The Third Temple

The Third Temple

a graphic by Erika Grey of Bible Prophecy and the Third Temple with Bible Prophecy written in large blue caps on top of the graphic which is above a model of the recreated second Jewish Temple and on the lower half of the temple in capital letters it reads And Third Jewish Temple.

The Third Temple is a Major area in Bible Prophecy and one to keep watch.

 Theologians years ago knew that the Third Temple would be rebuilt, because it is a key marker of events during the Tribulation.  

When I first learned of Bible Prophecy and the End Times back in 1978, teachers taught that Third Temple would be rebuilt at some point in the future.  

Some theologians went too far in their speculation by stating, when, where an how the Third Temple would be rebuilt.  Their errors did not change the fact that simply, all of us who followed Bible Prophecy knew the Third Temple would be rebuilt. 
In my own book, The Seat of the Antichrist I made reference to the Temple Mount Faithful established in 1967. In addition, The Temple Institute was founded by Rabbi  Yisrael Ariel in 1987.  Since the inception of these groups and their evolution through the last several decades all of the details for the Third Temple are in place except the events that will lead to its actual rebuilding.  I don't believe any Bible Prophecy expert expected to see this, we anticipated that it would be rebuilt after the start of the Tribulation.

 Here I provide a link to the site of the Third Temple for all of its details.  

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