounds quite reasonable.

Below are the previous articles I have written on this topic?

Here is my original long version of the petition for the US to end Russia sanctions on go  Petition, which I transferred to the White House, we the people board for Petitions, which I had to shorten for the their board.

In March 2014, the United States issued sanctions against Russia in a conflict that is between the European Union and Russia and for which both sides have legitimate arguments.

Ukraine is a border country for Russia and its cultural and economic ties go deep, and parts of Ukraine speak Russian. A percentage of Ukrainian citizens express desire for closer union with the European Union, which is why the European Union is in conflict with Russia over Ukraine as they were in the middle of accords, which would bind them economically and then lead to Ukraine's membership of the EU. Ukraine has 44 million citizens and is the second largest country and army in Europe. While providing a big gain for the EU, Ukraine as a member of the EU would be a threat to Russia.

The United States has no business in this dispute, which is not on the grounds of democracy because the US is teaming with the EU, which has its own democratic defect it has been working on fixing for years.  These sanctions alienate Russia and the ability of Russia and the United States to work together toward defeating common enemies and seeking to expand  economic opportunities between the two empires that can further prosper their prospective economies.

US Sanctions also create tension, uncertainty and instability between Russia and the United States. The American public do not share the US government's histrionic response to Putin's invasion of Ukraine and neither do we see how the conflict between the EU and Russia in any way effects the security of the United States.  This is a conflict that must be worked out between the EU and Russia and in which both sides have legitimate disputes.

What is going to effect the security of the United States are the US Sanctions against Russia.  By alienating Russia we eliminate an important partner in other foreign policy and economic objectives. In addition, this  foreign policy move on the part of the United States appears reactionary, ignorant and weak.  We were not invited by the EU on this matter yet we jumped in and took the lead on an issue that does not negatively effect the United States.

In a condensed version, which had to be shortened for the We the People board at the White house, it reads:

The United States issued sanctions against Russia in a conflict that is between the European Union and Russia and for which both sides have legitimate arguments and which the American public does not view Russia’s actions as unreasonable given the details.

US Sanctions create tension, uncertainty and instability between Russia and the US. By alienating Russia we eliminate an important partner in other foreign policy and economic objectives that are more pressing. These sanctions on the part of the United States appear reactionary, ignorant and weak.  We were not invited by the EU on this matter yet we jumped in and took the lead on an issue that does not negatively affect the United States, and have teamed with the undemocratic EU for Russia’s alleged breach of democracy.

As I stated I have stayed neutral and do not write against any of what is going to occur because it is all suppose to happen. T he prophet Daniel worked for Nebuchadnezzar who was the feared King who came to judge Israel.  He told Nebuchadnezzar that his position was given to him by God.   .  I have written favorable articles for European federalists, also for Vladimir Putin and I have stayed out of the mudslinging between US Republicans and Democrats and even of President Obama. But, on this issue is where I draw the line.  While Jesus tells us that Nation will rise and against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom, US took the role of aggressor because the conflict is not one in which the US should have participated, it rose against Russia and this move will have consequences.  If this petition can get enough signatures and get heard at the White House and be acted upon, and the US government listens to the people that we do not see Vladimir Putin as a threat to the United States or to the world, and he is going for his people as any president should do for his country.  We feel it is in the best interests of the United States to work on mending the relations with Russia. The United States can mend relations and work together on common causes of what is coming ahead via the commotions, conflicts and wars predicted rather than being a contributor to more conflicts  At the moment the United States is the aggressor.

Concerning the European Union, they have achieved what they hoped and at least by Russia have the recognition they have worked so hard to obtain.. The United States does not realize that the EU is a leading player in world affairs and that it can handle its own issues. Based on the tape of Victoria Nuland, the US is in keystone cop mode and still living in the Cold War with a Cold War mentality.

Finally for my Bible Prophecy buffs who are following Russia and Bible Prophecy you will want to purchase my soon to be published Magi Report where I cover Russia and provide insights into  Ezekiel 38-39 that have not being taught by any other prophecy experts and what they have missed out of those passages that I will point out to you.  My magi report provides analysis and a status update on the prophetic forecasts. While I point out the positioning of events I also highlight the gaps, these are the areas that have yet to be fulfilled. The Magi report acts as an intelligence report for those who follow Bible Prophecy and for more on Russia and Bible Prophecy you will want to be on the lookout on my website or sign up for my newsletter to be notified of its release. 

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Obama Calls Putin Threat To World

According to Reuters at the G-20 Obama stated that Putin is a threat to the world and stated “the United States was at the forefront of “opposing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which is a threat to the world.”  I do not know who is to blame for such a stupid comment, Obama or his advisers. Here are some facts that United States foreign policy experts are unaware of or they would not have advised Obama to go forward with sanctions against Ukraine, or that Putin is a treat to the world:

The EU is an Empire of 508 million citizens.
On the EU’s agenda is the formation of its own army.
The EU aims in Ukraine was for Ukraine’s eventual membership in the EU
Ukraine as an EU member  would give the EU 44 more million citizens
Ukraine with Europes second largest army  as an EU member will lend its army to the EU’s eventual  army.
Ukraine will bring the EU’s population to about 550 million citizens and it will be about 2/3 larger than the United States population
The EU is forging its own political identity in the world
The EU is a non-democratic entity via  its institutional structure. 

UKIP president Nigel Farage gave an excellent speech in the EU Parliament called, “Stop Playing War Games With Putin” and he brings out the points that I have covered and provides an excellent assessment of the situation. Ukraine is a border country with Russia with deep economic and cultural ties. Russian is spoken in parts of Ukraine. 

I understand the EU’s side because if I were at the helm I would want Ukraine too, what Empire does not want to expand. I also take sides with Putin who sees the EU as an empire that is encroaching on its territory. I wrote in an earlier blog on Blog Active that this is the first conflict in the age of Empires and it is between Russia and the EU.  The United States has no business in this fight, was not invited to  and is butting its nose in a situation that is making our government look stupid. If anyone is a threat to the world at the moment it is the United States.  Putin is sending messages that the United States is provoking.

 Russia signed a $400 Billion dollar gas deal with China veering away from the West.
Russian bombers now flying near US shores
A submarine spotted in Sweden’s waters they suspect its Russian
Putin threatened that he could  invade  countries in the EU, which he said could be accomplished in two days
Nato recently Iintercepted Russian planes over the Baltics

Concerning the Biblical prediction of nations rising against nations, in this case the United States is rising against Russia in a most foolish move for our foreign policy and for the peace of the world. If anyone is a threat to world peace at the moment it is US President Obama. As Nigel Farage stated in his speech and as I have also said, given the unprecedented threats that both Russia and the United States face regarding militant Islam, they should be working together. Can that happen, no, because in  line with Bible Prophecy, nation will rise against nation and kingdom and against kingdom.  The United States is rising against Russia.

I have stated and speculated that as the European Union gains in strength as an Empire, the United States is going to diminish in power.  We can expect to see the future United States come under the European Union’s sphere and partner with the European Union as it will have no choice.  Obama has already offered them this partnership before we will even need their help once our dollar collapses or ceases to be the world’s reserve currency. I did not expect that the United States under president Obama would help the European Union build its Empire by supporting its acquisition of Ukraine, which is the bottom line.  This is not about democracy, this is about land acquisition and it is Empire to Empire: European Union Empire to Russian Empire. The European Union is blinded by so much negative media and bickering among its member nations it is failing to see that they have achieved the recognition they aimed to achieve.  This recognition came in Russia’s military response. As Nigel Farage pointed out as I also mentioned in a previous blog, Putin was outraged when he saw the waving of the EU flag at Kiev, which occurred at the Euromaidan  rally that precipitated Russia’ invasion.

I do give Obama the benefit of the doubt in that he is surrounded by lousing advisers who do not know what is going on in the European Union and have been reading and studying the wrong material.  I have been following the EU for 25 years with my head in their publications from their think-tanks.  My information was not based through a United States lenses but from the source. The EU is forging ahead with its own political agenda for its position on the world stage. We are not included in their process except in the area of trade. Even NATO has long since lost its relevance.

In my soon to be released Magi Report I state that in Bible Prophecy we have entered an area of the unknown, meaning that when we look at the predictions, while we know they are going to occur we cannot know to what extent until we experience it,  Such as nation rising against nation.  We do not know what Russia will end up doing to defend itself, but with the United States taking part in the fight  it is provoking the situation and convoluting its own foreign policy objectives. The United States is aligning with the EU against Russia for hindering the democratic process, yet the US is teaming with the EU which has a democratic deficit it has been seeking to remedy for years.

On behalf of President Obama and the United States I am going to play again our future anthem , which is the EU anthem and Obama will now be remembered as the man who wanted to help the EU Empire acquire Ukraine and who provoked Russia when he should have sought to strengthen relations to fight common enemies.   Meanwhile as Obama points the finger at Putin the finger is pointing back at himself.  In honor of Obama’s move I am going to end this rant with the EU anthem and a waving of the EU flag here in the United States.  Of now to go and wave the EU flag.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mark of The Beast- New Technologies Want Inside Your Body

The article Nine Real Technologies That Will Soon Be Inside You  provides the latest technological products that literally marry man to computers and several can be used to fulfill the Mark of the Beast prophecy.  The 666, Mark of the Beast products are here. It is now just a matter of which technology will best fit the Antichrist’s police state. I stated in an earlier blog that the Mark of the Beast will be a combination of brain interface with an identity chip or tattoo.  In the above article you see a photo of the technology and a brief description of how it works.

Each of the featured technologies now implants in the human body and uses technology to regulate body systems, Soon they will merge a person with their device so that in their body or thoughts they can control their smart phone or computer.  According to this article Brain Interface products will be readily available by 2020, that is less than six years away.  What is taking place within the product world is a marriage of man and technology.

 The identity chips provide your identity and location. We know from Bible Prophecy that under the Antichrist you will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast. The reason is that either the chip will have your bank information It will be a combination of  RFID identity chip or tattoo with an electronic purse. The electronic purse technology originated in the EU, which is the Final World Empire that was foretold by the prophet Daniel and John in the Revelation that is going give rise to the Antichrist.

With all that is being written about regarding these new technologies and their potential, not one writer has mentioned the frightening prospect of how these can be used by a dictator for a police state,. These technologies will be a powerful dictator’s dream. We know from Bible Prophecy this is going to happen, because we  know the end of the story. Bible Prophecy told us of this technology while the apostle John was dressed in a long robe and sandals sitting on the isle of Patmos writing the Revelation on pieces of Animal skin glued together. 

The new technologies want your body and under the Antichrist once they get into your body, they are going to also take your soul. 


Friday, October 17, 2014

US Russian Sanctions Highlight US Stupidity In Foreign Policy

The Unites States sanctions against Russia for the Ukraine is one of the most stupid acts on the part of the US government and is a shimmering display of idiocy in its foreign policy and of the geopolitical landscape in which it is a player. If a policy act were a series of answers on an IQ test, Russian sanctions reveal the United States low IQ in foreign policy.  Lets look at US ignorance displayed for all to see in its own State Department Press Release.

The sanctions are put in place for Russia “violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, or for stealing the assets of the Ukrainian people.  Ukraine is a border country of Russia with deep ties that span its history.: 17% of its population is Russian and Russian is widely spoken in Ukraine.  Part of Ukraine’s territorial integrity is that it still has deep ties with Russia and such deep ones that its own population is divided between closer bonds with the European Union and closer ties with the Russian Federation.  The United States failed Ukraine 101 when it issued sanctions for Russia and ignored that Russian/Ukrainian relations go deep historically: Russia’s gas lines flow through Ukraine.

The United States disregarded Russia’s ties with Ukraine and the fact that this border country possesses the second largest army in Europe and has a sizable population. If the EU were to acquire the Ukraine then the Ukraine will lend to the EU’s economy and eventual army that is on its agenda.  An EU wide army is on the EU’s to do list and the framework for one was laid out in the EU’s Lisbon and earlier treaties.  As I stated in a previous article this conflict is the first conflict in the Age of Empires between the EU and Russia and the United States has no business butting in this dispute.  

The rhetoric in the State Department Press Release continues several times mentioning Russia using force, undermining democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine; and threatening  its peace, security, stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity.  What is so unbelievable about this statement is that the United States just failed among its many courses, Democracy 101. The press release states, “these actions with close coordination with our EU and international partners.”  The US is accusing Russia of undermining the democratic process and yet lines itself with the undemocratically structured EU which has been fixing its own democratic deficit for years. Various Eastern bloc leaders have accused the EU of Soviet style secrecy and government, as major decisions are made behind closed doors.   It is common knowledge that key EU decisions are made in secret and that the EU has a democratic deficit, so much so that former MEP Tony Benn once stated that if the EU were to try to join itself it would be turned down on the grounds that it were not a democracy. 

The US also fails European Union Politics 101 as it used the term “EU and our partners” and is not aware yet that the EU is not its partner except in trade agreements and is forging ahead with its own economic and political agenda on the world stage that does not include the United States. The EU wants its own position in the world and you cannot blame them, they are an Empire as Commission President Barroso stated and of course the EU is going to look out for EU interests. The United States is under the assumption that many nations are our friends, and it has not dawned on US leaders that we are not as well liked by “our friends” as US politicians think.

Concerning our EU partner, where has the EU ever aligned with the US on any of its conflicts? Did they join the US’s current coalition?   Did they get the EU to pressure Turkey into offering support for Kobaini seeing that Turkey has made one of its goals EU membership?  Instead the United States is supporting Kobaini without any help from its EU partner.  If all that I have written so far were not bad enough, the State Department’s Press Release ‘s statement “violating the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine, is written exactly as in the EU’s Commission’s newsroom page. The State Department could not come up with their own reason for issuing the sanctions. They copied the EU.  It gets even better, while the United States mentions the EU, the EU does not mention the United States.  Not even a small u.s., no indication in footnotes, NOTHING, as if we do not exist in the sanction process.  We stuck our necks far out, we issued sanctions first and not a whisper of the US along with the EU on their page. It gets even better than that. While the EU and US state that Russia is violating the sovereignty of the Ukraine, in order to join the EU a nation must relinquish parts of its own sovereignty.  The European Union is not a big fan of national sovereignty, but the terminology came in handy for sanctions against Russia.

The last section of the press release goes beyond the United States having a low IQ. It either assumes that the American public is totally ignorant as our politicians or maybe there is some crack smoking going on at the State Department. It states “And thereby constitute and unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security of foreign policy of the United States.” Hmm lets see, Russia protecting its interests after the EU was raising its flag in Kiev at a Euromaidan Rally is now a threat to United States foreign policy. The United States just went from having  a low IQ to being a total imbecile.  If anything threatens its foreign policy interests it is these sanctions.

The US imbecile speaks again in this final statement, “A secure Ukraine, integrated with Europe and enjoying good relations with its neighbors, is in the interests of the United States, Europe and Russia.   Whoever wrote this was watching the clock and couldn't wait to finish this Press Release so that he or she could leave for the day. It looks like they also enlisted the help of their third grader.  I am sure if Europe gained Ukraine with its 44 million citizens, which would bring the EU population up to 550+ million citizens, at its present population it is the third largest population area after China and India.  Russia is going to feel real secure having the monolith EU at its borders. Is the US going to be happy the day it plays second to the EU because the EU is bigger and more powerful. That day is coming.

What is in the interests in the United States is to stay out of this situation and the United States has clearly made a fool out of itself by issuing sanctions and exposed its stupidity.  These not only hurt US businesses that do business with Russia, and I realize they are few in number, but right now our economy needs every business to do well and US and EU businesses oppose them.  These sanctions are issued at a time when the United States is facing real enemies such as Islamic Militants and Ebola.  It would be a smarter foreign policy path for the US to let Russia’s conflict remain between it and the European Union, which has greater economic ties with Russia than the US. The United States should seek to mend relations with Russia instead of inflame them because the US just might need to work with Russia regarding common enemies.

Meanwhile the United States State’s Department officials should go back to school. The US is no longer in the Cold War. It is over. This is the Age of Empires and the United States is not the leading player. It is a muli-polar world.  The US must learn the definition of the word friends and allies before it uses the term so freely.  The United States State Department has to make an effort to get their heads out of US think tanks and get into some of the teachings at EU think tanks to learn what is going on in the European Union. The media should follow behind. Once they get their lessons they will stop printing erroneous headline grabbers on how the EU or the euro is going to fall apart, because both are way beyond ever dismantling. The EU is not a partner on US policy but is following it own agenda.  Since the US government and some members of the media do not have a clue what the EU is all about, I would also suggest a few classes at the College of Bruges a.k.a College of Europe. I am almost positive that neither has heard of the College nor are aware of its significance.

The EU is now bigger than the United States with 200 million more citizens than the US.  Ukraine would give the EU 44 million more. It might be in US interests for the EU to grow to 244 more citizens than its own, with an undemocratic institutional structure that will in time have its own army, but, Vladimir Putin does not see the situation as the US and neither does he give carte blanch to the EU or turn a blind eye as the United States. Vladimir Putin is looking out for his people and his empire and that is what he is supposed to do as a leader. He is not the world’s most dangerous man, he is not an evil dictator. He is a strong leader who is showing his strength in light of this unfair blow by the United States to Russia’s economy for doing nothing more than protecting Russian interests and getting into a dispute with the EU. Ukraine is an issue strictly between the EU and Russia and must be worked out around their negotiating table. The United States should maintain good relations with both the EU and Russia. The EU didn't ask for the United States help and has not even acknowledged the United States role.

If you agree with this article and feel that Russian Sanctions are a stupid foreign policy move on the part of the United States  tweet it to the US State Department or to the White House to help get the United States to lift these sanctions.
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