The Beast of Revelation-The Final World Empire

The Beast of Revelation-The Final World Empire

The Beast of Revelation: The Revived Roman Empire

The Beast of Revelation

The Beast of Revelation is the final world empire or government that the Antichrist leads.  In Bible Prophecy or prophecy in the Bible, the Beast is described in both the book of Daniel and in several chapters in the Revelation, with the Major Prophets also providing details.

 The Beast of Revelation is the area that causes Bible Prophecy watchers the greatest disagreement as to the identity of the final world empire and  how the Antichrist comes into power. Prophecy in the Bible is clear that there is no conspiracy that brings him to power, he is a deceiver and he is cunning and obtains his position through deceit and thus enters his political seat refereed to as the Seat of the Antichrist.

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The Beast of Revelation
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The Revived Roman Empire i.e. The Beast of Revelation

This term is not found in Bible Prophecy or given in any prophecy in the Bible but is based on the description of the final world empire given by Daniel the prophet. Along with the difference of opinion of Evangelical Christians in identifying the Beast of Revelation, the Revived Roman Empire is disputed, but it lends to the identity of the Beast of Revelation.

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One World Government and Globalization

Bible Prophecy experts speculated many years ago the Antichrist would rise from a one world government.  They also stated there would be a one world religion. The conspiracy theorists took the short cut via their conspiracy and said that the secret societies were conspiring for world government. The term one world government has become another catch phrase of Bible Prophecy watchers that did not exactly come out of prophecy in the Bible, but derived from Bible Prophecy's predictions in Revelation 13, which states that the Antichrist causes ALL to take the Mark of the Beast and the reverences to the Earth or whole world. Thus Bible Prophecy experts follow the globalization and all that lends to globalization and the fulfillment of this end time prophecy.