The US in Bible Prophecy

The US in Bible Prophecy

The US in Bible Prophecy features the The US in Bible Prophecy in capital blue letters across the top and below is a flag of the united states of America and within the flag on the left side is the first open page of the book of Revelation and to the left of the book of Revelation is the United States Presidential Seal.

The United States in Bible Prophecy is a big topic for Bible Prophecy experts and one in which I have written about in my books.  The question on everyone's mind is, Where is the US in Bible Prophecy? Is the United States mentioned in  prophecy in the Bible?

 The article below,"The US in Bible Prophecy"  is a sample chapter.The US in Bible Prophecy has also been a topic I usually get questioned on when I do interviews on Christian radio programs. Some Bible Prophecy teachers believe the Unite States is the Beast of Revelation , which does not line with prophecy in the Bible on several levels. Such as the US government does not match  the government outlined in the books of Daniel and the Revelation and neither does the location. There are also many other areas that do not align with Bible Prophecy and prophecy in the Bible in general.

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