Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bloomberg Politics Makes HUGE Mistake Re: European Union

Erika Grey end time bible prophecy

 It is shocking how news outlets get EU facts wrong.  No one pays attention to the EU or feels that it is relevant enough when in fact it is one of the leading empires in our multipolar world.  Here is a clip from Bloomberg Politics and I want you to take a listen.  He is going to meet with the head of the EU, Donald Tusk. The other Donald so to speak as they say here in Europe. As well as Jean Claude Juncker the head of the European Commission”   Okay, there you go, now those facts are wrong. The reporter stated He is going to meet with the head of the EU, Donald Tusk. The other Donald so to speak as they say here in Europe. He obviously did not get the memo because the head of the EU, its leading presidency, the president of the EU is Jean Claude Juncker,  the reporters adds Juncker as if he were an assistant to Donald Tusk.  Let me give you a quick lesson on the EU,  the presidency of the Council of the European Union has only been established since the Lisbon Treaty went into force in 2009, According to the Council of the European Union’s website:

The European Council defines the EU's overall political direction and priorities. It does not negotiate or adopt EU laws. Instead it sets the EU's policy agenda, traditionally by adopting 'conclusions' during European Council meetings which identify issues of concern and actions to take.
According to the Commission website:

The European Commission is the executive of the European Union and promotes its general interest.  It has a list of presidents dating back to the European Steel and Coal Community when its presidency at that time was named the “High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community.” The Commission not only proposes EU law but also sees that it is correctly applied.

When Henry Kissinger asked what number does America phone in Europe-it is the president of the EU Commission and this isn’t the first media outlet to get it wrong, when the Lisbon Treaty came into force and Herman Van Rompuy was elected as the first president of the European Council the US media reported erroneously on the presidency.

The New York Times stated, that Herman Van Rompuy was chosen as the European Union’s first president.   The Telegraph even reported Van Rompuy as the first president of the Union.  RT referred to Van Rumpuy in an article as the EU chief.

The EU’s constitutional specialist Andrew Duff stated in the Financial Times that this presidency was an “experiment.” The direction the liberal parties want to take the EU is to streamline the Commission so that it is a more complete governmental body.   The EU is still evolving and in Andrew Duff’s, A Fundamental Law of the European Union, which is a proposed revision of the Lisbon treaty, states, “The Fundamental Law makes it explicit that Parliament and Council form the legislature of the Union and that the Commission is to be regarded as the government." 

So I cannot say this more loud and clear the leading President of the European Union is Jean Claude Juncker, the Commission president.

For more EU ignorance here is a clip by Fox news. In this clip Niel Cavuto refers to the European Union as the European Community, which it ceased being called at the launch of the euro in the year 2000. “Members of the European Community, the European Union itself, no one is immune to this threat.” In addition he referred to The Members of the European Parliament as “vipers,” that was real professional of him to call a group of men who he has never met and does not even understand their functions: Vipers. 

“You know that guy, BREXIT leader Nigel Farage, making a big speech to the European Parliament earlier today, talk about going into a, I don’t know what you call it, vipers nest how ever you want to call it.  I think that sometimes news agencies are so weighed down in the business of getting the news out, enough time is not spent in getting the facts straight.  All news caters to ratings and often you get the news that is approved to get ratings.  This type of reporting is why I do not look to the US media for EU and world news.   There are some great sources for EU news such as Euractiv and New Europe, EU Observer and the EU’s website itself. I Should not fail to mention the Financial Times.  Not a one is a US news source.  For other EU news programs  I like France 24, and DW, and this is not an exhaustive list. 

The European Union is boring to most and frankly ignored.  This is why clickbait news stories about the EU falling apart make it into the headlines. Many people now think that the EU is being destroyed from within and it is not, it is doing anything but being destroyed. Shockingly even EU citizens do not pay attention to the EU.

I pay attention, then again my view is biased, because I am looking to what I know is going to be in the future, and the European Union is going to become the world’s leading world empire and will become the greatest empire to exist.  You heard it here on Prophecy Talk. For more on end time Bible Prophecy subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.    

Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Spot Fake News - Bible Prophecy News

How to spot fake news-Bible Prophecy news

I want to highlight this story today from DW news, “EU task force hunts down fake news.” You need to tune into this video when you get a chance for the details, but the reason for the task force is because of the effect fake news had on the U.S. election and with the current elections about to take place in Europe in France and Germany the European union wants to make sure that those elections will not be affected by fake news as it happened in the US elections.

 This video shows you the evolution of a fake story and how it was picked up by a major network as well as how many thousands upon thousands of fake news stories they've uncovered.  Ben Nimmo of the task force summed it up perfectly and I’m going to play you exactly what he says on how to spot fake news and he sums it up in one sentence. This is exactly what happens in Evangelical Christian circles and end time Bible prophecy with all of the conspiracy theories that circulate and proliferate within our circles.

Listen to what Ben has to say on how to spot fake news and think of those articles you've read from Bible prophecy sites about the Illuminati and the different conspiracies and what they relay.

“The more you find that the story is trying to push your emotional buttons the more you need to be wary of it because the way the fake works it makes you feel so emotional that your rational process is shut down and you just feel angry or resentful or afraid and then you'll believe anything which reinforces that emotion.”

There you go and that's how to spot a fake news story and once your seized with emotion  you can't think logically anymore about if the story actually makes any sense and a lot of times in end time Bible prophecy the stories that circulate make no geopolitical sense. For more on end time Bible prophecy subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel Prophecy Talk today.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Falling Apart Eurozone Outshines US

Erika Grey , Eurozone, EU and Bible Prophecy

For all of the misconceptions on how the European Union is going to fall apart take note of this article that appeared in The Financial Times titled,  “Eurozone economy quietly outshines the US.” According to this article in The Financial Times, “the Eurozone economy has now posted 14 consecutive quarters of growth… the unemployment rate has returned to the single digits… and economic sentiment has reached the highest level in six years.  

The numbers contrast with the reports of a stagnant and disintegrating economy.  Eric Nielsen the chief economist at Unicredit stated, “I certainly continue to be amazed by the skewed negativism toured Europe,” and according to the Financial Times he stated that such views are mostly based on what seems like superficial attention to the data or maybe to alternative facts.  That's another word for fake news and it's not fake news so much as the media likes to report on a disintegrating European union because it gets headlines. Its clickbait, it's not the facts and you have the facts here that the Eurozone economy is doing well so I wanted to highlight this article because I keep talking about the European Union growing and evolving in line with end time Bible prophecy and there are people who when I discuss the European Union really believe failed and is falling apart.

 I wanted to highlight this article to show you some facts. For more on end times Bible prophecy subscribe to my channel prophecy talk today.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

EU Federal Union-The United Nations Security Council Question

Andrew Duff Federal Union The UN Security Council
This interview delves into the question of once the Fundamental Law treaty renders the European Union into a federal union, what happens to the Nation States that are in the UN Security Council. While Andrew Duff answers this question, his answer also takes us into his thoughts as he was writing the Fundamental Law of the European Union and he revealed what you cannot do in an EU treaty. See the transcript below and for more on the Fundamental Law written to revise the Lisbon treaty and move the EU forward into a Federal Union stay tuned for more from this interview found in this playlist.

Erika Grey
The Law of the Union reclassifies member states as States and its aim is for to establish full-fledged federal union, yet, in several areas it reverts back to the Nation State having preeminence such as in the UN.
Article 414 states:
States which are also members of the United Nations Security Council will consort and keep the other states and the foreign minister fully informed. States which are members of the Security Council will in the execution of their functions, defend the positions and the interests of the union, without prejudice to their responsibilities under the provision of the United Nations charter.
Once the fundamental law establishes the EU as a United States of Europe and it is a federal union wouldn’t the states that hold seats in the Security Council cease to exist as sovereign nations and have to withdraw from the Security Council such as West Germany, you know, Czechoslovakia, and the follow up question to that is also once the Federal Law [Fundamental Law] is established and political union, and the EU achieves political union and establishes the federal law [Fundamental Law] wouldn’t the federalized EU need to submit a new application and apply as a member because it would be an actual government for the people?
Erika Grey
Yes, I think what's not to preempt or preclude from anything happening in the years to come. The problem in the present treaties is it’s very prohibited. It’s sort of what you can’t do, what you mustn't do. What I want to do is to create a treaty constitutional treaty that is more permissive, that will permit the development of a common foreign security and defense policy in its time and as circumstances permit. I think if I had sought at this stage to prescribe the abolition of the permeant seats of France and the UK in the security council of the UN in the absence of any larger reform of the UN, incidentally, which is a different issue, but an associated one, I think that would have been considered to be rather absurd. I mean one you know one has to be pragmatic. One can be can have aspirations, one could be very have clear objectives. But I think that in the means to achieve a common international policy one has to recognize its going to take time and it’s going to take process. There is going to be a process of integration as simulation of building trust between the States of the EU, in each other’s diplomacy, sharing intelligences between them is a very sensitive issue.
Erika Grey
Yes a very delicate balance as well
Andrew Duff
So one I think can’t be- one could have been too naive about this.
Erika Grey
So that was deliberate then?
Andrew Duff
Erika Grey
That was actually deliberate
Andrew Duff
Erika Grey
To not take that step cause that would be too offensive
Andrew Duff

European Union History-My start in European Federalism

Andrew Duff European Union History

Andrew Duff is a key figure in the European Movement, in this question he is asked about what started his interest and caused him to join the European Movement. The question posed to Andrew Duff recounts where the European Union was at that time in its early history at the time that Andrew Duff joined the European Movement. For those unfamiliar with the European Movement, stay tuned in this playlist to learn more from Andrew Duff a key figure in the European Movement. For those of you unfamiliar with the European Movement, it is the most significant movement in World History since World War II that has impacted the geopolitical landscape. The European Movement is responsible for the EU's inception and evolution. For the full transcript of this interview see below and stay tuned in this playlist for more from this interview.

Erika Grey
You became director of the federal trust in 1993, when you were 43 years old. at At the age of 32 in 1982, you were elected to the City Council in Cambridge, and at age 34 you made your first attempt to get elected to the EU parliament, which at the time was only a forum for debate and a and a consultative body. In that year Alterio Spinelli was still serving as an MEP and the Single European Act had not yet been decided. Gaston Thorn was Commission President and the Single Market White Paper of 1985 had not been launched. The European Community comprised of only 10 members and was still in its infancy. What started your interest in European Federalism and in the European Community in those early years?
Andrew Duff
Well it’s a long time ago, but I think I stated in fact to I'm certain that I started the interested even before then. I think I was anxious to be a Member of the European Parliament even before it had been created. And I think that my experience as a student in 1968, I was 17 in 1968, and was just on the way from school to Cambridge, but I spent a lot of time in Paris at that time as well and so I had first-hand experience of the sense that things were changing fast and that politics of the post war generation were under pressure and that the dynamics were moving. It was a very turbulent time, it was a very exciting time, but and clearly the experience of the students in Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Amsterdam- I remember - was a very post national experience. We were sharing each other’s demonstrations, manifestos, discourse between students was very European, and I found that experience very enriching and, you know, if it could be continued, built on, that was a good thing to try to do. And it wasn’t far from to start the federal experiment or to join in the federal campaign that had always been there. I met Monet and Spinelli and that was also a great inspiration.