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Juncker's Greece Referendum Speech Carves Identity for EU

Photo of EU Commission President Jean Claude Junker at podium of European Commission giving his speech on the  Greek  Referendum.  Courtesy of the European Commission

In Juncker’s speech today he skillfully carved an identity for the EU Commission and while the speech was a move to bust the myths on Greece, which I wrote about on my blog on Blogactiv EU,
Juncker skillfully carved a likeable identity for the EU as a family and the Commission as working for the citizens and attempting to be as fair as humanly possible.  Junker’s speech was an appeal to the Greek people and indirectly throws stones at the Greek leadership and pits the EU Commission against its Prime Minister and lets the citizens chose after presenting its case. Juncker's speech portrays the EU as making better decisions than some of its member states such as Greece.

The Greek financial crisis has caught the attention of many Bible Prophecy watchers who are now asking many questions and how Greece fits in Bible Prophecy. Some are speculating the Eurozone will be reduced in number and this will line with the ten nation federation we see in the books of Daniel and Revelation.  Others are discounting the European Union altogether as having any place and are looking to Greece to possibly cause the EU’s dissolution.  I have already written an article stating my position that based on Bible Prophecy Greece will remain.  It is significant that this crisis has allowed the European Commission a perfect PR opportunity to have it present itself in a most favorable light, which will only help the EU's move forward.

You will want to read the details of my take on Juncker’s speech, which you can either read on Blobactiv*eu   Jean Claude Juncker Busts Myths on Greece or read it below:

In a rare move European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker held a press conference today on GREXIT. Juncker began the conference by informing EU citizens that for the last five months he has been working in the direct process of negotiations, “sometimes day and sometimes night. ”   Juncker then affirmed his commitment to keep Greece in the Eurozone by stating,

“For me Greece’s exit of the Eurozone has never been and will never be an option but I I always told my Greek friends that by saying that GREXIT is not an option” but he then stated in light of the current Greek drama that is playing out and Greece’s refusal to the EU’s terms, that although they know this is his position , “that  they shouldn’t believe that at the bare end of the process I would be able to present against all the others a final answer, and a final solution to be given to what I describe as a primary Greek problem.”

In the next portion of his speech, Jean Claude Juncker went onto bust the myths around the Greek deal and in doing so has made the Tsipras look completely unreasonable. Juncker  stated, “ There are no wage cuts in this package, and nobody is allowed to give the impression that there are wage cuts in this package, There are no pension cuts in this package,” and he repeats, “No pension cuts in this package.  “In fact it’s a package that creates more social fairness, more growth, a more modern and transparent public administration.”

After busting the no wage cut and no pension cut myth Juncker emphasized the position of the Commission as a reasonable broker with a view to the Greek people and in line with the wishes of Syzria’s campaign manifesto.

Juncker stated, “In many instances, we in the Commission had to be the ones insisting on the most socially fair measures.  I would have expected the Greek government to push this agenda  in line with its campaign manifesto.”

If this was not enough to make Tsipras look totally unreasonable Juncker added,
“Fiscal consolidation means keeping public finances in control while boosting opportunity for jobs and growth, many member states have even higher fiscal targets having lower levels of debt.’
Junker emphasized that the Commission’s package was fair to the Greek people. He stated that they had asked for cuts in the Greek defense budget, “We were right in asking for cuts in the defense budget and I think that we were totally right to propose cuts in the defense budget.”  Juncker stated that the Commission looked to create more social fairness by challenging Greece’s favorable tax treatment for ship owners. 

In Jean Claude Juncker’s final statements he appealed to the Greek people to speak up in light of the facts he presented. He stated, “This is a highly important moment for the Greek people and for the people of Europe. It is time for Greek’s to speak up and to shape their own destiny and more important.He also asked for a moment of truth, for the truth to essentially come out, “It is time for Greece’s political leaders to shoulder their responsibility, to tell their people what is really at stake, it is a moment of truth.”
Very cleverly in Juncker’s final statement he appealed to the Greek people as a member of the European family and affirmed his commitment to them by stating. “I will never let the Greek people go down, never and I know that the Greek people do not want to let down the European Union, Greece is a member of the European family and I want this family to stand together."

It was a brilliant speech on the part of the European Commission, busting the myths of the Greek deal while portraying the European Commission as a fair broker whose interests are the citizens of the European Union.  It was also a good move to present Greece and all members of the European Union as a member of the family. 

The European Union has a publicity problem, it has been portrayed negatively and inaccurately in the media and these misconceptions filter to the member states.  Jean Claude Juncker killed two birds with one stone with appealing to the Greek people and busting the myths of the Greek deal but also of how the Commission is viewed not only by the Greeks but by all members. 

It was also a smart move because the President of the European Commission is the leading presidency in the European Union and yet unrecognized, the move on the part of Juncker should give the Commission presidency more visibility.

Juncker’s speech accomplished more than the above, in his soft spoken speech, he made Tsipras and look completely foolish and unreasonable.

It was a smart move on the part of Juncker, to come out to the Greek people and the people’s of the EU prior to the Greek referendum, which some are viewing as a mere chess move on the part of the Greek government.  Among EU politicians the big gun pulled out on the Commission in disputes by the member states, is “Referendum” and Tsipras pulled it, only in his case, he knows the big gun is going to shoot a blank.   Juncker’s speech is in reaction to the big gun and lets the people of Greece know that their government is being completely irrational.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Same Sex Marriage Seals Doom On World

A photo of an hourglass, the top reads, "When the transgressors are come to the full" and the text is written over the sand within the hourglass, on the bottom half is written evil, wickedness and sin. Underneath the hourglass is fire and under the fire in bold capital letters is written Tribulation signifying that when sin comes to the full, the Tribulation will begin
Hourglass Timer to start of Tribulation 

The United States Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is now legal and constitutional.  What next that will be ruled legal as constituting a marriage?   Taking together all of the signs predicted in Bible Prophecy none is so specific as Luke 17:26-30 when Jesus compared the end times to the days of Lot, which were characterized by open homosexuality.

 The homosexuality in Lot’s day included young boys. Homosexual rape and homosexual gang rape is the episode we see before the destruction of the City of Sodom and Gomorrah.  In the story men and young boys surround Lot’s house after he was visited by two angels who appeared as men.  The men and young boys included every male in the city, which included young boys wanted to gang rape the two men. Open homosexuality was characteristic of Sodom and Gomorrah and the city was destroyed because of its sin.

We are getting close to resembling Sodom and Gomorrah and in some ways surpass it. It is not just same sex marriage, it is the climate of the times that same sex marriage is fitting into. In the last few years I have read and tweeted the most unbelievable headlines of sexual perversions.  Germany and its bestiality brothels, children having sex change operations. 

The media’s fixation with Bruce Jenner’s and other stories of men’s transformation into women and women who have operations to be like men. The elimination of gender on birth certificates. The increase in homosexual rape and gang rape of men to men. Mutilation rapes occurring to women. Children raping younger children. Mothers giving their young daughters and infants to their lovers who rape them, or selling them into sexual slavery to ease their poverty.  The rise in bestiality, and perversions one has not even imagined are making headlines and are indulged in.  

Same sex marriage is a byproduct of the wicked society that we now live and it is a sure sign that we are in the end times.

Gay marriage is being legalized in many countries across the globe. The Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage across the United States is groundbreaking because the United States represents over 300 million persons in the world’s population and is a leading pole in the multipolar world.  Many evangelicals believe that this in part is what is going to lead to the downfall of America and why we do not see the United States as a leading player in Bible Prophecy.

In Sodom and Gomorrah when Lot called the homosexual rapists deeds wicked, they accused him of judging them. This is the attitude toward those of us who speak out against wickedness and especially on the same sex marriage issue.  

 The media headlines regard those who do not condone gay marriage in a negative light. The only major leader coming out against gay marriage is Vladimir Putin, who is not afraid to stand up to society and  do what he feels is right concerning gay marriage in Russia. Vladimir Putin joins the list of bad guys for not allowing gay marriage in Russia.  Evangelicals who come out against gay marriage are called intolerant and judgmental and Vladimir Putin is labeled oppressive and intolerant, for the same stance.  

Society wants no boundaries.  An ace is an ace and sin is sin. Not that God does not love the sinner but He has given us the Bible as a guide and in it are commandments and boundaries or rules to live by. We are seeing all of those boundaries being broken. Lawlessness abounds all in favor of the god of non-judgment who will condone anything you want to do even if you chose to marry a rodent. 

Same sex marriage is one Supreme Court and judicial court ruling among many that proves we are living in a lawlessness that Bible Prophecy forecasts.  This is not just particular in the United States, but around the globe, injustice reigns as a plague.

Gay marriage also called the same sex ruling is another peg that is pushed into the hole leading to the start of the Tribulation.   The prophet Daniel was told that the end would begin when the transgressors are come to the full. In the prophetic picture we are like an hourglass with sand and the sand is pouring and the time is getting closer as the bottom of the hourglass represents the increase in wickedness.  The same sex marriage ruling across the United States seals the world’s doom.
Notice that in Luke 17:26-30 the people continued in their sinful ways and did not see that their sin was going to bring about their annihilation. 

Luke 17:26-30 in the New King James Version (NKJV)reads:
26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27 They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; 29 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all.30 Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed.
The bottom line no matter what anyone thinks or believes is that the prophetic word is going to be fulfilled, and what was predicted is coming to pass. Same sex marriage is a sign of the times, of the end times.

The Tribulation is coming, God’s judgment is imminent and if you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal savior now is the time to accept Him into your heart. The only way that you will escape the Tribulation is by way of the Rapture or escape the Lake of Fire, which is the destiny for unbelievers. Your disbelief, opinions, mockery,  will not stop what the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy,  and the United States legalization of same sex marriage is not only a sure sign of the end times, but marks the beginning of even greater wickedness to follow, more intense than what we have even seen so far.
The same sex ruling of the United States has opened a door for more lawlessness and wickedness that we will see in time and sealed  doom onto the entire world. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Putin is PO'd Russia Slighted in World Order

Vladimir Putin, Russia Slighted in World Order, photo of Putin at the St. Petersburg Economoic Forum taken by courtesy of the  Kremlin
Vladimir Putin St. Petersburg Economic Forum

In Bloomberg’s video, “We Cannot Evade the Ukraine Question,” filmed at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin interviewed by Peter Rose, wanted to talk about why there is a conflict in the Ukraine and he stated that one world order existed before the fall of the USSR, and referenced the bipolar system, which had been dominated by the United States and the Soviet Union, which went into oblivion after the collapse of the Soviet Union.   Putin stated that the United was in a state of euphoria after its collapse.  Putin felt that instead of the US trying to create a good situation, and become a neighborly partner, the US started to explore new, free geopolitical spaces that in the United States’ view were now free.

Vladimir Putin stated this was why Russia witnessed the expansion of NATO, which Putin regards as an affront to Russia.An article in the NATO Review  titled, “NATO enlargement and Russia: myths and realities addresses this very issue, and attempts to argue that NATO expansion was not an affront to Russia and fails to win this argument because the reader is left looking at the action of NATO expansion overriding the claim that NATO’s enlargement, which admitted the East bloc nations was not directed in part against Russia.

Vladimir Putin attributes the actions on the part of the West as their viewing the dissolution of the USSR as leaving a vacuum that needed to be filled.  He did not agree with the West’s approach and how they attempted to fill the void left by the USSR’s dissolution. 

Putin stated this is “why Iraq happened.” “We know and our partners agree that there were errors committed in Iraq, but still it happened once again in Libya and now in Ukraine. We are not the original cause of that crisis, phenomenon, which happened in Ukraine. They should not have supported the illegal coup de ta- the anti-constitutional  coup de ta- as well as the forceful seizure of power, which finally resulted in a serious confrontation in Ukraine….What has to be done today, no doubt, the agreements reached in Mentz, the capital of Belarus should be observed. Let me emphasize if we were not content with something we wouldn’t have put our signature there but we have put our signature on those documents and we will seek their full implementation.”

The United States actions in Ukraine prior to Euromaiden are detailed in an article by RT titled, “Brokering Power, US role in Ukraine Coup Hard to Overlook.” The United States looked like keystone cops in Ukraine, butchering US foreign policy, wasting United States taxpayer dollars under the guise of earning their public servant dollars for their labors.

 Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland appeared as the United State’s kingpin of idiocy in the Ukraine affair after the disclosure of her total disregard for the EU in her F*%$^- the EU comment.

It is obvious by the United States’ actions in Ukraine that the US is still fighting the Cold War although the Cold War ended. The US is once again wasting tax payer’s money for a situation that is not the US’s business and where there was no threat to US interests. Rather instead of taking advantage of the new climate to increase cooperation with Russia, as Putin had hoped, the US created conflict with Russia. 

Although Putin is upset over NATO expansion, after the Cold War NATO lost is relevancy. The EU started the process of developing its own defense arm a part from NATO. NATO morphed into a regional grouping without a real purpose. But the Ukraine crisis has given the NATO a revived role and a false hope for the United States to regain its old place in the world order.  

 Currently the US within NATO is flexing its powers and can possibly ignite a far more serious conflict such as World War 3. The United States has made its mission to ensure democracy around the globe- at the expense of hard working tax payers. Regarding democracy, the US system is not perfect and there are those within the United States who have experienced its pit falls.  

Vladimir Putin is angered at being slighted by both the United States and the European Union. It should be noted that Putin in his comments on Ukraine mainly focused on the United States and barely mentioned the European Union, which Russia has trade ties with.  Russia is the EU’s third trading partner and the EU ranks as the first trading partner of Russia. 

Russia’s strategy with the EU is to capitalize on the weaknesses within the European Union and forge even greater ties with its closest EU members, which currently includes Greece. Interestingly it is the same strategy that a child employs when one parent says no, the child then approaches the other parent. A smart strategy on the part of Russia in the face of EU sanctions.  Although both the US and the EU took action against Russia, based on the interview, Putin is more angered by the United States and its role.

What came across the loudest from Putin’s declaration is he stated that prior to the dissolution of the USSR there was one world order, which we know included the USSR as a major power, he feels that the world powers felt that there was a void left that now needed to be filled. Putin by the invasion of Ukraine established that Russia was not going let the United States Cold War games continue. He was not going to let the EU acquire Ukraine in any partnership when Russia has economic ties with the Ukraine and its own ties go deep. Russia has officially established itself as a world empire in this multi polar world on equal footing with the other empires.  

As I stated in an earlier article its conflict with the EU is the first conflict in this age of empires.  Their conflict needed to be worked out among themselves with no United States involvement.

My 2 Cents

Frankly, I am quite annoyed that US tax payer dollars are funding Cold War games and the US is making an enemy of one of the world’s leading empires.   Concerning Bible Prophecy, which I always refer back to, I find it noteworthy that Putin referred to the World Order and is angered and wants Russia to have its place in the New Order, the Age of Empires.  

 We know from Bible Prophecy that Russia will have its own place and is yet to fulfil the predictions of Ezekiel 38 and 39. We also see Russia in Daniel Chapter 11 in the end of days conflicts and going to the battle of Armageddon. Who we don’t see as having representation in the final pecking order is the United States, but the United States will remain a great nation, just not a leading nation.

I have already noted that the United States is the aggressor in this conflict and is fulfilling Jesus’ prophetic prediction of nation rising against nation. In the interview published by Bloomberg, Pete Rose sited Russia as the aggressor, while Russia had no choice but to step in given the situation, which Putin affirmed.  Russia is also viewed as expansionist and oppressive. On the contrary, I hear Putin calling for the EU, US and Russia to work together. 

US foreign policy is leading to the United States’ demise. I have predicted based on Bible Prophecy that in the United States’ final decline, the European Union will have to prop up the United States and the United States will form deep partnerships with the EU, with the EU calling the shots. Mind you this is yet future, but you have found this article on “Prophecy Talk.”

This United States and Russia conflict is serious enough that it should be one of the litmus tests for the candidate we choose in the upcoming election. According to Christianity Today Evangelical churches in Russia are in high favor of Putin.  Here in the United States many Evangelicals vote Republican.  Yet the Republicans have a distorted view of Vladimir Putin as an aggressor, when the United States is the antagonist. We even see this distortion of Russia by some media outlets. 

Although many Evangelicals in the United States vote Republican, the Republicans hold the old Cold War view and especially the older Republicans such as McCain. I personally will not vote for any candidate who is outdated in their world views and who takes an aggressive stance and will help plunge the US further down into the abyss in which it is sinking.

 I would hope that any Evangelicals reading this article will make this issue a priority. Finally, if our brethren in Russia are fulfilling the Word of God by honoring Putin because the Bible tells us to honor our leaders, why would we want to endorse reckless US policy, that will create conflict between the US and Russia and not only harm our country but also may filter in the ability of the mission of the church in Russia and missionaries that our churches are sending over to Russia.

 It is in the Evangelical Christian community’s best interests that US relations with Russia improve because we have churches in Russia and want our brethren to continue in Russia reaching out to the Russian people without added hindrances. 

For More See:

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The Internet in Mark of the Beast Prophecy

The Internet's Role in the Antichrist''s Mark of the Beast
The Internet and the Mark of the Beast

In Bible Prophecy we talk a good deal about the Mark of the Beast and its relation to chip technology and a cashless society, but we have overlooked the internet that we enjoy using as having anything to do with the Mark of the Beast.  The internet will tie in with the Mark of the Beast and be used by the Antichrist’s Police State.  Many of us are not paying attention to the direction the internet is moving towards and how it will serve the Beast of Revelation.

In 1995 when people started to use the internet it was exciting to be able to write people from all over the world. It was a place to meet people from great distances away who shared your interests.  Search engines and browsers refined and little by little governmental databases started to come on line. With this evolution the internet’s slow speed grew faster and faster. Screen resolutions and graphics improved. With its evolution came audio and video files, which led to the launch of YouTube in 2005. The internet was always a place to gain information, but the information available has increased with time in ways that no one anticipated.

No one imagined that the internet 15 years later would include a good deal of information about individual’s personal lives. One’s home address including every address the person ever lived at is available online. In addition one can find a person’s phone number, marriage, divorce, criminal and death records.  One could also easily see if you had an LLC or a Corporation, hold a patent and all of your information publicly available. In some cases this involves the details from divorce trials, lawsuits and various court cases including small claims court.  If this were not enough, a person’s voting record is available online providing the last year they voted, where they voted and for what party they voted. What is a hoot is that when you go to vote, you do so by secret ballot in a private booth only for your vote to be made public on the internet. 

A sex offender can end up on the entire first page of Google under the various sex offender registries and websites.  A criminal’s arrest or an innocent person’s arrest is public via the newspaper articles published online.  In some cases the information available is not just recent, but even dating back to prior to the internet.   Marriage and death records and some obituaries prior to the advent of the widespread use of the internet are now online.

If you use the internet and comment on forums or write reviews, these can be found as well. Now add Facebook which has become the online database of persons and people can discover other personal details about you. Matt Cutts, Google’s guru stated that the point of all of this is to give everyone an online identity. 

The internet goes even further now and apps can provide your exact location.  Your internet has an IP that provides location and your phone has a GPS tracking device. The social networks you sign onto can also track your whereabouts and record them.

Yahoo tailors their page based on your interests. Google Adwords does the same. The ads you see are based on your own searches.  Even the news headlines that appear are tailored for you based on your interests in some websites.  

All of your photos and videos taken by your smartphone are uploaded to your Google account and although you can mark them as private or public they are still on the servers. ABC News reported that even SNAPCHAT photos, which are supposed to disappear and only last seconds can still be found on their servers and do not in fact disappear.  Imagine all of this information in the hands of the Antichrist’s Police State. As the Internet advances it will provide the Antichrist a vehicle for the police State described in Bible Prophecy. 

  Many Bible Prophecy experts through the years sited the names of enormous mainframe computers that were designed as data bases that could sync information from computer to computer. Meanwhile the internet comes along and we are on the internet overlooking its potential role in the Antichrist’s Police State as a component in the Mark of the Beast.

 It is estimated that we are nearing two billion smart phone users and considering that there are seven billion persons in the world and that there are about 2 billion children, this is ample number to fulfill Bible Prophecy’s forecast. According to Time Magazine, which sited a UN report, to the UN more people have cell phones than toilets and they estimate that there are 6 billion cell phone users. Taking it even further the NSA can tap into all of your online and phone communications including text messages.    Even persons who do not use the internet or smartphones can be found on the internet.  Already there exist enough worldwide users for a Police State to monitor its population.

In Bible Prophecy there has been a good deal written about a cashless society and the Mark of the Beast. It was predicted that we were headed for a cashless society and Bible Prophecy experts follow the developments in cashless payment systems.  The idea of a cashless payment system is greatly enhanced by the Internet and smartphones. For a Police State the internet’s ability to reveal so much information on a majority of the population, makes it a vital tool.  

One can now bank on their smartphones or on their computers.   You can make bank deposits without having to go to the bank, and pay your bills online or from your smart phone.  The new cloud based bookkeeping systems sync with your banks, credit cards and investment accounts and shows all of your balances in one dashboard.  Think of how simple all of this is for a Police State to monitor you.
Our lives are migrating online and a portrait of who we are is found in our search queries and email contacts.  Everything anyone in an intelligence agency wants to know is easily found on the internet. 

Your smartphone automatically uploads all of your photos and videos online and you can decide if they are go public or remain private. While you can make it private to the public, your information is not private for anyone governmental intelligence agency.

The next wave of technology uses adaptive brain interface, which uses our minds to control our gadgets.  It also places our gadgets right within our skin so that our own bodies become the computer screen. The internet is now a component in what will be the Mark of the Beast, which will connect every individual to the Antichrist and his Police State allow his henchmen to know all about you. Under the Antichrist the internet will be a tool for the Mark of the Beast, and will help to detect those who have not taken the Mark and provide a list of their names and addresses and even use their own phones to GPS their whereabouts.  As we progress further into the future, the internet will be used to help find the Anti- Mark of the Beast Christians.

Nearly all evangelical Christians are adverse to the idea of any kind of implant technology because of their knowledge of the Mark of the Beast and yet all of use the internet and enjoy using the internet and smartphones.  

 We have overlooked the internet’s possible contribution to the Antichrist’s Police State predicted in Bible Prophecy.  It will be used to gather information on the non-compliant Mark takers and help track them down and might even in its future state connect into the Mark of the Beast itself. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ten Reasons Twitter is a Must For Bible Prophecy News

Twitter is a must for Bible Prophecy news
Twitter for Bible Prophecy News

If you are following Bible Prophecy News in these End Times here are 10 Reasons You Must Have a Twitter Account:

1.     Facebook is for  friends but Twitter is used by journalists and politicians worldwide and Twitter is a tool for journalist to obtain stories effectively, which Facebook cannot even match. 

       Journalists can obtain stories with their Twitter accounts acting as a source of information depending on who they follow.  If someone is a Bible Prophecy expert and is not active on Twitter they are behind the times. Anyone “in the know” is on Twitter.

2.   Twitter gives you information in real time as it is happening and I tweet Bible Prophecy News sometimes minutes after it is released by the News Wires. 

      This saves me a good deal of time too. I do not have to put those links on my website, they are all in my feed as they are happening. These include my own articles as well.  I am not just tweeting news headlines, but comments by VIP’s, Think tanks, ,blog posts, videos, reports and press releases.  A headline is only part of it.  Most of the headlines I tweet are from the News Wires and leading sources.  

3.     When a news headline breaks by following it by #hashtag you can see photos and learn information from those tweeting at the scene.  

      When an explosion took place in the East Village in New York City and the news was just breaking on the wires and details were not yet given, by #hashtag I was able to follow those who were at the scene sending photos and video as the fire was happening and they were providing first hand accounts and details that started to answer the question that many of us had who tuned into the story that this was not a terrorist attack.  I recall the story of a man who followed by many journalists at the start of the US bombing of ISIS because he was located in a position to report on the exact targets the bombs were hitting.  

4.     With Twitter I do not have to post any headlines on my website like other Bible Prophecy experts, and I do not have to use a ticker or RSS feed, I have imbedded my Twitter account in my webpage and it is my news feed.

5.     Twitter is so vital for all of the major news outlets that they are imbedding Twitter feeds in their websites. This should tell you of its importance in news.
A few examples:

Euractiv's Heard In Europe Page embeds entire feed.
CNN's Article on Nepal Earthquake embeds comments from hashtags
Judy Dempsey editor in Chief of Strategic Europe of the Think Tank Carnegie Europe embeds her twitter feed 
Reuter's Breaking Views embeds entire feed
London School of Economics embeds entire feed
Yahoo News Embeds Feed in Amtrak article (example of one of many)
Euronews writes articles showcasing various tweets to support its story.

6.      On Twitter I can tweak a headline if I do not like how the journalist wrote it and tailor it for my audience.  Many times this is the case. I have read articles where the headline the journalist chose was weak compared with more descriptive text within the article.  On one occasion I tweeted a statement within the article that pertained to my audience who follow Bible Prophecy news.

7.    Twitter is social as you can retweet, reply and carry on dialogue from a tweet. The importance of social networks have literally changed public figures behavior.  Celebrities and politicians, along with everyone in between in the scenes and behind the scenes has a Twitter account and tweets. If they do not tweet they lose out on gaining an audience.  Yes, we also have the other networks such as Facebook, Google+ and others, but none is as dynamic as Twitter.

8.      Twitter is easy to use.  You set up and account and follow who you choose to follow To tweet you have 140 characters and your links are shortened.   You can tweet statements that you make, quotes, photos, videos in the same way that you do on other social networks only you are limited to 140 characters. If you want to say more tweet the link to your blog, video etc.

9.      Sharing is simpler than on any other social platform.  With Twitter you share with great ease, because it as simple as tweet, comment and retweet.

10.  For Bible Prophecy News Twitter is easier to scan and see the headlines vs any other social sites. This is the main reason I like Twitter and find it so dynamic.  When we read online we scan for information.   Unlike all of the other social networks Twitter is set up to scan. I am sure this was done by accident and was not deliberate on the part of Twitter’s designers. It is what makes Twitter stand above all other social networks.

It if my feeling that if someone takes the time to follow me, it is a courtesy to take the time and follow back.  Many people on Twitter will not keep following you if you do not follow them back.   The old rule of thumb on Twitter was to get as many followers as possible and to show that you do not follow many people.   This was the status quo for Twitter early on, but is my experience that Twitter is social and people prefer those who are active on Twitter.  Someone who does not follow any followers is not active on Twitter.  

I personally do not follow anyone who does not follow me back no matter who the individual or organization is.  If it is a news outfit I will place it in a list where I do not have to follow it. 

If you do not have Twitter you will want to sign up. You will w pick your user name, write a description and I would advise writing a description because many are apt to follow accounts that are active users and those who do not put a description appear inactive.  

 You will also want to put up a photo.  This is also important so that you do not appear like an inactive user.  Once you set up your account you will want to start to follow people and you follow those you know and also put in search terms for your interests and follow those who you would like to get tweets from. 

If you are looking to build your account of followers you will want to follow back those who follow you. I you are using your account as an aggregator, you can follow those whose tweets you are interested in reading.  If you have several areas of interest you can create lists and name your list and add those whose tweets you want to follow within the list.   You can also follow the lists from sources you really like who have compiled lists in areas that interest you.  Why create a second list if one already exists from another source.

In these end times for Bible Prophecy news, Twitter is an exciting tool and a must for end time watchers.  All politicians and those in every aspect of politics, and I am talking all governments, are all using Twitter. Never before has information been so freely accessible and can we truly get a glimpse behind the scenes, as with the internet and especially with Twitter as a tool.  Twitter also allows me to deliver the information to my follower in seconds.

You can also download the Twitter app on your smartphone to tweet on the go and not miss out on any important tweets. You can tailor the notifications you wish to receive. 

For Bible Prophecy News follow me today @erikagrey on Twitter and I follow back. 

A special thanks and shout out to @prophecydude1 who inspired me to begin using my dormant Twitter account and who saw Twitter's value in Bible Prophecy news early on.