Wednesday, November 30, 2016

EU Parliament Prez Martin Schulz Steps Down But Not Out

Martin Schulz EU Parliament President Stepped Down

European Union Parliament President Martin Schultz announced that he was stepping down and it was a shocking development. Within the EU Parliament, Martin Schulz has served two terms, but he is stepping down so that he could rejoin German politics. There is already speculation that his reason is to challenge Angela Merkel in the elections and become the new chancellor of Germany.

Martin Schulz is well-liked within the EU Parliament and he will stand a very good chance of becoming Germany's next Chancellor. What does this have to do with Bible prophecy? It has a lot to do with Bible prophecy because Martin Schultz is also a committed European Union politician committed to the EU’s political and federal union much more so than Angela Merkel. If Martin Schulz becomes head of the largest country within the EU, Martin Schulz would have great influence in steering the future of the European Union into this federal union. This would make the European Union a powerful global player on the world stage and also completely line it with end time Bible prophecy.

We know from Bible prophecy that the European Union is going to become a powerful world empire so this is a very important development and one that must be watched.
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 There is another potential here we are getting so close to the start of the Tribulation could be possible that if Martin Schulz wins the chancellorship in Germany that he could also be one of the ten kings that we know aligns with the be aligning with the Antichrist and not knowing that he would be aligning with the Antichrist. For more on end time Bible prophecy, bookmark my website and  subscribe to my Youtube channel Prophecy Talk today.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Beware of Fake News Sites For Bible Prophecy News

Fake News Beware

An article was published in RT today where ex CIA employee and whistle-blower Edward Snowden said not to rely on Facebook as your only source of news because it showed fake news.   Back in the day fake news used to be called propaganda.  Fake news today is to either sway you to the extreme right or left.  While it is not spread by the government, it is spread by the citizens. 

What is a tragedy is that  some of the names listed on the Fake New's Sites Lists, such as the one published by, are followed by end time Bible Prophecy watchers.   One in particular is a Bible Prophecy news website listed on the first pages of Google.  The Fake News site list is the list of shame for anyone who considers themselves a Bible Prophecy news source. The reason is because they are teaching conspiracy theories as end time news and because they wouldn’t know a real news source if it looked them in the eye.  Real journalists use reliable trustworthy top of the line news sources and sites.   

 I am always surprised when Bible Prophecy news sites list their sources and most get a D when it comes to journalistic quality. Others fail in the area of reliability, this is why  on my website I state that my End Time, Bible Prophecy Updates fit Geopolitically meaning there is no conspiracy theory nonsense on my site and I tell you that is a source you can rely on, because the sources I consult are top of the line. You will never see my site listed on any fake news site lists. If you want to take a peak at my sources, take a look at the likes on my Facebook pages, I have both a personal and a fan page and also follow me on twitter and subscribe to my lists and take a look at the sources categorized in my lists.  For more end time Bible Prophecy news subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump and Putin-The US and Russia in Bible Prophecy

US and Russia in Bible Prophecy, photo of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

In the area of Bible Prophecy I favored a Trump presidency because his election provides a clear path to the fulfillment of what we know will occur in end time Bible Prophecy and more specifically will help propel events forward, such as adding impetus to the EU completing the formation of its own army, which will help the EU evolve into the powerful final world empire foretold in Bible Prophecy.  There is another area in Bible Prophecy that a Trump presidency will help fulfill and that is in the area of US Russia relations, which we actually see a hint of in Bible Prophecy.   
The question of many students of Bible Prophecy is what will happen to the US in Bible Prophecy, we know that the US will decline but based on Jeremiah 6:22 will remain a great nation.   Jeremiah 6:22 states:
22 Thus says the Lord:
“Behold, a people comes from the north country,
And a great nation will be raised from the farthest parts of the earth.

In the Bible, the north country in end time Bible Prophecy is Russia
In Chapter 11 of the book of Daniel we see the king of the North again mentioned in the conflicts that precede the battle of Armageddon. Daniel 11:40 tells us:
40 “At the time of the end the king of the South shall attack him; and the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through.
The Antichrist as head of the European Union will face an attack from a southern African nation and also an attack from Russia. We see the North again mentioned in Daniel 11:44 and also from the East, meaning China.  We also see the repetition of the Antichrist invading as many countries as possible. We see in the next verse that his headquarters is in Israel.  The Antichrist will lay siege to Jerusalem and will make Jerusalem his headquarters and he will overtake Israel. But, the Bible tells us next in verse 44:
But news from the east and the north shall trouble him; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many. 
In verse 45 it continues:
 And he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.
We get another detail in Jeremiah 6:22, “Behold, a people comes from the north country, And a great nation will be raised from the farthest parts of the earth.
In this verse we learn that Russia is not alone, but is in a mini coalition with a great nation from the farthest parts of the earth, which to Israel would be identified as the United States.  In this verse we see the US and Russia aligning as allies.  These battles precede Armageddon and most likely begin the start of armies uniting at the battle of Armageddon.
These relations may very well begin with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, who are soon to usher in new relations with Russia and the US and begin to form a relationship that will lend to the fulfillment of this prophecy.
Those who study Bible Prophecy might ask about how the Ezekiel 38 war fits into US relations with Russia, it doesn’t, it is a separate relationship and while I do not see the US condoning the action, which is the topic of an upcoming report, the relationship seeds that will be soon sown will become strong enough to weather that period and be rekindled near the time of the end.
Meanwhile, from a geopolitical perspective improving US relations with Russia is a good idea.   Vladimir Putin has taken an unjustified beating in the world press. The US media and previous US governments still hold a Cold War mentality and their actions within NATO reflect this.  The Cold War ended, and now under Donald Trump that reality will be realized.  Meanwhile, for what is to come, for what is yet future, for the US for the geopolitical framework that we will come into with the US being a declined power and the EU taking the torch, the US will be wise to have Russia as one of it’s allies. Even then it will not balance the power of the EU at its height its strength, but will be enough to wage the final conflicts the Bible describes including the battle to end all battles-Armageddon. For more on end time Bible Prophecy subscribe to me today on Prophecy talk.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump Wins US Presidency-What to Expect

donald trump, president

Donald Trump is president, despite the dislike of him in the media, in both the US and EU, and world leaders speaking of him in horror and his winning the favor of the world’s leading dictatorships, US citizens voted Donald Trump as president. With news of him winning various states the dollar dove. The Financial Times reported that his strong showing rattled the markets. With his win, the markets are going to react violently. The EU and other world leaders will have to adapt to Donald Trump and the changes that he will bring to the United States relations with the rest of the world.  A Trump presidency will further the EU cause of political union and the formation of its own army, and the building of its empire.  Meanwhile Trump inherits a 20 trillion dollar deficit and enters the US presidency with world markets having no confidence in him and his policies.  It is going to be an interesting next few months and be sure to subscribe to my channel for more on Donald Trump’s presidency as it unfolds.  If you do not subscribe to Bible Prophecy talk, subscribe today to continue to follow the US’s decline as we will soon move into a Donald Trump presidency and more Bible Prophecy news. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Vladimir Putin-Hillary Clinton's Boogeyman

Hillary Clinton witch,

The Democrats are creating a Cold War that does not exist and are pretending that Russia and Vladimir Putin is our enemy that they have to protect the American citizen against.  If you elect Donald Trump, you will not be as effectively protected against the Vlad villain as with Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats have invented the Russian foe and the reality is there is no Russian opponent.    

The US media has jumped on the fabricated cold war bandwagon as well because it sells new articles. Meanwhile Vladimir Putin might as well be banging his head against a wall with all of his requests for partnership with the United States because no one is listening to him.   While I may not like the person of Donald Trump, he is on the mark when it comes to US Russia relations and I have been an advocate of those relations strengthening. I am a harsh critic of US policy towards Russia and I mean harsh critic.   The United States acts like slap stick keystone cops in their foreign policy.  

 As for Hillary Clinton calling Donald Trump the puppet of Vladimir Putin, well he certainly is the boogeyman for Hillary Clinton, you remember, the one when you were little kids that you were afraid of and hid from. The one that didn’t exist?   There is also finger pointing at Russia in areas that the United States is guilty of such as intercepting email and spying on friends, lets not forget that we were spying on our friend Angela Merkel, or our beefing up NATO against Russia and pointing missiles their way. When Russia responded by showing its muscle through various actions we called Vladimir Putin the aggressor.  In the Ukraine, we helped set up a puppet government there and that was when our assistant secretary of state,  Victoria Nuland uttered the F the EU comment, which highlighted her arrogance and low opinion of the EU.  Yet, we tout ourselves as the good guys on the block?

 Hillary once likened Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler, to who does she liken herself?  With the many dead bodies that lie in the wake of her career, her brutal treatment of those who work for her and much more, if she is elected they need to bring the witch a broomstick and a black hat.  Meanwhile Vladimir Putin is Hillary Clinton’s boogieman and Americans should realize the seriousness and the potential of her delusions and what this could mean for the future of America if she is elected.

On America’s future, in end time Bible Prophecy it will not be the leading empire it is today,  instead of Hillary focusing on the  imaginary Vladimir Putin boogeyman, she should be trying to figure how to effectively reduce the United States deficit because that is the real monster that will most likely bring the US down.