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Ten Reasons Twitter is a Must For Bible Prophecy News

Twitter is a must for Bible Prophecy news
Twitter for Bible Prophecy News

If you are following Bible Prophecy News in these End Times here are 10 Reasons You Must Have a Twitter Account:

1.     Facebook is for  friends but Twitter is used by journalists and politicians worldwide and Twitter is a tool for journalist to obtain stories effectively, which Facebook cannot even match. 

       Journalists can obtain stories with their Twitter accounts acting as a source of information depending on who they follow.  If someone is a Bible Prophecy expert and is not active on Twitter they are behind the times. Anyone “in the know” is on Twitter.

2.   Twitter gives you information in real time as it is happening and I tweet Bible Prophecy News sometimes minutes after it is released by the News Wires. 

      This saves me a good deal of time too. I do not have to put those links on my website, they are all in my feed as they are happening. These include my own articles as well.  I am not just tweeting news headlines, but comments by VIP’s, Think tanks, ,blog posts, videos, reports and press releases.  A headline is only part of it.  Most of the headlines I tweet are from the News Wires and leading sources.  

3.     When a news headline breaks by following it by #hashtag you can see photos and learn information from those tweeting at the scene.  

      When an explosion took place in the East Village in New York City and the news was just breaking on the wires and details were not yet given, by #hashtag I was able to follow those who were at the scene sending photos and video as the fire was happening and they were providing first hand accounts and details that started to answer the question that many of us had who tuned into the story that this was not a terrorist attack.  I recall the story of a man who followed by many journalists at the start of the US bombing of ISIS because he was located in a position to report on the exact targets the bombs were hitting.  

4.     With Twitter I do not have to post any headlines on my website like other Bible Prophecy experts, and I do not have to use a ticker or RSS feed, I have imbedded my Twitter account in my webpage and it is my news feed.

5.     Twitter is so vital for all of the major news outlets that they are imbedding Twitter feeds in their websites. This should tell you of its importance in news.
A few examples:

Euractiv's Heard In Europe Page embeds entire feed.
CNN's Article on Nepal Earthquake embeds comments from hashtags
Judy Dempsey editor in Chief of Strategic Europe of the Think Tank Carnegie Europe embeds her twitter feed 
Reuter's Breaking Views embeds entire feed
London School of Economics embeds entire feed
Yahoo News Embeds Feed in Amtrak article (example of one of many)
Euronews writes articles showcasing various tweets to support its story.

6.      On Twitter I can tweak a headline if I do not like how the journalist wrote it and tailor it for my audience.  Many times this is the case. I have read articles where the headline the journalist chose was weak compared with more descriptive text within the article.  On one occasion I tweeted a statement within the article that pertained to my audience who follow Bible Prophecy news.

7.    Twitter is social as you can retweet, reply and carry on dialogue from a tweet. The importance of social networks have literally changed public figures behavior.  Celebrities and politicians, along with everyone in between in the scenes and behind the scenes has a Twitter account and tweets. If they do not tweet they lose out on gaining an audience.  Yes, we also have the other networks such as Facebook, Google+ and others, but none is as dynamic as Twitter.

8.      Twitter is easy to use.  You set up and account and follow who you choose to follow To tweet you have 140 characters and your links are shortened.   You can tweet statements that you make, quotes, photos, videos in the same way that you do on other social networks only you are limited to 140 characters. If you want to say more tweet the link to your blog, video etc.

9.      Sharing is simpler than on any other social platform.  With Twitter you share with great ease, because it as simple as tweet, comment and retweet.

10.  For Bible Prophecy News Twitter is easier to scan and see the headlines vs any other social sites. This is the main reason I like Twitter and find it so dynamic.  When we read online we scan for information.   Unlike all of the other social networks Twitter is set up to scan. I am sure this was done by accident and was not deliberate on the part of Twitter’s designers. It is what makes Twitter stand above all other social networks.

It if my feeling that if someone takes the time to follow me, it is a courtesy to take the time and follow back.  Many people on Twitter will not keep following you if you do not follow them back.   The old rule of thumb on Twitter was to get as many followers as possible and to show that you do not follow many people.   This was the status quo for Twitter early on, but is my experience that Twitter is social and people prefer those who are active on Twitter.  Someone who does not follow any followers is not active on Twitter.  

I personally do not follow anyone who does not follow me back no matter who the individual or organization is.  If it is a news outfit I will place it in a list where I do not have to follow it. 

If you do not have Twitter you will want to sign up. You will w pick your user name, write a description and I would advise writing a description because many are apt to follow accounts that are active users and those who do not put a description appear inactive.  

 You will also want to put up a photo.  This is also important so that you do not appear like an inactive user.  Once you set up your account you will want to start to follow people and you follow those you know and also put in search terms for your interests and follow those who you would like to get tweets from. 

If you are looking to build your account of followers you will want to follow back those who follow you. I you are using your account as an aggregator, you can follow those whose tweets you are interested in reading.  If you have several areas of interest you can create lists and name your list and add those whose tweets you want to follow within the list.   You can also follow the lists from sources you really like who have compiled lists in areas that interest you.  Why create a second list if one already exists from another source.

In these end times for Bible Prophecy news, Twitter is an exciting tool and a must for end time watchers.  All politicians and those in every aspect of politics, and I am talking all governments, are all using Twitter. Never before has information been so freely accessible and can we truly get a glimpse behind the scenes, as with the internet and especially with Twitter as a tool.  Twitter also allows me to deliver the information to my follower in seconds.

You can also download the Twitter app on your smartphone to tweet on the go and not miss out on any important tweets. You can tailor the notifications you wish to receive. 

For Bible Prophecy News follow me today @erikagrey on Twitter and I follow back. 

A special thanks and shout out to @prophecydude1 who inspired me to begin using my dormant Twitter account and who saw Twitter's value in Bible Prophecy news early on.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bible Prophecy and the UK Elections

Bible Prophecy No Brexit
UK Flag Bible Prophecy No Brexit

On many of the major Bible Prophecy websites and their accompanying social networks the UK election is not making Bible Prophecy newsSome of the smaller less known sites interestingly have given it a mention.   These elections are important in gauging the European Union’s move forward into the powerful empire described in Bible Prophecy.

The recent EU elections saw the rise of the Eurosceptic parties and the additional seats gained by UKIP, the UK’s Independence Party, headed by Nigel Farage.  UKIP is diametrically opposed to the United States of Europe and would ultimately like to see the dissolution of the euro and the European Union as it stands today. They have influenced David Cameron to promise a referendum by 2017 to determine if the UK will stay in the European Union or exit the EU, this is known as BREXIT.  The Independent reported that David Cameron promised an earlier date if the Tories win.  Along with the talk of a GREXIT, the BREXIT has added to the EU’s uncertain future in the eyes of many people. 

For the details on the election, the Economist’s article, “The 2015 Variety Show,” provides a good overview as does The Week on the UK Election. The Guardian has a page devoted to complete coverage of the elections.

Although the 2015 UK elections are a must follow for Bible Prophecy watchers only very few are paying attention. Not only are Evangelicals indifferent, but so is the US as a whole, which prompted CNN to write the article, “Why American’s Should Care About the UK Election.”

I have given thought to the issue of BREXIT and its possible occurrence, but based on Bible Prophecy I speculate that the future UK will remain a member of the EU and eventually will adopt the euro.  Yes, that day is going to happen.

 The Telegraph published an article stating that after 2020 all EU members will have to adopt the euro. While the Telegraph is not alone in its view that the UK should adopt the euro, there are those who believe that a BREXIT might take place and others who believe  the pound will never be relinquished. It will.

While the future of the UK is that it will be firmly cemented in the EU, and will eventually adopt the euro, the reason that these elections are a key watch in Bible Prophecy is that they will help Bible Prophecy watchers and the Magi gauge time frame.   If Cameron is reelected and there is a referendum this will present some delay to the eventual.  If a referendum were to take place I do not speculate a BREXIT.

When we watch for the signs in Bible Prophecy, all of the signs must align and there are gaps in Bible Prophecy which are the areas we have not quite arrived at in the future.   The UK is presenting a gap and depending on who wins the gap can widen, but in time all gaps fill when it comes to the unfolding of Bible Prophecy.

I was talking to a Canadian friend about the UK elections and he asked me which were more important the coming US elections in 2016 or the 2015 UK elections and I told him that the UK elections are more vital to Bible Prophecy.  We already know that the US is a declining power and based on Bible Prophecy the US will continue to decline.

The enormity of the US deficit is a major tipping point.  Each US president since Ronald Reagan has taken their part in increasing the US pile of money borrowed. In addition, the US dollar is eroding as the world’s reserve currency. 

A new president isn’t going to change the deficit.  The United States Federal and State governments are quick to spend taxpayers and borrowed money as if they have a never ending supply.  In The United States it was estimated in 2013 that US citizens pay about 58% in all combined taxes. This includes State, Federal, Property, purchases, and other taxes on gas, utilities, and other items. Nearly 60 percent of US citizen’s income is not able to fund the Federal and State government’s spending.

The US has the money to send arms to Ukraine and to pledge to nations and spend on all kinds of frivolous programs and yet cannot easily find the areas where to cut spending. For this reason the deficit will never be eliminated and one day will topple the US economy when the dollar ceases to be the world’s reserve. While everyone wants to put the blame on President Obama, each US president since Ronald Reagan both Republican and Democrat has spiked up the deficit. Whoever gets into the US presidency next might very well be the president to handle the US through its topple stage. What it would take to save the US from its up and coming disaster would be a drastic reduction in spending and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can ever agree to move anything forward that could fix the problem.  The US’s governmental structure is to its own detriment.  The only way legislation can move forward with any speed is for majorities in both the House and Senate.

The EU is in a similar situation within its institutions. There are too many members of the Council and certain legislation in the past required unanimity, which kept the EU from moving forward. Although Nice and Lisbon refined the decision making process to qualified majority, with 28 members that is not so easy to achieve in all areas. The difference between the EU and the United States is that the EU’s institutions are still evolving and ‘enhanced cooperation’ can bypass certain impasses. This is where Member States that decide to move forward in integration not decided by the EU as a whole and these States can move forward in enacting their unification within the umbrella of the EU Institutions.  The United States is a full-fledged federal union and does not have this provision for its States because its States are completely united.   

A prime example of the disagreements within the EU is the UK and its possible referendum and the idea of a BREXIT. The United States is not without its own threats of EXITs with Texas more recently threatening to break away.  The difference is that BREXIT  is taken more seriously because the EU is still in a building faze of its evolution.  Experts fear a domino effect that will occur if one nation exits the EU or the Eurozone, which they refer to as contagion.

The EU is more powerful than it realizes and is not punching up to its weight. The nations are far too integrated for a nation to exit either the euro or the EU and not suffer catastrophic effects to its economies. There are parts of the EU that will not unravel no matter what the media writes and experts state of its possible dissolution.  Many EU directives and articles were adopted into the national law of the Member States. The result was a boost to their economies via the elimination of costs by the harmonization of laws.

 The European Union is now the world’s largest market. The EU has not finished the process either and is now going into other areas such as unifying the digital market.  Why would a nation want to place itself outside of this market or renegotiate all of its trade deals that the begin part of the EU encompasses. Euractiv published the conclusions of such a report and what it would entail and it is not promising. For this reason the idea of BREXIT and GREXIT is not economically or geopolitically feasible. 

Others in the UK such as UKIP will argue otherwise and site how this process has harmed certain businesses and a nation can go it alone. For this reason the UK is at an impasse. These elections will determine if the impasse will remain and cause more problems for the evolving European Union or be halted through these elections.  

For those of you who are watching Bible Prophecy you will want to check back for commentary after the election results. 


The Conservatives won a majority in the British elections. These elections were a must watch for Bible Prophecy watchers as they would help us gauge the EU going forward. This win threw a wrench in the EU’s move ahead.

Labour was crushed in Scotland with the SNP Scottish National Party winning 56 of 59 seats.  The Liberal Democrats took a beating and the liberal democrats are predominantly pro EU.  UKIP only got 13% of the vote and UKIP leader Nigel Farage resigned along with Labour leader Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg leader of the liberal Democrats.   The nationalists made their presence known through this election, yet the supra nationalistic UKIP party lost seats.  But, there will now be a referendum.

Politico stated that Cameron’s silence regarding the EU during his campaign made it clear his promise of a referendum was tactical. 

We can expect some deal making and negotiations. EU Commission President Juncker came out before the election and stated that he wanted a fair deal with Britain, but he made it clear the EU would remain firm. 

Alde President and MEP Guy Verhofstadt stated that at this point there should be two forms of membership for the EU. If the UK wants associate membership it will lose its say in the EU decision making process. 

The UK referendum might lead to the EU breaking into a two tier structure, which we see in in Bible Prophecy.  This has its beginnings in the recent EU treaties and will be formalized in the next treaty, which I detail in my articles and books. 

Based on Bible Prophecy there will be no BREXIT, but rather we will see how this outcome will chart the EU’s bumpy move forward.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bible Prophecy: Greece Will Not Exit The Euro

Bible Prophecy Greece Will Not Exit the Euro
Bible Prophecy No Grexit

The media loves to report that there is coming a potential GREXIT meaning that Greece will leave the euro. This is such a hot topic that Wikipedia gave the idea of Greece leaving the Eurozone its own entry. The term “Greece leaving EU” yields 28 search pages as does Greece leaving euro, and there are a list of search phrases that follow.  The phrases have even made it into Google’s Keyword tool, “will Greece leave the EU”, Greece leaving the euro, Greece leaving the EU, Greece leave EU, Greece leaves EU , will Greece leave euro, will Greece leave Eurozone to name a few.

Will Greece leave the Euro or leave the EU based on Bible Prophecy?  The answer is no, Greece will remain in the EU and remain in the Eurozone.

Prophetic Reasons Greece Will Remain in the EU and the Eurozone

In Bible Prophecy Greece is an integral part, in Daniel’s vision of the overview of the four world empires that will have rule over Israel we see that Greece is the third empire the precedes the fourth which is the Roman.

In Daniel 8:8-10 we see something interesting, it appears as if the Antichrist rises from Greek empire, but we know that he will rise from the Revived Roman Empire.

Daniel 8: 8-10
Therefore the male goat grew very great; but when he became strong, the large horn was broken, and in place of it four notable ones came up toward the four winds of heaven. And out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south, toward the east, and toward the Glorious Land. 10 And it grew up to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and some of the stars to the ground, and trampled them. 

 As  Daniel Bible Prophecy points out, this leader comes from the four winds which are north, south, east, west and represent the directions of the compass.  According to Daniel Bible Prophecy the four notable ones:

Initially the entire kingdom went to Alexander’s natural brother Phillip Aridaeus, and then to his two infant sons Alexander Aegus, and Hercules. Within a very short time these were all killed so there was no natural heir to the throne, and the battle ensued between the 36 generals for control of the kingdom. Eventually it was divided between four— exactly as the prophecy stated. These were Cassander who had Macedonia and Greece in the west, Lysimachus who had Thrace and a large part of Asia Minor in the north, Ptolemy who had Egypt and a part of Syria in the south, Seleucus who had the bulk of the Persian Empire from Syria eastward.

This verse is talking about Cassander who ruled over Macedonia and came under Roman rule in 146 BC. Macedonia , which later became the area that was the heart of the Christianity.  West of Macedonia is the Continent of Europe as it stands today and also during the time of Christ. While this lets us know that the Antichrist will come from the area of the Revived Roman Empire, it provides a glimpse to Greece’s in the Roman Empire at the time of the early church and also hints that it will be part of the Revived Roman Empire in the latter days. 

 The New Testament is written in Greek because while Latin was prevalent in the Roman Empire, Greek dominated the Eastern Empire where Paul concentrated his ministry. Greek was one of the dominant languages of the Roman Empire at the time of Christ. While the book of Daniel Chapter 8:8-10 provides an overview of the end of the Greek Empire, it immediately takes us to the Revived Roman Empire as an affirmation that the final world empire is in fact a revival of the Roman.

This is specified in Daniel 9:26-27, which predicts the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple in AD 70 as being destroyed by “The Prince who is to come,” and we know this is the Antichrist because verse 27 describes this prince as confirming “a covenant with many for one week; But in the middle of the week, He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.” The verse further elaborates “And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate, Even until the consummation, which is determined, Is poured out on the desolate.”   This aligns with Jesus’s prediction of the Antichrist.

Thus we see a connection of Greece in the Roman Empire during the time of Christ and of its revival in the latter days.  This is not to be misunderstood that Greece will have a major part, but a part none-the-less.

There is also the Throne of Satan at Pergamus, which is in modern Turkey, but which  according to the article written by CBN:

The people of Pergamum were known as the "Temple-keepers of Asia." The city had three temples dedicated to the worship of the Roman emperor, another for the goddess Athena, and the Great Altar of Zeus, the king of the Greek gods. Many scholars believe this altar is the “Throne of Satan” mentioned in the book of Revelation.

The Greek Gods and their symbolism are celebrated throughout the EU starting with Europa, the name of the EU online database after the Phoenician woman of high lineage in Greek mythology, for whom the continent of Europe was named. She was abducted by Zeus who came in the form of a white bull.

An article by the New Federalist titled Europa and the Bull: The Significance of the Myth in Modern Europe states:

At this moment of change, the picture on the Greek coin provides the reassurance of continuity: new Europe is still old Europe, with a long tradition that goes back to ancient Greece. Looking at these coins, it is hard not to be struck by the similarity of the iconography. Nor has its function changed: it is still used, as it was back then, to symbolize a region.

Bible Prophecy in Daniel 8: 8-10 is providing elaboration on the revived Roman Empire and it becomes obvious that Greece is a part of it.

Clogg (1992) points out that during the debate in the British Parliament in 1980 over ratification of Greek membership in the EC, a foreign office minister stated that Greece’s entry would be “a fitting repayment by the Europe of today as the cultural and political debt that we all owe to a Greek heritage almost three thousand years old.”

Geopolitically and Economically Why Greece Will Not Leave The EU or the Eurozone

IF Greece were to leave the Eurozone and return to the drachma, it would be economic suicide.
Greece would lose out on the lower transactions costs and the inward investment to Greece. With the euro the second most used currency in the world and the EU market of 508 million citizens, which is the world’s largest single market. Given that the EU is Greece’s largest trading partner,  and Greek exports are now driving its economy it makes no sense for Greece to Grexit.

When Greece joined the Eurozone in 2001, the then president of the ECB said Greece still had a lot to do to improve its economy and bring inflation under control.  Greece was refused entry in 1999 and enacted austerity measures to make the 2001 entry. In 2004 Greece admitted to cheating to join the Eurozone.

Greece’s financial shortcomings were not a surprise to the Eurozone because they have existed during the entire history of Greece in the euro.

Contrary to the message given to the world by the election of Alexis Tsipras head of the left wing Syriza party, brought to power by disgruntled citizens effected by austerity and Eurosceptics, the Greek economy has steadily been improving since the onset of the financial crisis.   Yannis Stournarus , a Greek Economist, who is also the Governor of the Bank of Greece, and former Greek minister of finance, and board member of the IMF, stated at a Lecture on the Greece’s Economy at the London School of Economics concerning a Grexit:

 “ after six years of severe recession and five years of fiscal adjustment, the economy has now stabilized and is showing signs of improvement, if this momentum is maintained the economy is likely to return to a steady growth path in the next few years, Grexit is not an option for Greece for the simple reason that the competitiveness of the Greek economy has now been restored over the past five years through internal devaluation and bold reforms in the labor market and less in the product markets, hence Grexit would deliver no benefit, but a lot of pain.

Yannis Stournarus highlighted that, “In case of Grexit the Greek economy would enter another depreciation characterized by extremely tight financial liquidity conditions on account of massive deposit outflows and a dramatic fall in confidence and living standards”

He predicted:

  • A rise in unemployment
  • A reduction in government revenues generating fiscal and financial gaps
  • Imposed capital controls and a freeze of capital
  • A rapid depreciation of the new currency, which would cause higher inflation
  • A rise in import prices
  • The elimination of EU budget inflows to Greece from Cohesion and Structural Funds and Agricultural Subsidies.
  • IMF and official debt would run in arrears forcing Greece into lengthy renegotiation processes with an uncertain time before Greece can re enter financial markets
  • Negative contagion effect on euro area by introducing instability risk factor into sovereign bond yields
  • Geopolitical risks
Yannis Stournarus concluded that, “Overall Grexit would imply huge costs for the Greek people.

Other signs that Greece is not going to Grexit is that EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker   made it clear his intent on keeping Greece in by staring that he ruled out failure and stated that Greece is a permanent member of the Euro and he expects Greece to remain in the Eurozone. Juncker holds considerable weight.,  He not only leads the European Union but has formerly has held key posts. He chaired ECOFIN, (Council on Economic and Financial Affairs) helped draft monetary union within the Maastricht treaty.  

In Juncker's early days he was on the board of governors of the World Bank for Luxembourg, and served as Luxembourg's finance minister. He was handpicked by former PM Jacques Santer to replace him. Santer went onto to become the EU Commission President who launched the euro and until his Commission was sacked for corruption.  He went onto serve as an MEP for the next five years and he leads a member section of the Union of European Federalists.  Jacques Santer and Jean Claude Juncker are out of the same club. These men are brilliant and underestimated by the US financiers and they are EU federalists who share the same aims and they promote each other much like our Republican and Democratic Party members endorse each other. More importantly if anyone understands the euro its strengths and pit falls and has an understanding of the situation it is Jean Claude Juncker.  

Finally Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis stated that Greece pledged to meet all of its obligations.  Even more telling Varoufakis libertarian Marxist is also a federalist.  European politics is not governed by left and right as it is in the United States, but rather federalist and nationalist. The federalists are the liberals and the nationalists are the conservatives.  Varoufakis stated:

"I believe we have to put an end to the divided eurozone and aim towards greater consolidation. We must change this process of pitting one nation against another, and renew the momentum of integration and unification," the new minister said. He added that he would not be there talking about the Greek crisis if the EU had been federalised.
According to Euractiv, which published the above statement in their article, “Varoufakis Steals the Show at Economic Forum:”
Yanis Varoufakis blames the EU’s incomplete federal integration on the fact that its founding fathers, including the pillars of European politics Fran├žois Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl, did not believe in their power to create a United States of Europe. They established an economic and monetary union in the hope that cooperation between the states would get closer over time, and they thought the political union would come about naturally in a time of crisis.

This means that Varoufakis is committed to the same aims as the Federalists despite Syriza’s EU skepticism and earlier proclamations of not cooperating with the troika.  What this means is that he is committed to the euro because the success of the euro is a key component of the European Project.  European federalists are committed to ensuring its success.

One has to think of European federalists as building a United States of Europe and the Nationalists as pulling the building apart. In finance charts are used to help determine the movement of a stock. The premise is that that future behavior is based on past behavior. If we were to place the EU on a chart we would see its steady movement forward into a United States of Europe. Yes, there are spikes upward and some downward, but never below the base line of upward forward movement.  For some reason the media’s favorite headline is how the EU or euro will disband.  People really believe the EU is fragmented when currently it is a giant that is not punching up to its weight.

In conclusion, when examining the forecasts in Bible Prophecy and the geopolitical support for Greece staying in the euro, adding both together,  I can tell you that Greece will not exit the euro.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

Bible Prophecy- Natural Disasters Causing Pestilence & Plagues

Bible Prophecy Pestilence and Plague
Bible Prophecy: Pestilence and Plague

Those of us who watch for the signs in Bible Prophecy have noted the increase in severe weather evidencing that we are in the end times. 

What we didn't anticipate is that along with the extreme weather, would come other plagues that would result from the natural disasters and change in climate. I am referring to the rise in health issues that are accompanying the severe weather. For the Bible Prophecy expert, some of these fall under pestilence, which is also predicted to be characteristic in the end times. What Bible Prophecy watchers did not anticipate was that the extreme weather predicted by Jesus would cause other predicted plagues so that one goes with the other.

President Obama stated that Climate Change Is Harming America’s Health. He sited allergies lasting longer and the rising cases of insect borne diseases along with increased asthma and heat related deaths. We can add to the list slips and falls on ice that leave one with broken limbs, and accidents caused by potholes and sinkholes. Tornados and large hail can also cause injuries and flooding brings both insect born problems and proliferation of mold growth, which also effects health. While not all of the plagues or pestilence we are seeing are related to extreme weather such as Ebola and superbugs, the one’s that the weather are bringing are creating other health risks.

It was a quiet spring for Tornado Alley according to the National Weather Service. On the end time birth pang chart it would show as a downward  or level line. That all changed with the tornado  that struck Fairdale, Il. National Geographic does not classify Illinois as being part of Tornado Alley, but it is a State that is tornado prone.  One only need to view the Photos of Tornadoes Spotted Across Illinois to see its devastation.

While President Obama didn’t mention health hazards caused by damage from massive tornadoes or the resulting hail, we can add broken bones, physical injuries onto the list.  This does not even include mental health and PTSD caused by living through the trauma of experiencing one of these major tornadoes and having your home destroyed. Tornadoes pose many risks for causing injuries and loss of life. Concerning mental health and PTSD, we have the recent earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Floods and Typhoons that can all cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a myriad of injuries and even death.

Yahoo News reported on the significant damage caused by the Fairdale Tornado.  Meanwhile the North East United States suffered such a severe and cold winter, with snow storms lasting until the end of March that it has wreaked havoc on the roadways.  Major highways such as the New Jersey turnpike are in areas riddled with deep pot holes. I recently drove the New Jersey Turnpike and had to drive around them. The Associated Press reported on these potholes and the damage they were causing back in March which adds to the ill health list injury from traffic accidents.  From the cold I wonder how many suffered frost bite and hypothermia, slipped and fell on the ice, or were in an accident because while they were driving because their vehicle slid on black ice and lost control

ABC news wrote an excellent article that spoke of the four year California drought and how severely it expanded in two years. The drought is so bad there are first time water restrictions. In addition the article also points out the health risks, which include record breaking West Nile virus, which is effecting the bird population as well.

I have just provided a recap for the United States alone concerning the end time weather patterns regarded in the media as climate change. The changes are so significant that it has caught the attention of governments who are trying to convince their citizens that they have the power to do something about the change and revert it back to its less extreme times.  They cannot correct it because Jesus forecast these patterns as signs of the end times. It boggles my mind that men and women would even think that something as powerful and out of our control as the forces of nature can be controlled by mortal men and women.  Since these changes cannot be controlled and will continue at the same rate and will further increase, we can also expect to see an increase in the related health issues and resulting the resulting pestilence.

Fore more articles on the increasing natural disasters see:

Saturday, March 21, 2015

In Bible Prophecy Will Nuclear Bomb Strike United States?

Bible Prophecy Will Nuclear Bomb Strike Us-Photo Dept of Energy Public Domain
Nuclear Explosion Dept of Energy Public Domain

Bible Prophecy does not specifically answer the question if a nuclear bomb will strike the United States, because that kind of detail is not offered in the Scriptures.  Bible Prophecy does provide prophecies of the end time leading up to the battle of Armageddon and the end of the world.From these forecasts we can speculate on events. 

Concerning if a nuclear attack of the United States is possible based on Bible Prophecy, the answer is yes the possibility exists and for several reasons.

The prophetic writings are dimensional  in that they offer a lot of information with few words. It is in these words that a Bible Prophecy expert with a decent knowledge of world affairs or geopolitics can begin to offer speculations.  

  •     The prediction that "nation will rise against nation" foretold by Jesus, should be taken literally and it will characterize the end times.  
 The United States, Russia and Ukraine

While we are seeing this prophecy fulfill in many areas around the globe,  this article's focus is on the United State’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  I have stated from its onset that this conflict is between the EU and Russia. The United States has no business butting into this dispute and it took an aggressor’s role just as Bible Prophecy predicts in its phrase “nation will rise against nation”.

Background Info on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The conflict started with the EU flag waving in Kiev and the EU expanding into Ukraine which is a border country for Russia.   When the EU signed agreements with the Eastern bloc nations which are now members of the EU, Russia did not react as dramatically as it did with Ukraine.  It was obvious that  with the Ukraine, this is where Russia draws the line. Considering that Ukraine has 44 million citizens and is the second largest land mass in Europe, possessing the second largest military and its land is rich in agricultural products, Russia’s move was not so surprising.  

The Ukraine conflict is the first conflict in this age of empires and is between the EU empire and the Russian empire with both obviously having interest in the country.  Nearly 18% of the Ukraine speak Russian and the ties to Russia go deep.

The United States As Aggressor

Not only did the United States jump in uninvited and issue sanctions against Russia before the European Union issued theirs, but President Obama went off like a rodeo riding cowboy with talk of sending arms to Ukraine.  This did not sit well with Vladimir Putin who essentially promised World War III in retaliation.   If we thought that King Abdullah was more than a little upset and we saw his response to the brutal murder of Jordan’s pilot, Vladimir Putin’s reaction is not going to be any less retaliatory.   You might ask well what about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, clearly this is Russia rising against the EU, but it invasion was a reaction to EU politics into Ukraine.   

What is the United States Thinking?

Did Obama actually think he was helping the European Union by escalating the crisis with the threat of arms?   I thought to myself how Ukraine was going to become our next Vietnam.   Vladimir Putin was thinking along the same lines and when issuing a warning to the US he stated the same. According to the BBC, Vladimir Putin’s close ally stated, "First they sent weapons, then they sent military advisers, then troops to protect military advisers, then troops to fight the Vietnamese."

What could easily be observed from everyone watching the situation except the US administration is the harm this would have caused the European Union and the risk to their own security.  Our President was ready to send arms without consulting the EU or taking into consideration how it would jeopardize the peace of Europe who Vladmir Putin might first lash out against in retaliation.  

The news of a cease fire and an agreement offers some relief, but the United States looks like an aggressor, a bully and a weakened power that is still trying to show it has power. Our president’s foreign policy is like that of a rodeo riding cowboy.  Notice the United States was not involved in the peace talks if anything we nearly started World War 3 and our relations with Vladimir Putin are now officially strained.

Democrats and Republicans Are to Blame

For all of the talk of the Democrats being behind the insanity our country usually faces, which usually they are, this time I have to hand it to the Republicans for joining the rodeo and living in the dark ages of the Cold War.  The Republicans were speaking their fair share of  nonsense regarding how Vladmir Putin wanted to expand into Europe.  Joe Biden also rode his own wild horse in the rodeo.  His speech on arming the Ukrainians so that they can defend themselves  leaves one with the impression that the United States takes on the roles of the policeman of the world,  and also the parent who must correct the wrongs of the nations. 

In the Ukraine conflict the United States showed its stupidity in foreign policy, which I have written about in previous articles. The US nearly ignited World War 3 and could have possibly been on the road to the receiving end of a nuclear warhead.  You can only poke the Russian bear for so long and the US has been sadistically poking the bear.  Sending arms goes directly into mama bear’s den threatens her cubs.

The US's Rodeo Riding President and Vice President

Angela Merkel on her visit to the White House had to reign in the rodeo riding Obama from such a move. During President Obama’s State of the Union speech he took great pride in destroying the Russian economy and viewed this as a great accomplishment. If this was now not enough, he is now possibly the catalyst for a nuclear strike against the United States or World War 3 as it is dubbed.     Russia has been throwing hints ever since the sanctions of its nuclear might and weapons and willingness to use them.  

What makes matters even worse is that with the United State’s enormous deficit it is ready to spend more money by sending arms into another conflict  that it does not belong and possibly ignite a war that it cannot afford to fight. As Joseph Biden’s spoke so pompously and challenged Russia, how many middle class Americans are paying taxes they cannot afford to pay and struggling to get by each month so that our government can now take those tax dollars and literally throw them away and spend them on conflicts that do not effect US interests. Thank goodness there was the cease fire, but I do not believe we are at the end of this road yet, our rodeo riding spend thrifty leaders will rise in the rodeo again .

Russian acknowledged Merkel’s stance against the United States and according to Reuters appealed to Germany and France to safeguard the peace in Ukraine to prevent the United States sending in weapons.

More on Bible Prophecy and the United States

  •      There is no depiction of the United States in the end time power line up.
Bible Prophecy clearly depicts and empire age with a leading empire in the geopolitical picture of the earth’s final days leading to Armageddon.   Some Bible Prophecy experts have erroneously identified the United States as the leading empire, but most agree the US is not found in Bible Prophecy. There is a citation in Jeremiah 22:6 that I believe identifies the United States and this reference possibly is the United States on the way to the battle of Armageddon.

  In the book of Jeremiah it is described as a great nation from the sides of the earth and this fits the United States.  We do know that according to Bible Prophecy the United States is not going to be the ruling empire, which leads to several scenarios.   

Many Bible Prophecy experts know that we will see a decline of US power.  This is the second reason that a nuclear attack on US soil is a possibility and such an attack would add to the perils predicted that will characterize the end times leading to the earth’s final years.  It would also add impetus to other prophetic forecasts. 


A nuclear attack on US soil is a possibility based on Bible Prophecy, is it a certainty? No, it is not certain, but can occur. Russia has the capabilities of launching such an attack.  The United States' nuclear deterrence is not sophisticated enough to stop one. 

 If the United States arms Ukraine, which Russia would consider an act of war, it might cause Russia to retaliate by launching a nuclear warhead on US soil. Within the details given in Bible Prophecy the probability exists, but I stress possibility, but because it is a feasible scenario, it makes this conflict one to watch.    

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