Bible Prophecy Updates

Bible Prophecy Updates


The latest Bible Prophecy updates providing the latest unfolding Bible Prophecy news from a geopolitical perspective from leading news sources. 

Updates and News November 2017 

The Suicide rate is increasing, why is that?
Brussels Unites Religious Groups

Putin Slams US over Nuclear Treaties

EU Economy Beats Expectations As Risks Decline

EU-20 Sign Collective Defense Treaty on November 13

Twenty EU countries to combine forces with new joint defense pact

Pentagon: US Ground Invasion Only Way To Destroy North Korean Nuclear Program

Texas Governor-Worst Mass Shooting in State's History 
Texas Church Shooting leaves at least 26 dead
The Economist-The Balfour Declaration

Updates and News October 2017 

North Korea threat is 'critical, imminent,' Japan tells U.S., South Korea

Facial recognition gains grounds in Europe, among big-brother fears

Macron seeks to disrupt EU politics ahead of 2019 elections 

Confidence in EU grows

Andrew Duff-Running BREXIT Commentary

Tusk proposes two-year EU reform blitz, new working methods at summits

This is like nothing we have seen before-Anonymous

European Parliament VP: ‘We must use the window of opportunity’ to deepen EU integration

Mogherini lashes out at Trump, says EU is the ‘only credible’ global power

The US pulls out of United Nations's Anti- Israel- UNESCO

Russia aiming to topple dollar as world's reserve in response to Sanctions

One of the worst natural disasters in California history

Las Vegas shooting: festival crowd had nowhere to hide as hail of gunfire burst from hotel's 32nd floor

Las  Vegas Shooting 50 dead 515 injured-UNPRECIDENTED

Las Vegas Shooting 50 dead 200 injured_-Deadliest in US History

Updates and News September 2017 

Merkel Consider's Macron's EU Reforms for a US of Europe

Macron Calls for Multi-Speed Europe- Bible Prophecy's 10 Kings 

Numbers Tell a Heartbreaking Story in Puerto Rico in Wake of Hurricane Maria 

North Korea: Hawaii residents told to prepare for nuclear attack

North Korea accuses US of declaring war can take countermeasures

Alarm as 'super malaria' spreads in South East Asia

Japan earthquake: Magnitude 6.1 tremors hit east coast

All of Puerto Rico without power as Maria slams with force never seen in history 

Streets turn to rivers as Maria slams Puerto Rico

More than 200 dead after 7.1 Magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico

Monster Hurricane Maria Hits Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria Does 'Mind Boggling' Damage to Dominica, Leader Says

Hurricane  Maria now a Catagory 5

Gone- the days when Sweden was one of the world's safest countries

128 Nations Sign Declaration of Reform of the United Nations

U.K. Raises Threat Level To 'Critical'; Attack 'May Be Imminent'

North Korea fires missile from Pyongyang toward the east: South Korea

Mexico earthquake triggers mysterious bright lights to flash across the country

Weather related disasters are increasing There are now 400 extreme weather events every year, four times as many as in 1970 

Pope Francis HUGE RANT on Hurricane Irma: History will JUDGE the climate change deniers

Irma causing historic flooding in Jacksonville, residents near river told 'get out NOW'

Irma-'You will not survive' Florida governor warns as millions flee State

Hurricane Irma forecast to strike Florida Keys as Category 5

Hurricane Jose Strengthens to an extremely dangerous Category 4

Hurricane Irma threatens 'to devestate the United States,' FEMA chief says

In Athens Macron Calls For a Stronger More United Europe

Mexico hit by strongest earthquake in a century 8.2 quake triggers Tsunami

Deadly earthquake hits off the coast of Southern Mexico

Katia becomes third Hurricane to threaten US in six days

North Korea preparing more missile launches, says South - BBC News

Nearly 540,000 ordered to flee Georgia coast ahead of Irma

Hamas Leader To JPost Were Ready for Long-Term Cease-Fire With Israel

Irma Turns Caribbean Into Piles of Rubble 

Hurricane Irma: "So powerful that it's registering on devices used to measure earthquakes"

Putin says the country that perfects AI will be 'ruler of the world'

Adopting a Common European Second Language 

'Juncker's Barmy Army' Federalist EU on move as Verhofstadt pushes 'transnational' vote

Signs of the times-
Michigan woman held captive sexually assaulted for 3 days in house of horrors

Updates and News August 2017 

US ‘actively reviewing’ lethal defensive arms supply to Ukraine

Pentagon and State Department Said to Propose Arming Ukraine 

EU Crucial to Halting Continents Slide into Totalitarianism warns EP Parliament group leader warns

Texas activates state's entire National Guard in response to Hurricane Harvey's 'epic and catastrophic' flooding

Japanese government warns North Korea missile headed toward northern Japan, report says

Spanish Honey Production Drops-Disappearing Bees Sound Alarm Bells 

Scotland's drugs deaths hit records levels among highest in EU

VA declares State of Emergency over Violent  Far Right Rally

EU expands sanctions against North Korea amid growing threats
After Trump threats, China urges calm over North Korea

Madrid will push for a eurozone budget and eurobonds

As Trump And North Korea Hurl Threats, Hawaii Prepares For A Nuclear Attack

Iceland of Ice is Experiencing Unprecedented Fires
Japan's warning on N. Korea Threat
Trump Vows North Korea Threat Will Be Met With ‘Fire and Fury’if it threatens US again
How close are we to a cashless society
New Russia Sanctions: A European Concern
What is neural lace? How can neural lace be used? Introducing Elon Musk's latest venture NeuralinkGermany urges EU countermeasures against US over Russia sanctions

Hundreds of Russian combat troops posted at Quneitra opposite Golan 

More on Bible Prophecy Updates and Bible Prophecy News

This page serves as a quick reference highlighting articles that show key areas of unfolding Bible Prophecy. These areas are in eight areas:

1. Signs of the Times

  • latest natural disasters
  • strange events in nature
  • wars, conflicts nation rising against nation
  • social unrest, riots,
  • decline and immorality within churches
  • increases in violence and brutality in all its forms including in name of religion
  • increases in social plagues such as addiction, obesity,
  • increases in sexual perversion and sexual deviant behavior
  • increases in plagues pestilence, disease

2. Revived Roman Empire Evolving Final World Empire

Latest news of the European Union and how it is evolving into a strong world empire.

The European Union is without a doubt the final world empire that will be the leading empire during the Tribulation which will launch the Antichrist. This website is extensive in its EU coverage of this evolution and covers the EU member nation elections, BREXIT, various EU crisis's and decisions made within the EU.

3. The United States with a view to its decline and how it is adding impetus to the EU evolving into the final world empire.

4. Latest technological stories that lend to the fulfillment of the Mark of the Beast

5. Israel Peace process news and news relating to Israel and Jerusalem

6. Third Temple news, or any news that relates to the plans for the Third Temple which is unfolding Bible Prophecy because the Third Temple is a key place where many prophetic events take place during the Tribulation.

7. Russia as its relations with nations unfolds to fulfill the Ezekiel 38 war predictions and also Jeremiah 6:22 of its relations with the US leading to Armageddon.

8. Papal news that fits with the Whore of Babylon Revelation 17 and 18 theme along with other end time church news.

The news sources are all top tier, mostly out of the European Union and are also include my own articles, which sources include the same consulted by journalists only reporting what relates to end time Bible Prophecy in the above listed areas. US news magazines are in the mix but not the predominant ones this website relies on. 

Unlike some other Bible Prophecy news sites, Prophecy does not repeat any conspiracy theory rhetoric or its fake news. 

Prophecy Talk also does not focus on US right and left wing politics, its party feud issues that dominate other sites. Since the US is not really named in the prophetic writings except possibly in the Jeremiah 6: 22 citation, those issues are irrelevant to end time Bible Prophecy and so is focusing too much on its politics except when showing how it lends to the US's decline, which we know from Bible Prophecy is inevitable, the US in Bible prophecy page on this site is created from that viewpoint and is given a page because of the US's position among the current empires in our multipolar world. 

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