The EU in Bible Prophecy -European Union and Bible Prophecy

The EU in Bible Prophecy -European Union and Bible Prophecy

a graphic by Erika Grey of the EU in Bible Prophecy. In blue capital letters across the top of the graphic it reads The EU in Bible Prophecy and an open page of the book of Revelation is showing , with the EU flag beneath and to the right of the book of Revelation is the EU Parliament building modeled after the tower of Babel and on top of the Bible and also on the EU Parliament building is the circle of 12 stars which is in the center of the flag. So it appears as if the book of Revelation and the EU Parliament building are beneath the 1 stars  but above the blue fabric of the EU flag.

I am the first Bible Prophecy expert to actually write articles on the European Union for secular publications. I used to write for Yahoo as a contributor and many of the articles reprinted on my blog are from their site. I have labeled the articles that were in Yahoo News. 

In addition I have a blog on blogactiv eu, It is a division of Euractiv which is the leading online media for EU affairs. Blogactiv is devoted to EU opinion and policy debates. You will also find here my Eye on the EU Youtube Channel, which reports from a pro-E
U secular viewpoint. 

While I try to remain neutral I tend to sound pro-EU in my writings and pro-EU federalism, which ideology is globalist.  I am in support of the evolution of the European Union into a United States of Europe because this direction fulfills Bible Prophecy. I am for all of the pieces of Bible Prophecy falling in place. 

Informational Articles on the European Union

Articles Aligning with Bible Prophecy, meaning that by speculation we know that these areas will lead it to its final state, which is described in prophecy in the Bible.

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For more of my articles see my blog on Euractive, dealing with an interview with US economist James Rickards on the euro and the dollar and also featuring a series of interview's with the EU's chief architect Andrew Duff on EU federalsim and on the next treaty revision and the EU's move forward.

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