ERIKA GREY Prophecy Talk

ERIKA GREY Prophecy Talk

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bible Prophecy Expert & Bible Prophecy Guru

New Domains Bible Prophecy Expert and Bible Prophecy Guru

I am very pleased that I was able to get the two domains and   The guru domains are out now for about 4 months and I am not sure how long expert domains have been selling.  

I thought for sure that one of the long established bible prophecy experts or bible prophecy guru's would have already taken those domains.  I am happy to have gotten them before they were discovered.

New Book-Decoding the Mark of the Beast

In addition to adding the new domains I am writing a new book that will be titled Decoding the Mark of the Beast. While it is not going to be a lengthy book it will not disappoint in offering information not found anywhere else regarding decoding Revelation 13:18.   While many of my readers will gain good information and insight from the book it is really written for Christians who will be living during the Tribulation. This book will be on audio as well.

I am still writing articles I will publish soon and also plan to get back to making some Youtube Vids as well. If you have not had a chance to listen to my recent interview with Gonz and Basil at Canary Cry Radio, give it a listen. Also be sure to check out there website at 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Upcoming Canary Cry Radio Interview

Today I did an interview with Gonzo Shimura and Basil Rosewater the hosts of Canary Cry Radio. If you are unfamiliar with their website you will have to look it over and see their ministry.  For those of you who follow end times Gonzo Shimura  has produced some great videos and music on the end times and Bible Prophecy. While we differ in areas he is very talented and gifted, which comes through in his work.

The interview itself was the most unusual I ever encountered.  It was also my first station in California.  It started late because Basil Rosewater the co-host was asleep.   Gonzo Shimura had to wake him up. About a half an hour later when Gonz decided to go it alone Basil awoke.  Meanwhile Gonzo Shimura sent me a hilarious video of our President working out that would also have Putin splitting a rib from laughing so hard. Finally Basil awoke and he comes on the radio sounding groggy.  

It was an experience that only someone with the heart of a poet could understand. Despite the unconventional start it is an interview with a lot of information you will not want to miss so keep and eye out for it.  Meanwhile check out Gonzo Shimura's website, videos and music, which is available on my site.

Follow Gonzo Shimura on twitter @FaceLikeTheSun
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why Evangelicals & Conservatives Should Know Whois James Rickards

James Rickards is a name that should be known  among Evangelical Christians and conservatives alike.  Among James Rickard’s accolades are economist, investment banker, hedge fund manager, portfolio manager, lawyer, analyst, , who consulted the Pentagon on how to detect possible terrorist attacks via the financial system and also the Fed Bank in NY on the reasons for the 2008 market crash.  He is also author of theDeath of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System., which is the most detailed work on why the US Dollar is doomed why we will see a dollar crash, what signs to look for to know a sudden crash is coming and what you can do to protect yourself.

I interviewed James Rickards and am thrilled to tell you that I have a series of articles and a couple of videos that will be forthcoming which sprang from my interview with James Richards and my  listening to the book TheDeath of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System. So if you don’t have time to read there is no excuse to not get the book, you can listen to it.

After interviewing James  Rickards here are my 10 Reasons Why Evangelicals and Conservatives Should Know James Rickards.

1       James Rickards book lines with Evangelical and Conservative sentiment on a dollar collapse.
2.       The Death of Money gives you all of the information you can possibly ask for re: dollar crash
3.       James Rickards uses the Bible as a viable source
4.       Among James Rickards studies was theology
5.       James Rickards embraces conservative political positions, which cross into Evangelical Christian positions.
6.       The place that James Rickards spoke with the largest audience was an Evangelical Christian Mega-Church
7.       James Rickards is not way out or avant- gard like some financiers and one in particular whose name I will not mention whose liberal agenda sickens many conservatives and whose personal theories have made their mark in history for putting the most college student’s to sleep during his lectures.
8.       James Rickards has got to be one of the smartest men I have ever met and he would be what the Bible calls one of the world’s wise men.
9.       James Rickards analysis lines with the prophetic forecasts, including after the dollar crash, which is why you will not want to miss any of the upcoming articles based on the interview.
10.    After I threw a question at James Rickards based on Revelation.13:18,  at solving it given his mathematical background, he kindly lent his expertise in unraveling it.  You will learn more of this in an upcoming video.

Finally, I watched the EU debates last night beamed from Florence Italy. Of course no one in the United States is paying attention to these elections., I fired some questions at two of the leading candidates via their press departments for an article on a topic I discussed with James Rickards and you will have to follow me on twitter @erikagrey, or check my twitter feed on my faceobook page to learn about my forthcoming articles.

Regarding the debates. Three of  the candidates for the EU Commission Presidency are running on a Federalist Platform. If you are not familiar with this ideology which is the basis of EU law and policy you need to become familiar with it.  Federalists are the titans of globalism. You can learn more about Federalism on my blog www.bibleprophecyupdates.    And as all roads lead to Rome, it totally lines with the prophetic forecasts.

Lastly follow me on twitter @erikagrey, Like me on facebook and follow @JamesGRickards on twitter In addition pick up a copy of James Rickards’ book TheDeath of Money: The Collapse of the International Monetary System.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Am Happy to Have Made It Into the Who's Who in Bible Prophecy

It may not be the Who's Who of Business, Finance or Politics, but for those of us who teach Bible Prophecy it is our equivalent and it is an online webpage called Who's Who In Bible Prophecy.  I  made it into the first tier of Bible Prophecy experts who have a photo and a small paragraph as the second tier only mentions names  listed together in a paragraph. While this acts as a directory for those looking for Bible Prophecy experts and to learn who is out there and  teaching what doctrine,  it also acts as a wall of recognition for those of us who do teach. I am also thrilled about the fact that I am a woman who is on the board.

While prophetesses are mentioned in Scripture they are fewer in number than their male counterparts.  I have always felt that I am disadvantaged within the evangelical Christian community because I am a woman teaching what some evangelicals may feel should be taught by a man.  I actually was chewed out in a review for "teaching." @amprophet as he is known on twitter came to my defense.  Having said that I want to highlight my contributions.

1. Geopolitical approach correcting many inaccuracies in correlations between prophetic word and current affairs.
2. Most comprehensive expose on EU as Final World Empire and Bible Prophecy, linking all speculations to common doctrines.
3. First to dissect political powers of Antichrist and outline them as they are mentioned in the Bible and emphasize how these powers must match with corresponding political seat.
4. Wrote most extensively on many Biblical parallels of Antichrist and Jesus Christ
5. Identified Covenant of Death  mentioned in Ezekiel and Isaiah as Peace Treaty of Daniel.
6. Wrote most extensive lesson on the Antichrist rising from the Tribe of Dan and why he rises from Dan.
7. Figured out based on Scripture what will be the spark that will ignite Armageddon and bring the world together in war that makes sense politically.
8.  Found the one verse in the Bible that can possibly be referring to the US as it joins other nations en route to the battle of Armageddon.
9. Wrote detailed piece on why God chose John to write the Revelation.
10. Provided correlations for little horn, its political seat will be relatively new,which is why it is little, revealed political governmental seat that fits.
11.  Showed in Scripture the possible identity of the false prophet and what his two horns signify and also was the first to point out the Lamb (Jesus) is also depicted with horns. Again a contrast.
12. Wrote extensively on Antichrist and corrected many myths.
13. Correlated geopolitical framework forecast by Daniel to today's multipolar world-age of Empires vs. New World Order.
14. Matched 4 horsemen of Apocalypse to Zechariah's horsemen
15. Found correlation of beast in Ezekiel.
16. Ephraim is Gentiles
17. Natural disaster will most likely accompany rapture
18. The Antichrist is appointed by God to enact judgement on the earth vs. his not being appointed.
19. It is Jesus pictured in Daniel 10 and speaking in Daniel Chapter 11-12 as He also speaks in the Revelation, not the angel Gabriel. Jesus is the "man clothed in linen."
20. The book of Daniel is a future book for those living during the Tribulation. This is a considerable discovery. It is a book to encourage those living during the Tribulation.
21  The lion's den relates to the mouth of the lion of Revelation and the fiery furnace and the  lion's den describe life during the tribulation, with the Scavenger lion being a symbol of Satan and also the Antichrist.
22  The ten days of Revelation and the 10 days of Daniel are the same and are literal days which will be the time period from being arrested to facing death. (The ten days prior to was a mystery)
33. The three horns plucked up by the roots will be three nations who will relinquish their sovereignty to the beast. (Prior to has been a mystery)
34. That Death and Hades in the Revelation are two of the Principalities mentioned by Paul the apostle and were given their tasks at the garden with the fruit that Adam and Eve ate  being another contrast to the bread of life.
35. Most extensive teachings on mark of the beast, providing insights as to why the number for name is used when a number is not used to identify anyone else in the Bible, in addition clues to decoding it that have not been discovered by any other Bible Prophecy expert but are revealed in my teachings.
36. Identified symbolism of what is in the cup of the Great Whore of Babylon
37. Identified meaning behind Babylonian head of gold, what it represents vs what was traditionally taught that it represents kingdom power.
38. Found correlation of teaching in OT as matching a verse in Revelation-for those who divide both books as separated by two dispensations.As the predictions of Jeremiah to the Jews warning of their going into Babylonian captivity parallel the reasons for the rise of the dictatorship headed by the Antichrist while leading the Final World Empire, with Babylon being the forerunner of the Final World Empire and the book of Daniel paralleling the book of Revelation, with Jesus speaking and appearing in both books. Both books also give the number of days to the end of the world from the abomination of desolation predicted by Jesus and Daniel with further details given in the Revelation and the major and minor prophets.
39 Taught on prophetic writings themselves and how to understand them also what we glean of author (Who is God) and evidences of both divine authorship , such as there are no references to time as we know it. but also of a God who is esoteric and unusual and essentially incomprehensible in part due to the story book/ bazaar feel  of the Spiritual realm and battle of the ages.
40 Took all of the Biblical language and was able to correlate it to current affairs in detail not even closely touched upon by any other expositor such as I discovered the summary of the EU's institutional structure lined exactly with the Biblical description.
41. That the Antichrist is viewed as one with his empire. Beast signifies him personally and Him combined with his empire.
42. Am also the only prophetic expert who writes for those living during the Tribulation i.e. for people who are essentially yet future or for the difficult time that will be there future.
43. Also discovered that the final blood moon is the blood of Jesus that was shed to save those would now symbolically condemn it.

In addition, my book has not become dated like nearly all other Bible Prophecy books that relate Bible Prophecy to world affairs.

I would not have listed my contributions if I didn't believe that my being a woman writing on Biblical Prophecy has caused me to be taken less seriously and not in the eyes of the Lord of Hosts, but in man's.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Prophetic Significance of Blood Moons

Prior to the April 15, 2014 blood moon we read and tweeted John Hagee's and El Shadai's findings on the past blood moons that occurred during Jewish Holidays and how major events happened during them.  We waited with anticipation for the first blood moon.   I wondered about the research of the events on those dates and as I recall  one of the events did not exactly occur during the blood moon but during the time period.  Simultaneous with the blood moons are Satanic holidays, which also fall around Jewish Holidays because Satan is the counterfeiter of God.   Around Satanic holidays various violent events are known to have taken place. Yet between nothing of significance this April. Geopolitically an importance act was the Russian invasion of Crimea because through this invasion Russia now resembles the king of the North of Daniel and Jeremiah, which retains its Empire with the reign of the EU Empire that also reigns in the earth's final years.

No doubt, blood moon signs belong to God and we read about the blood red moon that is a sign of the world's end.  A symbol of the blood of Jesus that saved the world now condemns it.  Concerning the current blood moons, the one passed and the three to come, and the April 8 alignment of earth between mars and the sun are confirmation signs of the end times. Jesus said we would see signs and wonders in nature and if the Bloods moons have any prophetic significance it is a sign in nature, and they do in fact occur over Jewish Holidays.  Meanwhile the blood moons have set off a debate in Evangelical circles concerning the blood moon that God warns is a sign of the end of the world versus, the not so red blood moons of the Tetrad.

As Prophecy teachers we all make mistakes when we begin to branch in certain areas looking  for correlations and when our hunch is not correct we step back. Such is the case with the blood moons and their prophetic significance, only now the credibility of the researchers is hurt and of those who came out and gained the attention of evangelicals and the media.  It is my experience that we are often correct on the bigger picture but when we speculate and forecast the smaller details and try to get too specific our arrow stops hitting the target. I believe the blood moon researchers did just that, tried to find those correlations and it is now obvious they were in error. Only this gained media attention and a book was published that will now be shelved. The blood moons prophetic significance was merely a sign in the sky to confirm what we are seeing unfold in geopolitcs, society and in the weather patterns, that we are in fact in the end times.