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Prophecy Report 

The report is a segment on Live from Seattle with Michelle Mendoza that is provided twice a month on Thursdays at 5:15 Pacific Time and 8:15 EST.

In each episode Erika Grey provides a recap of the events of unfolding end time Bible Prophecy news and updates.   

Below you will find links to each episode.

Prophecy Report (12 28) 2017 Year in Review & 2018 Forecast

Prophecy Report 12 14 2017 Trump Jerusalem Move, Good & Bad Prophecy Teachers

Prophecy Report 11 30 2017 First Church of AI Signs of Times

Prophecy Report 10 26 2017 Surviving End Time Trials- Youtube Pulls Ads from Bible Titles

Prophecy Report 9 28 17 Extreme Weather 
Prophecy Report 9 7 17 God's Message in Hurricane Irma & Jose
Prophecy Report 8 24 2017 US Riots & Media, Russia, Trump, Charlottesville

Prophecy Report 6- 29 -17-Signs-Times & Google Botches Bible Prophecy News

Prophecy Report 6-15-17-Proof in End Times-Ark of Covenant-Th...

Prophecy Report-June 1 2017-Temple Mount, The EU, US-Trump- North Korea-Frightening!

Prophecy Report May 18, 2017 - Trump Media Lynching & other news
Prophecy Report April 27 North Korea and French Election 2017
PROPHECY REPORT April 6,2017 Whore of Babylon- Revelation 17 Update
Prophecy Report March 23 2017 60th Anniversary Treaty of Rome