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Bible Prophecy News May 2017

ISIS claims responsibility for Manchester Concert Bombing

I am right-Donald Trump is now the victim of a conspiracy -Russiagate

Video: Erdogan watches security guards beat protesters in Washington

 Car plows into Times Square crowd driver arrested

Trump threatens to quit NATO: White House official

Enough of Donald Trump Impeachment Media Frenzy

EU and NATO call on North Korea to abandon weapon program after new missile launch

North Korea: US mainland within strike range

 Mother and Son are now Father and Daughter

New Home Security Sees Without Cameras

No. of sick increasing daily at  alarming rate-1000 sick norovirus

US Glacier national park losing its glaciers with just 26 of 150 left

Measles outbreak erupts and takes hold in Romania

US Reporter arrested after repeatedly questioning Health secretary

Romania in public health scare

Juncker congratulates Macron, a supporter of "strong and progressive Europe"

Macron wins French presidency to sighs of relief in Europe

EU leaders Hail Macron's Victory

Macron victory in France sends euro to 6-month high

The US Economy May Be Slowing Down

Israel needs good relations with Europe-Horowitz

North Korea Targets Israel: Countries Threatened By Kim Jong Un’s Regime

Pro-European feeling on the rise in France

Everyone North Korea has threatened to destroy in a nuclear hellfire recently

River Flooding Smashes Records From Over 100 Years Ago

U.S. Economy Expands at Slowest Pace in Three Years

Bible Prophecy News April 2017

Putin warns North Korea situation has 'seriously deteriorated'

Commander says U.S. may need stronger defense against North Korea missiles

Top Trump aide: Military preparations ‘underway’ on North Korea

Isis faces exodus of foreign fighters as its 'caliphate' crumbles

Russia sends troops to North Korea border as tensions escalate

US official: With eye on North Korea, China puts bombers on 'high alert'

Russian bombers fly close to Alaska again

N. Korea warns of "super-mighty preemptive strike" as U.S. plans next move

 North Korea accuses US of creating situation for nuclear war 

North Korea vows to conduct WEEKLY missile tests and threatens 'all-out war' if Trump is 'reckless enough to use military means'

China and Russia dispatch ships shadowing Trumps 

Mike Pence warns North Korea: 'Era of strategic patience is over
Report: Donald Trump military adviser claims US president poised to hit North Korea’s nuclear sites

Trump Said to Not Shy Away From Sudden Strike on North Korea

North Korea Warns US of 'All-Out War' Amid Growing Tensions

Trump warns China that if it doesn't deal with North Korea the US will

U.S. drops "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan marking weapon's first use 

Shooting reported at San Bernardino’s North Park Elementary School with multiple victims

Mind Melds and Brain Beams: The Dawn of Brain-to-Brain Communication

Syrian Father buries twin babies-loses 22 in Chemical Weapons Attack

U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack

Up to 100,00 UK Euro Clearing jobs at Risk due to BREXIT 

Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips

Bible Prophecy News March 2017

'Two-Speed' Europe: A Plan For EU Unity Or Disintegration?

Rome Declaration: EU Leaders Open Door to Multispeed Europe

The Rome Declaration

ROME (AP) - The Latest on the European Union summit (all times local)

60th Anniversary of the Rome Treaties Rome Declaration

Rome Treaty_Juncker says it is a 'tragedy' that EU is celebrating 60th anniversary without Britain

On Eve of EU Anniversary EU Leaders Meet With Pope who warns EU of its fragility 

Pope Francis to meet EU leaders at Vatican

Quantum Bits: D-Wave and VW; Google Quantum Lab; IBM Expands Access

Multi-speed and Social Europe divides leaders ahead of Rome summit

Sunday of protest in 40 cities to show growth of pro-EU movement

Police take down 4 Million Child Porn Empire

Iraqs Lost Children Victims of Post Traumatic Stress

The White House is considering direct military action to counter North Korea

Donald Trump Kills NATO Forges Path For EU EMPIRE

Prophecy Update-Schulz& Macron -German- French Elections PREDICTION

US-EU Trade- A Coming Disaster under Trump

Donald Trump Creating The Moment For Europe

Bible Prophecy News February 2017

Parliament sets out its vision for the future of Europe

Europe Must Plan to Defend Itself-Der Spiegel  

US Pressures Germany to Increase Defense Spending

Plans for two-speed EU risk split with 'peripheral' members

The Future of Europe: Making the most of the Lisbon Treaty

Doctor who Abused US gymnasts found with 37,000 child porn images &  vids 

The Future of Europe: Europe "is undergoing an existential crisis" (Guy Verhofstadt)

The rise of Trump has led to an unexpected twist in Germany’s election: A resurgent left

US ready to work with Russia 'if it benefits Americans'

EU underlines support for Ukraine, Libya and Middle East peace - Mogherini

Yellen's message to Trump: Put the US on a sustainable path

Europe was too pessimistic about Brexit's economic impact on Britain

Citing Trump and Brexit, EU sees euro zone economy risk, sharp drop in UK growth

The Suspense is now over for Russia's political elite: Putin is Running

Nigel Farage: The European Union is Terrified of Trump

Vladimir Putin urges ‘restoring dialogue’ between Russia, US intelligence agencies

Increase your military spending or Trump will pull funding, US defence secretary tells Nato allies 

Trump relaxes US policy on Middle East two-state solution

Presidential hopeful Macron tells US climate scientists: ‘Guys, please come to France’

Malloch: EU Ambitions Have Overstepped Capabilities

Trump envoy says Greece is now more likely to leave the euro

Up to 13,000 secretly hanged in Syrian jail- says Amnesty 

Trump envoy says Greece is now more likely to leave the euro

An Insurgent in the White House

ECB sees seeds of next crisis in Trump deregulation plan

Martin Schulz is a formidable opponent for Angela Merkel

Pro EU MPs singing Ode To Joy in the House of Commons

Nigel Farage: The European Union is Terrified of Donald J Trump

European Commission: Independant Scotland would have to join queue for EU membership

NEW WORLD ORDER: Mega security deal between Japan, US and Britain post-Brexit

Blow for Brussels as Donald Trump's new EU envoy says Britain IS at the front of the queue

No-one left believes this! Verhofstadt slammed for claims of EU REVOLUTION against Brexit

EU Task force hunts down face news- DW News

Italian orgy and pimping priest faces defrocking 

Eurozone economy quietly outshines the US

Spotting Fake News- Headlines That Push Emotional Buttons

Over 4,000 children alleged victims of Catholic Church sex abuse in Australia since 1980 – probe

Nigel Farage: European Union Is Terrified of Donald Trump

Donald Tusk says Donald Trump poses existential threat to Europe

US under Trump among external threats to EU – council president Tusk

MPs vote to allow Theresa May to start formal Brexit talks

Quantum computer 'construction plan' drawn up

Prolific paedophile admits catalogue of abuse against children in case deemed 'one of the worst heard in court'

Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. to head Trump education task force

Bible Prophecy News January 2017

Donald Trump's Pro Israel Will it Save America?

2017 Forecast End Time Bible Prophecy

2016 Bible Prophecy Year in Review

Bible Prophecy News December 2016

Call to build EU Empire to counter Trump Presidency

Bible Prophecy News November 2016

Anti Trump Protests and Riots Signs of the End Times 

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