Bible Prophecy In Depth

Bible Prophecy In Depth


a graphic that says in red capital letters Bible Prophecy in Depth. Above the title are graphics of the Whore of Babylon riding the beast of Revelation, a close up of the Whore of Babylon, an info graphic of the four horsemen of revelation, a graphic of the angel of Death next to a covenant of death, an info graphic of the 7 trumpet and 7 bowl judgments of the book of revelation, the mouth of a roaring lion symbolic of the Antichrist, a graphic of the 7th and 8th head of the Antichrist as depicted on the beast of Revelation and a graphic of Baphomet with 666 across his chest and an excerpt from the book of 2John which reads "The Antichrist is coming". Below the title that reads Bible Prophecy in Depth are book covers of the following books by Erika Grey The Antichrist of Revelation: 666, The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union, End of the World: The Revelation Prophecy, The Revived Roman Empire: Europe in Bible Prophecy and the Apocalypse:The End of Days Prophecy
End Time Bible Prophecy In Depth

Key Bible Prophecy's

If you are new to Bible Prophecy, the links below take you to pages on this site that provide articles relating to each topic. These act like a roadmap of end time Bible Prophecy starting with the  signs of the times that Jesus predicted, with further details provided in other Bible passages.  

Among all who teach end time Bible Prophecy or teach it are common key terms and these are listed below.  Some will also include one world government and one world religion and I have world government included under the Final world Empire i.e.  the Revived Roman empire because the final world empire will lead the world and I teach how the final world empire is built on one world ideology.  All of these key prophecies are listed on the home page of this site.  Included in this category is my About Me page, which lists my doctrinal position and my Things To Come Doctrinal Position.  

Other key Bible Prophecy's such as The 144,000, The Two Witnesses, The False Prophet, and others are found within the other categorizes and will also be found here in the Bible Prophecy In Depth Page.

Signs of The End Times

The Third Jewish Temple 

The Mark of the Beast

The Book of Revelation-Judgments & Plauge

Revelation 17-The Great Whore of Babylon

The Battle of Armageddon

 Bible Prophecy News categories begin with Bible Prophecy Updates, which are articles and videos in the news that are leading to the fulfillment of end time Bible Prophecy.

The BIBLE Prophecy Talk channel are the vlogs  from the articles.  The rest of the categories, Israel in Bible Prophecy, the EU in Bible Prophecy, The US in Bible Prophecy, Russia in Bible Prophecy and Bible Prophecy and the Financial Markets all feature articles relating to key players in Bible Prophecy.  It should be noted that the United States is not a leading empire in Bible prophecy and is only included because of its current position in world affairs and because those of us who both teach and follow Bible Prophecy speculate that the United States will decline and lose its current status and the US dollar will cease to be the world's reserve currency.  Also within this list but not showing here are the titles of the Blog and Youtube channel for  my secular articles and videos that I write on the European Union. 

Bible Prophecy Updates 

Prophecy Talk Channel 

 Israel in Prophecy 

The EU in Bible Prophecy  

The US in Bible Prophecy 

Russia in Bible Prophecy 

Bible Prophecy and Financial Markets


Bible Prophecy-False Teachings

There are many false teachings being taught in Bible Prophecy concerning how current events line with the Bible Prophecy’s forecasts. One of the greatest reasons for the errors is the Bible Prophecy teacher’s analysis of the latest news and current events. They lack journalistic standards and mistakenly rely on news headlines or conspiracy theories.   Conspiracy theories become the easy way out of the spending the hours it takes to effectively research world affairs and consult viable sources.

A good many Bible Prophecy experts who might be good theologians do not understand the world of news or how it is obtained.  Some of these Bible Prophecy teachers even end up twisting Bible Prophecy to conform to the headlines, and do not provide any kind of accurate picture of current affairs and Bible Prophecy.  They also have no knowledge of geopolitics.

Since false teachings are a major problem in the teachings of Bible Prophecy and current events,I address the errors in my writings.  This is also why today's Bible Prophecy experts are not taken seriously by anyone in the know and are not consulted like the prophets and Magi of the Old and New Testament.

Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderbergers and Bible Prophecy?
The New Order: The Age of Empire: The New World Order is History
Political Positions For Evangelical Positions Regarding Bible Prophecy 

Bible Prophecy-General

What  We Learn About God From Prophecy in the Bible

Who Is God and What Does God Look Like?
Why a God of Love Will End the World