My Personal Story

My Interest in Bible Prophecy

At the age of 13, I picked up the Bible for the first time and read passages from The Book of Revelation. I stood in awe and was frightened by the mysterious prophetic writings.
Clueless to their meaning, a part of me longed to understand them. It was just before my 18th birthday that a pamphlet explaining Bible Prophecy came in the mail to our home. I happen to read it and devoured every word, this led to my salvation and my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my personal savior.  I started attending church and my pastor happened to teach a Bible study on the Book of Revelation, Delighted I did not miss a lesson. Thereafter, I followed Bible Prophecy on a regular basis.

The Start
In 1989 I started this project to see if we were in fact in the end times Bible Prophecy predicted. I had been a Christian for ten years and heard how we were in the end times and the Tribulation could begin at any moment. Since the experts were wrong on their timing, I wanted to investigate for myself. I was skeptical.

I Went On A Lead
A theologian mentioned the European Community as the beginning of a possible fulfilment to a major forecast in Bible Prophecy, but stated nothing further on the European Community. I took his lead and investigated, and knew that all of the pieces must fit like a puzzle.  I remember reading a European Union treaty at the time and finding a correlation.

I Was Ahead of My Time
I started my research back in 1989 months before the Berlin wall fell and after its fall the map of Europe was redrawn.  From my research and analysis I knew then that enough evidence existed that the European Community renamed the European Union by the Maastrict treaty was the final world empire spoken of by Daniel the prophet and forecast in Bible Prophecy. Many of the pieces of the puzzle were either in place, or already under discussion for the future.  
I also knew that I was way ahead of my time. I used to have conversations with a man who has since gone onto be with the Lord, and we had discussions that would have been incomprehensible to the most people as we discussed Bible Prophecy and what was yet future that was already unfolding. Already I could begin to gauge how the EU would move forward.

I Know the Future and More
When I hear headlines I mentally correct them based on my knowledge of Bible Prophecy. It is like I walk in the future.  I am always conscience of the events that will soon be coming. Some of my writings on Bible Prophecy are for a people who are yet future, who will be living during the earth’s final years, who will learn from me as I followed the clues left by theologians who are no longer living.  As I have drawn closer to God, I have experienced the Spiritual realm in a way as never before.  

My Greatest Training
My greatest training in Bible Prophecy came from life itself.   In a two and a half year period I experienced the death of seven family members and friends. Four were from illness, but one of the illnesses came on unexpectedly and suddenly.  The other 3 were not from natural causes. My personal world was obliterated. The life I knew was destroyed. In addition, I experienced 2 Timothy among  family members. In my grief I learned the greatest life lessons and during this time the word of Bible Prophecy changed me. My previous life was gone but so was the person who lived that life. I was not the same.  I took on the persona of the prophets whose forecasts I write about.  All of the things that most people pursue have no meaning to me or at least not anymore.  Death does that, it puts you in perspective. I got rid of many of my possessions,  my closets are near empty as I only want what I need. I also gave away my televisions.  My sites are set on the Lord of Hosts.

This world only brings pain, and we see people who seemingly have everything this world has to offer committing suicide. While we are assured to suffer pain here on earth, great things are promised in heaven. 1 Corinthians 2:9 promises: But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear hear, Nor entered into the heart of man The things that God has prepared for those who love Him.
If death shows you anything it is how short this life really is, how our life is really a vapor, but eternity is forever. It revealed to me all the more the urgency of Bible Prophecy's message or rather the Bible’s message.

The Prophetic Writings

Concerning Bible Prophecy, the writings alone can be written about from an objective observer’s point of view.  Bible Prophecy is written in the present tense with references to the latter days to differentiate time frames evidencing a dimension without time as we know it. The language is esoteric and peculiar with its own lingo you must become acquainted with.  The idioms do not fit any culture that has ever existed. For instance phrases such as:

To the prophet Ezekiel—son of Man
In the latter days
When the transgressors are come to the full
A time, times and a half a time- This time frame is mentioned in the books of Daniel, Revelation and given an indicator in the book of Daniel and by Jesus Himself and is the marker for the start of the Great Tribulation, which are the final three and a half years that lead to the battle of Armageddon. We know it is three and a half years because in Bible Prophecy is written the number of days.

What is even more profound is what Bible Prophecy reveals of the author who is God Himself. He is incomprehensible to human reasoning. There is a story book feel to the Spiritual dimension that exists alongside of our physical world that is relayed in depth in Bible Prophecy i.e. the prophetic writings.
In more than any other place, we see into the person of God Himself in Bible Prophecy. It is in the books of the prophets the description of God's throne is depicted. Another attribute of Bible Prophecy is that the writings are dimensional with layers that you must study to uncover.
For instance, the riddle given in Revelation 13:18. In that riddle is hidden several clues that I write about in my Decoding the Mark of the Beast Magi Report, or that Jesus provided a chart and I use that chart as evidence in my upcoming Magi report. From Jesus’s chart we see another truth that the charts reveal that you will have to obtain the report to find out when it is published.
What is staggering is the amount of details given in Bible Prophecy. Not to mention Bible Prophecy's accuracy. Those of us who write on Bible Prophecy and tell our readers what to expect, we are even shaken as the events unfold.
Concerning Bible Prophecy’s Divine authorship, the Bible comprises of 66 separate books, written over a 1500 year span, on over 3 different continents by over 40 different authors and yet its language is consistent. These parameters are humanly impossible.

My Gift for Analysis
God gave me the gift of analysis. I grew up in an affluent power town just outside of New York City. A power town means that a significant number of the inhabitants are listed in Who’s Who directories. They are the leaders in their fields.  In my high school 85% of our students were college bound with many going off to Ivy League Schools, this was no surprise given the CV’s of the parents. I was tested at school and told that my ability to relate abstracts was so high,  I scored way above the school's top students.  Regarding this test, I do not know which specific test the School counselor was referring to and the high school only provides transcripts so I cannot go back and look at any records.  From what I was told at the time, this would have put me among the ranks of those who attended the Ivy Leagues.  During my early years I suffered setbacks, which included illness and I missed a good deal of high school.  I barely graduated.

 I went onto attend Baptist Bible College for a year and went onto Liberty University, but my physical condition put an end to my studies
When my health stabilized and I could go back to obtain a degree, I decided to jump right into my work vs. taking the time to go to school. I was told by a professor that I was venturing into a doctorate level of theology i.e. Biblical eschatology, Bible Prophecy. This didn’t faze me because I am a self-starter who is not afraid of challenges.

When I started my research into the prophetic forecasts I was able to understand Bible Prophecy's figurative language and find the parallels to other prophetic Scriptures.  The analysis does not stop here, you must also see if the forecasts align with the current geopolitical framework and events. I understood then that the gift that God gave me was for the very purpose of writing on the topic I chose. If my gift is in my ability to relate abstracts, there is nothing more abstract than the writings of Bible Prophecy and relating them back to historical and current events. 
Many Bible Prophecy teachers skip the research that is necessary when relating Bible Prophecy to current events and adopt conspiracy theories. Others do not hold to any standards in their research. I knew instinctively that I would do the opposite and leave no stone unturned. If I was going to proceed with this work, I would need to obtain my information right from the sources and understand my topic to the core to provide the most accurate possible analysis. I have listed my contributions in this article.

Other Topics I Write About
In addition to writing on Bible Prophecy, I write on other topics and have written true crime, self help, reviews, articles on finance and when my main focus is not writing on Bible Prophecy I am writing articles on the European Union.   I had a series pf news articles on the European Union published by Yahoo News when I wrote for Yahoo.

Am also an Artist/Designer
I am also an artist who used to oil paint in my spare time when I had such a thing. My paintings are viewable on my Facebook page. Regarding Bible Prophecy I am able to do my own graphic illustrations and although graphic art is not my forte I get by enough to illustrate what I need to depict. I personally liked my rendition of the Beast of Revelation.  I took each of the descriptive details from the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel for my Beast of Revelation illustration.

I also wrote and designed an innovative children’s plush toy with a storyline that is Christian based that I had made in China, ran a production run and had product tested and is currently with a high powered individual in the manufacturing world who loves the product and tried to get interest to mass market it but no one else saw it the way he or I did.