Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Behind the Scenes- 60th Anniversary- Europe Fights Back Forum

Behind the Scenes- 60th Anniversary- Europe Fights Back Forum

60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

This video highlights the EU Spinelli group forum that took place at the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and March for Europe in Rome Italy.  Erika Grey provides the footage taken from her smart phone of highlights of the event and also provides the bios of the European Union politicians who are helping to shape the European Union into a federal union which in Bible Prophecy terms is interpreted as a revived Roman Empire.

Not only does Erika Grey take you behind the scenes at this event but in the process you will get a glimpse into the European movement and its leading players who have been helping to build to EU empire that lines with Bible Prophecy.

This video provides insight into the European Union often missed by the media.

It should be noted that Erika Grey is the ONLY Bible Prophecy commentator who is providing this level of depth into the revived Roman empire revealing the unfolding of the prophetic forecasts. Essentially she is a first who has crossed over into the European Union political realm.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The EU State of the Union 2017 Unfolds Bible Prophecy

The EU State of the Union 2017 Unfolds Bible Prophecy

the EU and Bible Prophecy, signs of the times

It is no surprise that with the noticeable increase in extreme weather that Jesus predicted would be a sign that will precede his second coming we see the unfolding of another prophecy. This one revealed by Jean Claude Juncker at the EU’s September 13, 2017 State of the Union address. His EU road map is in sync with what is predicted to come in Bible Prophecy.  The European Union is the revived Roman empire that is predicted in the book of Daniel and in the Revelation and it has been evolving into the empire that will reign during the Tribulation.

Jean Claude Juncker called for “ a Europe that protects, empowers and defends.”  He commented how the EU has been gaining momentum and that now the wind is in its sails.   This is no surprise in end time Bible Prophecy, we knew this would happen.

Juncker highlighted how the “Growth in the European Union has outstripped that of the United States over the last two years.” a subtle way of saying that it has surpassed the US in a major area.  In keeping with the wind in the sails theme Juncker stated that “we should chart the direction for the Future.

Juncker laid out a series of proposals, all of which will evolve the EU into a more unified and complete empire. These include:

 More Comprehensive trade agreements adding countries in South America and Australia and New Zealand.
Becoming the Global leader in Climate Change
Greater unity
A Banking union
Stronger single market
Euro as single currency for the entire EU
Stronger economic and monetary union
A European Monetary fund
Open Schengen area of free movement to Bulgaria and Croatia
A European Minister of Economy and Finance
A European Intelligence unit to share data with intelligence services and police
A European Public Prosecutor

By 2025 the completion of a full-fledged European Defense Union. i.e. EU army
Transnational lists –so elections of MEP’s are voted in EU wide.

And New Code of Conduct for Commissioners (they can be candidates for EP elections under the same conditions as everyone else.

In one of Juncker’s proposals we see another total alignment with end time Bible Prophecy and this is for a single president-and Merging the Presidents of the European Commission and the European Council, meaning one president only the President of the Commission.

 In Bible Prophecy we know this will be filled by the Antichrist.  He will eventually take this seat.

In line with the evolution of the European Union into a complete empire, Juncker stated that “Europe was not made to stand still….Europe only moves forward when it is bold.” He concluded We started to fix the roof. But we must complete the job now that the sun is shining and whilst it still is. Because when the next clouds appear on the horizon – and they will – it will be too late.
So let's throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the harbour.
And catch the trade winds in our sails.

Just as the winds of the hurricanes are blowing fast and furious fulfilling the weather predictions, so also is the revival of the Roman empire riding these winds also in fulfillment.

Juncker sent his roadmap on what should be completed and accomplished before the Romania summit on 30 March 2019, which he suggested should be held at Sibiu or Hermannstadt and stated, It should be the moment we come together to take the decisions needed for a more united, stronger and democratic Europe. And when the citizen’s wake up to this Union on the 30th of  March 2019, then they should be able vote in the European Parliament elections a few weeks later with the firm conviction that our Union is a place that works for them.

 By that date the EU will be stronger in all areas, will continue to surpass the US and will have a single presidency: the position that will eventually be filled by the Antichrist. 

Folks everything is falling into place,the days are short, there is not much time left to serve Jesus Christ, there is not much time left to accept Him into your heart, to escape the Tribulation that will be coming in the Rapture, the promise He gives of eternal life, now is the time to accept Jesus Christ. 

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

More Record Breaking Hurricanes Coming in Bible Prophecy

More Record Breaking Hurricanes Coming in Bible Prophecy

More Record Breaking Hurricanes coming in bible prophecy

What has struck me( in the media reporting) is the public cries to God and officials calling for Prayer as their area was about to be pummeled by Irma and also during Harvey’s flooding. Fox New’s 6 Reported the cries of God Help us as reporters studio was being flooded while they were reporting the news. The Telegraph quoted officials in the Caribbean warning, “may God protect us all” from the 185 mph onslaught.

"As Hurricane Irma pulverized the tiny Caribbean island of Barbuda desperate families tried to hide their children in cupboards and prayed for deliverance as the walls and roofs of their homes flew away."

  Along with the cries for prayer are the dire warnings from Leaders,  The Independent quoting Florida Governor Rick Scott warning Floridians, “you will not survive.” And also as stating “This is a deadly storm and our state has not (never) seen anything like it.

While God hears these prayers in these storms. these horrific natural disasters are predicted in end time Bible Prophecy as a sign that the coming of Jesus is soon and that the Tribulation is not far off.  

Even more so, there is more to come of these natural disasters.  Consider these headlines the Atlantic asked, “ Does Harvey represent a new normal for hurricanes”  Bill Nye of TMZ. Com stated Cataclysmic Hurricanes are the New Normal. NBC4i reported, “Scientists say megastorms are the new norm.”   Some blame these storms on global warming and say that more are coming for that reason, but Jesus forewarned of signs in nature, when asked what would be the signs that would precede his second coming. He predicted the increase of these natural disasters over 2000 years ago during the reign of the Old Roman Empire and based on Jesus’s predictions more will be coming and they will gain greater intensity and will come in greater frequency, just as we are seeing.  

During the Tribulation period begins the horrific plagues that are so cataclysmic that these hurricanes pale in comparison.

More is coming, which is the reason that one should not be investing so heavily in this life. Jesus talks about our treasures, which should be in heaven and they cannot get destroyed. This life is fleeting and all that is in it, nothing in this life is permanent except the rock that is Jesus Christ and what He offers. 

If the hurricanes teach one lesson it is that your life that you have built on this earth can change and be destroyed in an instant and if not from hurricane, from illness, death of a loved one and all other sadness and despair this life dishes out, but not Jesus, in Him is Life and in the new heaven and new earth there will be no disasters or tears or heartbreak.  

Yes, more is coming because that is what is predicted in end time Bible Prophecy and because there is not much time left for this earth before it is completely destroyed by God. And God wants you to get this message that everything in this life is fleeting that everything that you have in a moments notice can be destroyed but that He stands firm. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and may you turn to Him today.  For more on end time Bible Prophecy subscribe to my channel prophecy talk.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Epic Hurricane Irma Roars The Tribulation is Coming

Epic Hurricane Irma Roars The Tribulation is Coming

Hurricane Irma, Photo NASA,  end time bible prophecy, bible prophecy news
Photo NASA  Hurricane Irma 
Hurricane IRMA is the Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane on Record. It is so powerful it is registering on devices used to measure earthquakes. It is beyond a Category 5 and is extremely rare.

 According to France 24,    If it opened up to other areas such as the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean sea there would have been four similar wind speeds  since 1980 and the worse one was Hurricane Allen in 1980 with Hurricane Irma being close. In  1928 there was St Falipe, where 3000 people died. Irma is being called epic, monster, words that we are seeing all too much in these end times, but never a hurricane so powerful it is registering on earthquake measuring devices.

What does this all mean in end time Bible Prophecy?  How are we to view Hurricane Irma?

 What Prophecy analysts  look for as a correlation is the frequency of these strong hurricanes because when Jesus provided the birth pang example we know that birth pangs grow more frequent as a woman is ready to give birth.  In 2015, we had hurricane Patricia in the Pacific, which was the second most intense tropical cycle on record worldwide behind Typhoon Tip in 1979. This is all on top of Hurricane Harvey, which just made landfall as a category 4 in Texas just 6 days ago causing catastrophic flooding.

In India with their recent catastrophic flooding, storm Mumbai happened during a drought and according to the Guardian the storm dropped 15% of their rainfall in one day.  The Guardian stated, “Mumbai, Assam and other regions are used to extreme weather, but the recent flooding was not ‘normal’ The powers that be must adjust, and fast.”

All of this on top of extreme weather in Europe, which caused major flooding in countries this summer and all of this extreme weather happening simultaneously around the globe.

At the moment I feel like Paul Revere who took his midnight ride on horseback warning, “The British are Coming” only the warning is “The Tribulation is Coming, The Tribulation is Coming.” As I stated in a previous article we are seeing these natural disasters occur with the frequency that Jesus predicted and alongside of the immoral chaos happening around the world that Jesus warned about as well. 

I cannot make it clear enough that the start of the Tribulation is not far off and if you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal savior know is the time to know Him and not only will you live the rest of this life more abundantly because Jesus promises that, but Jesus also gives the promise of eternal life and those who know Him will escape the Tribulation in the Rapture. 

Trust Jesus today and His finished work on the cross, and for more Bible Prophecy news and analysis subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.  


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nexplanon Birth Control Implants -Self Sterilization-Morally Wrong

Nexplanon Birth Control Implants -Self Sterilization-Morally Wrong

Nexplanon, birth control implants, signs of the end times

Nexplanon -Birth Control of Temporary Self Sterilization?

Birth Control implants also called contraceptive implants, which is a small rod inserted into a woman’s upper arm can prevent pregnancy for up to four years. First developed in the 1960’s and experimented with in the 80’s and 90’s and taken off the market it has evolved and is now offered by Nexplanon.  In this age of microchips and other implants, the birth control implant now follows the trend.

This is just too creepy on two levels.  One it is getting people accustomed to implants in the body, in the arm,  and two this isn’t birth control for up to four years this is self-sterilization; temporary of self-sterilization .

The definition of Sterilization is any of a number of medical techniques that intentionally leave a person unable to reproduce.  You can call Nexplanon a temporary sterilization.  This is just so wrong.  Of course on the picture of Nexplanon’s add is two young women, which sends another disturbing message and is just so wrong on so many levels and is another sign of the end times.

 In these end times we are seeing medicine go off the path of morality into areas we never imagined ...

...such as designer drugs that are beyond addictive and the pharmaceutical company’s pushing these drugs and giving doctors incentives to get their patient’s addicted.  We have sex change operations, CRISPR, which can change DNA with horrific experiments on animals already being conducted.  I cannot fail to mention abortions, which are a medical procedure to kill unwanted baby’s.

Now there is Nexplanon, which is essentially temporary self-sterilization and with an implant no less, in the upper arm.  I anticipate we will see more uses of implants, which is creepy in the sense that our society, which is through the variety of implants going to be getting desensitized to having small tiny items placed in their bodies in preparation for the coming Mark of the Beast. 

I would appreciate your comments on Nexplanon, and for more end time Bible Prophecy news subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.