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How to Study Bible Prophecy in 10 Steps

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1. Be familiar with all 66 books of the Bible.number

2. Have a good understanding of the basic teachings of Bible Prophecy

3. Compare Scripture with Scripture ALWAYS

 4. Have access to a concordance and go into the original Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic root of the word.number.

 5. Consult commentaries from various theologians.

 6. It goes without saying, to make sure you are born again and being led by the Spirit and pray for wisdom.

7. Study, study, study.

What you need to study Bible Prophecy 

8. An analytical mind

9. Abstract reasoning ability

Bible Prophecy crosses the dimensions of the physical and spiritual world. In addition, the Word of God itself is dimensional. The Biblical Magi understood this. They came to the actual birthplace of Christ with one reference to a star and to the exact location of the young Jesus despite the prophetic verse’s ambiguity. A seemingly simple phrase can possess a good deal of depth that you must have the ability to uncover. An example is the reason the Magi brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the young Jesus. These gifts revealed the Magi’s acumen of the Mosaic law with the herbal formulations given to Moses and their purpose.

 In Bible Prophecy there are many correlations in the Bible that you must have to ability to find and relate. You must be able to detect which prophecies are talking about what is past and what is yet future and to which forecast they belong.  In addition, what is literal and figurative and then relate these to current and historical events.

 And the last point brings us to:

10. Consult the same news sources as journalists and hold to high standards in where you obtain your information.

End Time bible Prophecy is a puzzle that you piece together to provide an analysis and you must get all of the pieces to fit.

Video-How To Study Bible Prophecy in 10 Steps

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Bomb Called Brexit It's Fallout and Bible Prophecy

BREXIT and Bible Prophecy

BREXIT that is the UK voting to exit the European Union shocked the world. It is not only the most serious crisis the European Union has faced with fallout that is effecting the EU, UK and world markets but it is bound to create a geopolitical tectonic shift.
I made the erroneous conclusion that based on Bible Prophecy there will be no BREXIT because that was a logical conclusion based on events that would fit with Bible Prophecy, but what I did not anticipate was the result of a BREXIT vote that would also move the EU forward into the Biblical description of the EU in its final state.   But I did state that The UK referendum might lead to the EU breaking into a two tier structure, which we see in in Bible Prophecy.Since BREXIT there are some interesting developments.
1.       The EU, which has garnered little interest worldwide suddenly is in the headlines with a development that has caught the attention of the masses.
2.      The EU leaders who did all they could to appease the UK and keep the UK in the European Union to the point of allowing it concessions and more opt outs of EU policy than allowed for any other nation, has taken a turn.  These same leaders are demanding:
A divorce with an immediate enactment of article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty that begins the exit from the EU and this to begin before the next UK administration.

While the fallout continues from the BREXIT and the markets are reacting to the uncertainty into the unknown, Jean Claude Juncker dramatically ended a press conference by walking out of it after answering no to the question, “is this the end of the eu.” It was a strong no followed by the action of walking out of the conference as if to say he will not even address any more questions relating to the EU’s dissolution.
There is now a sense of anger as France, Germany and Italy said no to negotiation before article 50 is triggered.
In complete line with Bible Prophecy, is the Spinelli’s group’s, the federalist faction that influences EU policy officially calling for a “renewed commitment to European political unity” and a meeting on “how to relaunch the European political project.”
ALDE leader and MEP Guy Verhofstadt stated in a press conference that now is the time to go forward with a small group of nations into political union, that the EU is too unwieldly with 28 member nations.  George Soros has also called for the reconstruction of Europe.  Other commentators have also mentioned the EU going forward with an inner core. This inner core could easily line with Bible Prophecy’s ruling ten nation federation.
There is a good deal of uncertainty right now and much being written about Brexit, the markets are reacting as well. Fitch and Moody’s and Standard and Poors credit reporting agencies have downgraded the UK based on the BREXIT vote alone. There is talk of Scotland and Northern Ireland leaving the UK, a second referendum, which David Cameron objects to and the possibility of a new administration ushering the UK back into the EU, which if that were to happen it would be without all of their previous opt outs given the current mood of EU leaders.  This is in line with the new slogan “In is In and Out is Out,”and the anger over what the wandering bride put its partner through on the way to the exit vote.
In Bible Prophecy in Daniel Chapter 7:8 is the mysterious forecast:
I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, a little one, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots…
The three horns plucked out by the roots, is a mystery and we will not know the answer until it begins to unfold. I have speculated on possibilities for this verse, but with BREXIT another could possibly present itself,  The UK brought 4 nations to the EU, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Britain comprises of England, Scotland and Wales. There is the possibility that one of these nations will rejoin the EU such as Scotland or Northern Ireland leaving the other 3 plucked up by the roots once the exit is complete.  But, if this is the fulfillment of Daniel 7:8, then those 3 nations will not return to the EU.  This plucking up by the roots does not leave the impression that this was good for the nations, but rendered them powerless.  The fact is that some Biblical prophecies can only be matched with Scriptures as they are happening or after they occur, because we just are not in the place in time for them to make total sense.
If this is not the fulfillment of Daniel 7:8, there is the possibility that the UK or Britain can rejoin at a later date, but if that were to happen, in the current mood, none of the opt outs would be tolerated, as the slogan goes a nation will either be in or out.  The details of what will unfold are uncertain. What is certain based on Bible Prophecy is that the EU will come out of this stronger and more in line with the end time description of an inner core of ten nations.  
It waits to be seen if the three nation prophecy of Daniel 7:8 will see fulfillment with BREXIT and if it is the outcome is not good for these nations as the Bible gives the impression that they are left severely weakened.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

The US is Going Down After The Election of Trump or Clinton

US going down the toilet

The US is going down after the next election of Trump or Clinton. Be it Trump or Clinton the US is going down under next presidency,  that’s right, the US decline will be in full swing.
We have been witnessing the United States decline gradually but it is going to go down on a steep decline if either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are elected.  I have made several predictions relating to Bible Prophecy and this is one of them.  The next president of the United States will finish what the previous presidents started and will help the United States along on its fall and will also man or woman the helm as the great nation sinks down the toilet bowl of history. 
That’s right not only will the United States cease being the world’s leading power, but we will be replaced and based on Bible Prophecy and geopolitics it will be the European Union that will replace the United States as the leading power.  Go ahead and laugh, go ahead and say how this is not going to happen, because it is going to happen and one day I will come on and tell you that I told you so.
Let me also point out that in 2020 will be the next US election, which also will coincide with the nomination of the EU’s key presidency, coincidence I don’t think so and at that time as on the EU’s agenda will be buffering the fallout of the collapse of the US and there will be a global role reversal and its all coming after this next election, and what waits to be seen is who will be the president who will bring the US down.  I was hoping that we would have a president that would ease the United States fall.

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How the Antichrist's Popularity will be like Donald Trumps

How Donald Trump Compares to the Antichrist of Bible Prophecy

Many people are scratching their heads over the rise of Donald Trump and how he seems to be an unstoppable train and is garnering so much support.

Despite Donald Trump’s obvious narcissism, his being compared to Hitler and Mussolini, his immaturity evidenced by his lashing back viciously at anyone who criticizes him , his obvious mental issues, and his lack of any real visible plans for US policy,  he broke a record in Florida and even got votes over Florida’s native candidate Marco Rubio among his other wins.

 I have never heard more shocking words come out of a candidate’s mouth and yet the people love him.   If this isn’t a picture of how the masses are going to follow the Antichrist I do not know what is.

When people learn of the prophecies in the bible about the Antichrist some have wondered how people will follow an individual like the Antichrist. After Donald Trump no one should be surprised at how the Antichrist will gain world favor, he will be a reflection of the times just as Donald Trump is also a byproduct of the times and a sign of the time at that and that we are in the end times predicted in Bible Prophecy.  The Antichrist will get endorsements just like Donald Trump managed to get a few that shocked us.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

5 Reasons Why Satan Deceives Christians on End Time Bible Prophecy Teachings

5 Reasons Why Satan Deceives Christians on End Time Bible Prophecy Teachings

It is obvious when you look at end time Bible Prophecy teachings, that is how current affairs relates to end time Bible Prophecy that there are more than a handful of teachings that divide Evangelicals on how Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled.  

There are several conspiracy theories, the Islam as Beast of Revelation Theory and the European Union as the final world empire, to the United States as the Beast of Revelation and final world empire.  Within each of the teachings are also many other errors being taught.  I teach the EU as the Final World Empire and I have read writers who do not have a clue on how the EU really functions and are misdirecting readers via their detailed teachings.  

Many who correlate end time Bible Prophecy to current affairs do not have any credentials to do so. Then there are those who are trying to capitalize on page hits with really wild and outrageous stories.   The Christian who is trying to learn about how Bible Prophecy and how it relates to current events is often deceived by many teachers. I will give you five reasons now as to why Satan   deceives Christians on end time Bible Prophecy Teachings.

1.       When the erroneous theory fails to fulfill Bible Prophecy you will be left doubting God’s word.
2.     Satan does not want you to know what he is doing, he does not want you to know the truth of the events that are fulfilling Bible Prophecy because he wants to take as many souls with him as possible and he wants to diminish the effectiveness of Bible Prophecy’s warning. If some are feeling warned and prompted by errors when those errors come to light the warning becomes ineffectual.

3.   Satan wants to discredit God’s word in the world.   Conspiracy theories make the Evangelical community look uneducated and stupid and when we tout them as fulfilling Bible Prophecy’s message many are turned off to the Gospel because of the ridiculousness of the theories.

4.     Satan has snuck in Anti-Antisemitism into the conspiracy theories and has Christians touting them not realizing what they are touting to weaken their testimony with the nation of Israel and the Jewish people and also weaken Christian Jewish relations. 

5.      Finally, when the believers are raptured out of here, and those in the Final dispensation go online to learn more, the information online will leave them in confusion, which is what Satan is the author of.  It will not even be a help to them and there will be so many false teachings for them to weed through that they may not come to the information that they will need in those times.

In conclusion on end time Bible Prophecy, make sure of your sources for information, stay away from the conspiracy theorist sites like Before it is news and any so called journalists associated with them.   Read and study. Most of all Bible Prophecy has to fit two tests.

1.      The Biblical Test
2.      The Geopolitical test

If Bible Prophecy can’t be fulfilled through the geopolitical system, it can’t be fulfilled because God works through Geopolitics. By the way, Obama is nearing the end of his term, have you been hauled into FEMA death camps?   No, because it was nonsense and any time you see the term you need to run, it is a false teaching, and the same with Islam and a worldwide caliphate as the Beast of Revelation.