Erika Grey is a leading prophecy expert teaching Bible Prophecy in a way that it has not been taught throughout the evangelical Christian community.  

Erika reveals prophecies fulfillment in the geopolitical realm and exposes the error of conspiracy theories, which have infiltrated the beliefs and writings of evangelicals and are even adopted by leading Bible teachers.

 She first coined the term geopolitical in relation to Bible prophecy, which is now being spoken by other prophecy teachers taking her lead. Erika Grey is an evangelical Christian author, commentator, EU reporter, freelance writer, she has hosted her own radio show and currently hosts her YouTube channel Prophecy Talk.  In addition Erika Grey is invited to speak on radio shows in the US and abroad.  

Erika Grey offers a unique advertising/partnership with her advertiser’s/ sponsor’s as she acts as a sales arm for the product or business she represents and promotes to her audience, providing the product or service benefits her viewers. Erika can work out a custom package that can include:

Radio and YouTube Display Ads
Pre- Rolls, Mid Rolls, Out Rolls
Mentions during Radio, Television, YouTube and speaking engagements
Daily Tweets and Facebook statuses
Photo Ads on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
Text linking on blogs and website
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Display Ads in Erika’s current books
Blog Posts

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