Bible Prophecy Updates

Bible Prophecy Updates

The latest Bible Prophecy updates providing the latest unfolding Bible Prophecy news from a geopolitical perspective from leading news sources. 

Updates and News January 2018

Last three years hottest on record:UN

For CDC, Reducing Flu Spread Takes Priority Over Nuclear Attack Preparedness

CDC official on why the flu is near-epidemic, peaking early this year

Arab States to Seek Recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital

Tsunami advisory in effect for Puerto Rico after magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes Caribbean

Flying foxes fall from sky after being ‘boiled alive’ in heatwave

Egypt, Saudis privately accept Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Australia experiences hottest day in 79 years at 117F

2017 was second hottest year on record, after sizzling 2016: report

Scientists say 'dead zones' like those in Chesapeake have grown four-fold across oceans, threaten marine life

The Ocean Floor Is Sinking Under The Water Weight From Melting Glaciers, And It’s As Bad As It Sounds

Packed emergency rooms, deaths as flu hits California hard

40% of the world's adult population are overweight

A United Europe on Jerusalem-Frederica Mogherini 

Arab League to Lobby UN to Recognize Palestinian State With East Jerusalem as Capital

Arabs call for Palestine with east Jerusalem as its capital

Map reveals deadly Aussie flu has spread to almost every part of the UK in last 24 hours

Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs and a rising death toll in California

Frozen iguanas falling out of trees in Florida

Pakistan is ditching the dollar for trade with China 

Hospital Admission for flu triples and 111 phoneline overwelmed in England

Bomb Cyclone Slams Northeast

Why are huge numbers of Americans preparing for doomsday

Northeast Braces for Bomb Cyclone

Updates and News December 2017  

UN Says 2017 a nightmare year for children

Europe's Chance to Lead on Robotics and AI
Pope calls for two -state solution in Israel and Palastine

UN Calls for US to Withdraw recognition of Jerusalem as Capital-US Says NO

UN Votes Against US Move-US States It Wont Be Told Where To Put Its Embassy

Almost the entire EU has agreed a major joint military plan — without Britain

China about to knock out petrodollar by trading oil in yuan

EU ARMY: Eurocrat hails 'HISTORIC' treaty - but calls for EVEN GREATER defence build up

‘Bad day for our enemies’: European leaders take ‘historic’ step toward joint EU army

EU Leaders To Set the Basis For a European Army

Amazon drivers forced to deliver 200 parcels a day with no time for toilet breaks while earning less than minimum wage

Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital sparks West Bank clashes

State Department warns Americans they are in danger from terror attacks WORLDWIDE following Trump's Jerusalem decision

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital-Unfolding Bible Prophecy 

North Korea Warns 'Nuclear War' Is Close as U.S. Military Conducts Drills Near Korean Peninsula

Donald Trump expected to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel on Wednesday

Expert on North Korea's New Hwasong-15 ICBM: "You Cannot Stop This Thing"

Scarlet fever on rise -Baffled researchers investigate

Canada begins paying basic income to citizens

Northeast jolted by rare earthquake

More on Bible Prophecy Updates and Bible Prophecy News

This page serves as a quick reference highlighting articles that show key areas of unfolding Bible Prophecy. These areas are in eight areas:

1. Signs of the Times

  • latest natural disasters
  • strange events in nature
  • wars, conflicts nation rising against nation
  • social unrest, riots,
  • decline and immorality within churches
  • increases in violence and brutality in all its forms including in name of religion
  • increases in social plagues such as addiction, obesity,
  • increases in sexual perversion and sexual deviant behavior
  • increases in plagues pestilence, disease

2. Revived Roman Empire Evolving Final World Empire

Latest news of the European Union and how it is evolving into a strong world empire.

The European Union is without a doubt the final world empire that will be the leading empire during the Tribulation which will launch the Antichrist. This website is extensive in its EU coverage of this evolution and covers the EU member nation elections, BREXIT, various EU crisis's and decisions made within the EU.

3. The United States with a view to its decline and how it is adding impetus to the EU evolving into the final world empire.

4. Latest technological stories that lend to the fulfillment of the Mark of the Beast

5. Israel Peace process news and news relating to Israel and Jerusalem

6. Third Temple news, or any news that relates to the plans for the Third Temple which is unfolding Bible Prophecy because the Third Temple is a key place where many prophetic events take place during the Tribulation.

7. Russia as its relations with nations unfolds to fulfill the Ezekiel 38 war predictions and also Jeremiah 6:22 of its relations with the US leading to Armageddon.

8. Papal news that fits with the Whore of Babylon Revelation 17 and 18 theme along with other end time church news.

The news sources are all top tier, mostly out of the European Union and are also include my own articles, which sources include the same consulted by journalists only reporting what relates to end time Bible Prophecy in the above listed areas. US news magazines are in the mix but not the predominant ones this website relies on. 

Unlike some other Bible Prophecy news sites, Prophecy does not repeat any conspiracy theory rhetoric or its fake news. 

Prophecy Talk also does not focus on US right and left wing politics, its party feud issues that dominate other sites. Since the US is not really named in the prophetic writings except possibly in the Jeremiah 6: 22 citation, those issues are irrelevant to end time Bible Prophecy and so is focusing too much on its politics except when showing how it lends to the US's decline, which we know from Bible Prophecy is inevitable, the US in Bible prophecy page on this site is created from that viewpoint and is given a page because of the US's position among the current empires in our multipolar world. 

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