Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Welcome to America-The Radical Left

Welcome to America-The Radical Left

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The radical left has officially surfaced in the United States.  There was the radical right and now they are joined by the radical left. 

Peter Bergen and David Sterman of CNN cited the emergence of the radical left in their June 2017 article titled, The return of leftist terrorism?, With a Question Mark. This was in response to the shooting attack on the Republican baseball game that injured House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and it was questioned in several articles if in fact the radical left is rising.

With the fight over the statue of Robert E. Lee, the violent take down of a historical monument in  North Carolina, those removed in Baltimore, with the New York Times reporting that the mayor sites public safety, and the calls for the removal of the Stonewall Jackson monument in West Virginia, protests in New York City, we now have the emergence of the Radical Left in America. There is no question, they are here. They have risen.   What is pretty shocking is that they mirror ISIS in their removal of ancient or historical landmarks.  

With the rise of the radical left we also saw the reemergence of the White Supremacists.  They sparked a frenzy in the US media and a run at bat to condemn them to look good in the eyes of the media. Donald Trump lost Brownie points for condemning both sides and not pinpointing the White Supremacists alone.  Facebook pages lit up with discussions and black Americans coming out in favor of leaving the monuments. 

I guess if the radical Left were in Europe, a good deal would be taken down there especially the former Nazi concentration camps and the Egyptian obelisk brought over by Caligula that adorns Nero’s circus where Christians were brutally murdered, which stands at the Vatican. That would have to come down too.  The history is everywhere and the list goes on and on.  Sadly in the wake of today’s violence American history is being removed. 

Meanwhile the violence that is playing out is horrific and unprecedented and frightening.  These are the end times, this is the violence that Jesus warned we would see, and which we have been seeing. The question is how far will this go?   From my observation I am not sure if this is about any cause, I think all of those involved just want to fight and destroy property.  So the rise of the Radical Left is no surprise, neither is the  emergence of the White Supremacists, and we are in a time of uncertainty as to how far the violence will go that Jesus predicted would characterize the end times.   Will it split America, will America become like the world of Mad Max?   We don’t know. What is certain is that the violence we are seeing over the last few years is unprecedented. In these eruptions people are either brutally beaten or murdered.

When the recent G20 riot was taking place and being streamed live as it was occurring no one knew for sure who was rioting or why and it became apparent that while there was some whispers of the cause, the folks there mainly just wanted to riot.   So it now is with the Radical Left and the Supremacists and any groups that will now follow. The anger and rage that we are seeing in these individuals is shocking.   Again more signs of the times and now in America we have the radical left.  
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nation Will Rise Against Nation-US and North Korea

Nation Will Rise Against Nation-US and North Korea

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What is interesting is that when Jesus gave the prediction that nation will rise against nation, at the time the Roman Empire ruled and was at its height of power.  There had been skirmishes with Germania but usually the Roman generals set out to conquer and succeeded acquiring more land and expanding the Empire.  

Jesus’s prediction of nation rising against nation with the word in Greek being ethnos meaning of a particular ethnic or national background did not become a geopolitical characteristic until the 1800’s and 1900’s and today.   

We have Jesus predicting as a sign of the times nation rising against nation and In Matthew 24:6-8 :

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places..All these are the beginning of sorrows.

The nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom didn’t exist like it does today and there were not weapons of mass destruction, which takes us to the North Korea United States conflict.   This is serious because it does not just involve the United States and North Korea, but also how it would effect South Korea,  and how would China react? 

The US North Korea conflict is the unfolding of end time Bible Prophecy and we do not know how far this will go or the extend of Jesus’s prediction.  He states you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. 

In Stephen Elliot’s article “the Most Violent Century he stated, “The Correlates of War project estimates that there were at least 200 wars between 1900 and 1990. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimates that over 100 armed conflicts occurred in the last 10 years of the 20th century alone. 

We see here the increase that Jesus foretold.  The PS 21 project- a global think tank, which is studying war  Reuters global defence correspondent Peter Apps who is with PS 21 stated that the world’s bloodiest wars were 29% bloodier-sharply up-than the previous year.

What does this mean with the US and North Korea?  Kim Jong Un essentially rose up against the United States with threats of a nuclear attack.  The US responded with Sanctions, not only has North Korea been going against international law and testing more and more missiles, issuing threats, but when the US responded with sanctions North Korea stated that the US would pay dearly  Donald Trump responded that North Korea better not make any more threats because they will be met with fire and fury and power unlike the world has ever seen before and Trump stated Kim Jong Un has been issuing non stop threats.  While Japan has issued its own warnings and is in fear along with Guam along with many nations around the globe, Jesus said, “See that you are not alarmed.” These are the beginning of sorrows.

These are the birth pangs that Jesus predicted would occur as a sign of being in the end times and that the signs he provided would follow this pattern. 

In case you have had any doubt this is it we are in the end times and the Tribulation is coming and you need to be prepared, by knowing Christ as savior. 

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

EU Empire Rising EU Nuclear Program Proposed

EU Empire Rising EU Nuclear Program Proposed

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In showing that the EU is forming into the World Power, predicted in end time Bible Prophecy, -and I say the EU because it is the revived Roman Empire- the EU will be the leading Empire.

 I have relayed quite a bit of information on the forming European Union army because this proves my point that the EU is a forming Empire that proves the accuracy of the predictions in Bible Prophecy.  This next development shocked me and I did not see it coming and it is unbelievable but also makes a lot of sense of the next direction for the European Union in building a European army and defense program.

This is for the EU to have its own nuclear capability.  According to the New York Times France’s arsenal would be repurposed to protect the rest of Europe in part a reaction to Trump’s presidency. In July a German review concluded that a European nuclear weapons program spearheaded by France’s weapons would be legal. According to DW, Poland called for a Nuclear Weapons program for Europe.

The idea of a nuclear weapon program for the EU has been floated since the start of this year and the idea had enough merit to prompt a study.  It was actually first proposed in 2010  and more widely accepted this year.   

This is big news for the EU Empire, that’s right the rising EU Empire and I never even considered that this empire would have its own nuclear capability, but it only makes sense that if it is going to become the greatest most powerful empire on earth it will need to have its own nukes. This is big news for the EU and Bible Prophecy. I will be reporting on this story as it develops, for the moment it seems contingent on the US and NATO, but when it was first proposed in 2010 the analysts considered it as part of the European Union defense and asked, “Could and should a ‘European nuclear deterrent’ be envisaged as the final stage in the framing of a European defense?

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

It's the End Times-Drug Overdoses Quadruple!

It's the End Times-Drug Overdoses Quadruple!

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Bible Prophecy tells us that in the last days perilous times will come. Drug overdose deaths are beyond epidemic and lend to the evidence that we are in end times.

 An article in Yahoo news reads,” Middletown, Ohio, a city under siege, Everyone I know is on heroin.” Records were broken in Main, CT, PA, Oklahoma, Maryland, and quadrupled in Michigan.  Opiates Claimed a Record Number of Vermonters in 2016 . These are just a handful of states I have highlighted.

According to the CDC Deaths from prescription opioids—drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone—have more than quadrupled in the United States as a whole since 1999.5

The deaths are not just limited to the United States but also across the Atlantic.  The United States is third in overdose deaths behind Estonia and Iceland. 

What is happening?

   The pharmaceutical companies are in part to blame in and in some US states are being sued for their contribution to the epidemic. reports:

According to Fortune magazine, an estimated 254 million opioid prescriptions were filled in 2010 alone, enough to medicate every adult in the U. S. for a month on a round-the-clock basis. In that same year, pharmaceutical companies generated revenues of $11 billion from opioid sales alone.

This drug epidemic lines line with what is predicted in end time Bible Prophecy.  It fulfills the prediction of “people being lovers of pleasure’ foretold in 2 Timothy 3:1-5. and also fulfils within the passage that people will be lovers of money.

Greed, that’s right the money earned from selling the drugs whether from Pharmaceutical companies or from the illegal drug dealers.  Those who profit from selling the drugs are in it for the money and those who take the drugs are in it for pleasure.  It is out of control, way out of control, epidemic, beyond epidemic.

These are frightening times!   The drug epidemic is taking our loved one from us, destroying our families and then those destroyed by a love addicted love one sometime repeat the cycle and even more people are hurt in this giant Tsunami spreading around the globe from addiction. Part of its fuel is greed, the love of money at the expense of the lives of others.

The only hope in these end times is in Jesus Christ. 

As we see the predictions of the last days unfold, as we get closer to the Tribulation, the times are growing more immoral and perilous.

   The epidemic of addiction is a peril and we do not know which one of our family members will fall next in its grip.   Many now suffer from the deaths of a loved one lost to an overdose.   Family members suffering the loss of the addicted sometimes fall into addiction and death themselves resulting from the grief they cannot bear caused by the addicted family member. Sadly, this is not going to get any better, it will continue at this pace right until the start of the Tribulation.  

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Neural Lace -A Mark of the Beast Development

Neural Lace -A Mark of the Beast Development

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Thanks to a subscriber of mine on Youtube Bud Leal, who also follows me on Facebook who brought to my attention neural lace-Thankyou Bud. Neural lace is detailed in an article  by Tech World titled “What is neural lace? How can neural lace be used? Introducing Elon Musk’s latest Venture Neuralink”

Neural lace merges brains with computers.  It is an ultra thin mesh that can be injected into the skull and when the mesh is injected it unravels and spans the brain and is accepted as part of it.  

While it is being looked at for brain disorders, it is also being considered for its ability to enable people to communicate with computers. Your brain will wirelessly connect to a computer and upload and download thoughts.

.Neuralink is hiring and has written the following on its on its website:
 Neuralink is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.
We are looking for exceptional engineers and scientists. No neuroscience experience is required: talent and drive matter far more. We expect most of our team to come from other areas and industries.
We are primarily looking for evidence of exceptional ability and a track record of building things that work.
All positions are full time and based in San Francisco.
Can you imagine the ad actually states that the company is looking to connect humans and computers?

This is purely a mark of the beast development and I talked in detail in my book, Decoding 666 the Number of the Beast about the Antichrist having the ability to put his thoughts into you via his mark and you and your brain will be connected to his mainframe.  

Thus I wanted to highlight this new’s article because this is another possible method that might be used by the Antichrist and it shows where science is heading and at the time of the Tribulation a possible perfect method, which can be neural lace will be perfected for the Antichrist’s police state. 

What does all of this show us?

 That we are getting close to the start of the Tribulation and we are seeing all kinds of pieces of the end time’s puzzle fall into place. For more end time bible prophecy news, subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.


Friday, August 4, 2017

Signs of End Times - Heat Wave So Severe Named Lucifer

Signs of End Times - Heat Wave So Severe Named Lucifer

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A European Heat waved right now is nick Named Lucifer. That’s right temperatures so extreme it is named after the Devil himself. 

This heatwave Comes right after what the Telegraph reported “Wildfires and floods: a week of extreme weather around the world, where they highlighted the wildfires in France, floods in the US and New Zealand and golf ball sized hail in Istanbul that caused injuries.

The heatwave that is hitting Europe is the most severe since 2003. Authorities in Italy, which is suffering its worst drought in 60 years, have placed 26 cities on the maximum extreme heat alert, including Venice and Rome.  The extreme temperatures last month that fueled the  wildfires, exacerbated droughts in Italy and Spain, and damaged crops.

On top of this the heatwave with temperatures in excess of 107 degrees Fahrenheit named Lucifer. The extreme weather is not letting up and while world leaders are crying out for Climate Change legislation, Jesus warned in the Gospels what would be the signs of the end times,  and changes in nature was one of them.

 We see the same pattern happening in nature as is happening in the levels of violence and sexual immorality. 

While sin is escalating so are the extremes in nature with the signs in nature being a sign that we are in the end times that is predicted in Bible Prophecy. 

 It is a warning, not global warming, God’s warning.