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Discussion of Current Events, Prophecy in the Bible & End Time Issues that Effect Us All.  

Erika Grey provides insight and information you will not want to miss!

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Erika Grey's views expressed are from an Evangelical Christian, geopolitical prophetic perspective.

Erika's mission is to warn, inform, teach and encourage in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who is coming quickly. 

No other Prophecy teacher provides the in depth coverage and analysis of the European Union and Bible Prophecy as Erika Grey.

In addition to providing Bible Prophecy Updates and Commentary, Erika offers books and articles dealing with end time issues to help individuals and families in these end times. 

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What is 666: Who is 666? What is Armageddon? Where is Armageddon? What Does Prophecy in the Bible teach?  What does the Bible teach about the end times? Are we in the end times? What Does the Bible say will happen on the last day of the world? What does the Bible teach about the end of the world? When is the end of the world? Who is the Antichrist? What is the Antichrist? How do current events relate to Prophecy in the Bible? How does the European Union fit into Bible Prophecy? Where is the US in Prophecy in the Bible? What does prophecy in the Bible say about Israel and the Middle East? What does prophecy in the bible say about China in the end times?  What does bible prophecy say about Russia?  What does the Bible say about the final world empire? Does the Antichrist rise from the revived Roman Empire? Which empire does the Antichrist launch from? ERIKA GREY answers these questions and many more.  In addition Erika through her writings and teachings offers advice for those of us effected by living in the end times. 


Affiliated Domains include Bible Prophecy Headquarters.com, Bible Prophecy Watchers.com, Bible Prophecy Updates.com, Bible Prophecy News Desk.com and Seat of the Antichrist.com ,where is armageddon.net, what is 666.net, prophecy in the bible.net, prophecy talk.net, what is armageddon.net,where is armageddon.com,what is 666.com,what is armageddon.com, what is 666.org, what is 666.info,what is 666.net, theendtime.co,theendtime.us,on the lastday.info,onthelastday.co,onthelastday.us ,whois666.info



Fore more on Bible Prophecy and Current Events see also www.prophecydude.org 

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