Erika Grey-Things To Come-Doctrinal Position

End Times

We are currently living in the end time also known as the end times, last days, which are the days that Jesus warned about in the Gospels, Timothy described and the prophet Daniel briefly described in the statement, “when the transgressors are come to the full.” Daniel 8:23, that occur just prior to the Rapture and lead to the start of the Tribulation.

Rapture of the Church 

Jesus Christ will return to the earth; that the dead in Christ will rise first, then believers who are still living will be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. His coming in the air to catch away His bride, the church, is the believers blessed hope. This is the imminent pre-tribulation, pre-millenial return of Christ (1 Cor. 15:51-53, Titus 2:14; 1 Thess, 4:16-17).


The Rapture of the Church will be followed on earth by Israel's (Daniel’s) seventieth week. This will be a 7 year period of judgments foretold in the book of Revelation and the books of the prophets. The second half of the Tribulation begins with the abomination of desolation and is known as the Great Tribulation.

Second Coming 

Following the tribulation, Christ will return to the earth with His glorified saints to establish the millennial Kingdom; that during the 1,000 years of peace and prosperity Satan will be bound and Christ will reign with a rod of iron; that at the end of the Millennium Satan will be released for a short time, deceive many and lead them in final rebellion, but be destroyed with his armies. This millennial reign will bring the salvation of national Israel and the establishment of universal peace. the Lord returns to this world with the saints to sit on David’s throne and establish His Millennial Kingdom (Rev. 1:7, 19:11-21; II Thess. 1:7-10; Matt. 24:27-30; Zech. 14:4-5; Mal. 4:1-4)

The Great White Throne Judgment

After the millennial reign  a final judgment known as the Great White Throne Judgment, will take place for all who have rejected Christ. The unsaved men and women of all ages will be resurrected and together with the evil angels will be finally judged and condemned to everlasting punishment in the lake of fire.  The saved of all ages in glorified bodies will enjoy everlasting blessing in the presence of God. We look forward to the New Heavens and Earth where we will live and dwell with Him there forever following His millennial reign on Earth. ‘And so shall we forever be the Lord!’

More on the Tribulation,  This author takes the view:

Non literal Babylon

Babylon in prophecy is not talking about literal Babylon. but spiritual, symbolic Babylon and the comparison is figurative rather than literal. 

Identity of Fourth Beast Roman Empire

The book of Daniel makes it clear that the fourth beast is the revived Roman Empire and will rise from Europe rather than the Middle East. 

Two Legs of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream Image

The two legs of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image do not represent countries in the Middle East, but can represent the division of the beast’s kingdom itself into two legs: a inner core and outer core,(right left, left leg) with the inner core consisting of the Antichrist and his ten kings and the outer core or leg representing the remaining nations that come under the beast’s sphere.

The Antichrist’s Roots

The Antichrist is not Islamic, but rather he will be of Jewish ancestry. Jesus the Son of God (Messiah) rose from the tribe of Judah and the Antichrist as Jesus’s nemesis, the son of Satan will rise from the tribe of Dan. See my articles on the many Biblical contrasts and the battle of the ages.

Geopolitical Vs. Conspiracy theorist View

This author also refutes all conspiracy theories, finds no reference to any secret societies bringing about any of the fulfillment of the end time prophecies and takes the view that Bible Prophecy will be fulfilled via geopolitics and sequence of natural events that are God ordained that fulfill the prophetic word vs. conspiracies and or secret societies, which do not fit the description of how the Antichrist and his World empire comes to power.