Bible Prophecy Minutes-Running Commentaries

Bible Prophecy Minutes-Running Commentaries

Bible Prophecy Minutes provides short commentaries of Bible Prophecy Updates, Bible Prophecy News and also expounds on Bible Prophecy verses. This is a running commentary.

Bible Prophecy minutes are a compliment to's Bible Prophecy Updates page which provides the latest news headlines that align with Bible Prophecy and prove it's fulfillment or near realization. Where Bible Prophecy Updates provides the article title and their links, Bible Prophecy minutes presents short commentary on the headlines.


Iran, Russia and Turkey on Track to end Syrian Crisis are also on track to the fulfillment of the prediction of the Ezekiel 38 war. Expect a Magi report on this prophecy in the future.

The First Church of Artificial Intelligence  In my book Decoding 666, I wrote about the ideas of certain scientists are like those of religion and appeared to be its own religion and wella The First Church of Artificial Intelligence. I also stated that the False Prophet might be a scientist and there now exists the possibility that he can rise from this very church.

Jay Sekelo-Another Poster Boy for Greed-Many evangelical Christians listen to Jay Sekolow and his name is well known in Evangelical circles and he is well respected, which included by teachers like myself until I saw this broadcast by the Young Turks who took issue with the fact that Donald Trump hired Sekolow. Basically the Young Turk’s Broadcast proves how Sekolow used his non profit, which takes support from Christians, which includes poor Christians like the elderly living on fixed incomes and is living on millions of these dollars and each member of his family is paid extravagantly.   The Young Turks did say that some of these funds can in fact go on the legal fees but not amounts that the ministry has brought in and there is evidence that a good deal of money went to Sekelow directly and his family.    The Guardian also reported that millions of dollars that came in from donations went to his family members. People are giving because Sekolows advertising frightens them into believing their freedoms are in jeopardy.
This is horrific that Sekolow would be given over to such greed, which I want to point out is another sign of our being in the end times. 
Why is a man of God who is in the spotlight like Jay Sekolow and in ministry living for the things of this world?
What is also upsetting is the people who cannot own the possessions that Sekolows ministry has given him. He is taking money from those who are sacrificing and giving of the little they have.  People who cannot afford to go out to dinner, to take a vacation and can barely afford the basics. The Bible has quite a few verses devoted to someone like Sekelow who preys on the poor.  Bible on oppressing  Sekolow is not alone, other ministries including Bible Prophecy ministries do the same.
 This is horrific but another sign of the times. We are learning of more Christians in the spotlight who live like Sekolow.  How can these men and women teach on the heavenly when their focus is on earthly goods? But, in these end times not only are we hearing of these types of stories in general but more are also coming to light within the Evangelical Christian Church.  

EU Empire Rising -Book of Daniel Prophecy Unfolds- I just tweeted a couple of articles one from Euractiv that states that the EU Economy has beat expectations and is experiencing the highest growth rate in 10 years, adding to the momentum of the economy is the 20 nation Defense Treaty that will be signed on November 13, spearheaded by the German/French axis it will create a military Schengen or free movement of troops accross borders under the auspices of PESCO- Permananet Structured Cooperation to deepen defense cooperation among Member States outlined in the Treaty of the EU, Articles 42 (6) and 46, as well as Protocol 10. This is more unfolding of the Revived Roman Empire forecast  in Daniel 9's 70 weeks. Daniel 9:26:
 And after the sixty-two weeks
Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself;
And the people of the prince who is to come
Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.
The end of it shall be with a flood,
And till the end of the war desolations are determined.
27 We see the Revived Roman Empire rising in line with all of the other signs of the end times. 

Church Persecution Hits American Soil Via Texas Shooting-  It happened,  An atheist, an Antifa member shot up the Southerland Springs First Baptist Church leaving 26 dead and about 20 injured.  An unimaginable tradgety that has now struck a born again Church on the basis of their beliefs.  Perscution of churches is now on US soil and this is no differant than what is happening to persecuted churches around the world.   The lives of our brothers and sisters are now changed and will never be the same.   Our hearts and prayers can only go out to the victims.  But, this is also clear evidence that we are in fact in the end times that will lead up to the start of the Tribulation.  These events are becoming so numerous that how can one deny we are in the end times or that the signs that Jesus forecast how in the end times perilous times will come, and how the violence would mirror the violence of the days of Noah and Lot.  We are there, and there is no better time to  make sure you are born again and know Jesus and are born again than now to escape the Tribulation that is coming. If you already know Jesus as your personal savior, now is the time to make sure you are serving Him and sold out to our Lord and Savior.

Baalywood Sexual Perversion Comes to Light-Are we really surprised that in these end times, case after case of sexual misconduct in Baalywood is coming to light?   The latest involving Kevin Spacey and young men who are coming forward.   Baalywood has always been decedent, from the time of silent films, on through today it has only increased in its immorality.  I remember reading about the Sharon Tate murders and the detectives uncovered a sex tape of actors and actresses.  1930's through 1950 actors and acresses were reported to have bi sexual sex and orgy type sex with multiple parters. In the 1990's and 2000's it has progressed to pedophile rings, rape and selling of all kinds of perversions. Yes, there is a Maadam in the bunch who does just that.  Should we be suprised, Hollywood is Baalywood and many of the stars are the gods and goddesses of Baal. But, what what is now happening exceeds even the Temple prostitution of Baal worship and is on line with Sodom and Gomorrah which brings us to these stories confirming that we are in the end times.  They do not just stop in the United States, but these acts are also taking place through Europe by those in politcial positions.  My heart and prayers goes to all who have been victimized and it is not just women but young men and young women.  Victims scared for life because of somen'e perverted appetite and lack of boundaries. Come Lord Jesus!


Sebastian Kurz is not the Antichrist- Someone wrote me that there is discussion in Bible Prophecy forums that this new young leader is a candidate for the Antichrist. While very handsome and young, which would get Prophecy folks attention, and while from a party that has given rise to some of the European Union's leading figures in the European Movement toward a United States of Europe, Kurz is on the conservative end and is Right leaning and promised a coalition with the Right who are anti EU Federation and for a loose confederation. He copied their program. He is not for the building of the EU empire, which means he will never be appointed to its leading presidency. Thus the answer is NO. A young handsome leader is the criteria for Antichrist? Here the Scriptural forecasts are disregarded as also are ABC's of European Union politics.

North Korea War Threat to United States- This is really frightening, I just shared a headline last night on my Bible Prophecy Updates page that stated that Japan sees war as immindent and the US is preparing its nuclear bombers(reported by RT) This is absolutely frightening!!!!! Jesus predicted that in the end time we would have wars and rumors of wars and what we dont know if this could be one of the actual wars Jesus referred to.  We also know that the United States is not going to be the leading empire during the Tribulation, will a war on its soil cause the US to lose it position, it is a possiblitly expecially with nuclear warheads involved.   

Erika Grey Podcasts provided the running commentary but I am now discontinuing these on Youtube because Youtube pulled all ad revenue from any of my videos that used the word Bible or other words deemed offensive.  This is a form of cencorship.   From here on our Youtube will only be used for promotional videos. 

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