Russia In Bible Prophecy

Russia In Bible Prophecy

graphic (c) Erika Grey titled Russia in Bible Prophecy featuring the Russian flag, the Russia's Coat of Arms and the Bible open to the book of Revelation and above the Flag, Bible and Coat of Arms the title Russia in Bible Prophecy in Capital blue letters

In our multi-polar world and age of Empires that we currently live Russia is one of the leading empires and Russia today lines with the Russia we see in end time Bible Prophecy.

 This page takes a close look at Russia in Bible Prophecy.

It features my articles on current global affairs as well as those that are currently fulfilling Bible Prophecy and those that lead to future fulfillment.

All Bible Prophecy watchers are well aware of the Ezekiel 38 and 39 Prophecy concerning Russia and many speculate on its timing and events that may be possibly leading to it.  I will be publishing a special Magi Report on Russia in Bible Prophecy and the details on the predicted invasion I promise you will not find anywhere else. What has baffled the Bible wise men and women is its timing and in my report I address the very topic.

Concerning Russia and its current president Vladimir Putin there is a good deal of bad press and information. Some writers are still living in the Cold War era and viewing Russia through Cold War lenses.  Geopolitically the world has entered the age of Empires or a multi polar world, which lines with end time Bible Prophecy and it is these lenses Russia must be viewed through as well as the US, EU and other nations and empires.

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