Bible Prophecy Minutes (PODCASTS)

Bible Prophecy Minutes (PODCASTS)

Erika Grey Prophecy Talk Bible Prophecy Minutes Podcast

Bible Prophecy Minutes (Podcast)

Bible Prophecy Minutes provides short commentaries of Bible Prophecy Updates, Bible Prophecy News and also expounds on Bible Prophecy verses.  

Bible Prophecy minutes are a compliment to's Bible Prophecy Updates page which provides the latest news headlines that align with Bible Prophecy and prove it's fulfillment or near realization. Where Bible Prophecy Updates provides the article title and their links, Bible Prophecy minutes presents short commentary on the headlines.

Shocking After Christmas Fights Break out In Malls Across US

Pentagon Report $125 Billion in Waste To Add to US Deficit

Sweden Charges 5 teenagers in gang rape of boy

6.5 Quake in California, 7.8 in Solomon Islands and a Polar Vortex Coming

Russia Turkey help Israel in line with Bible Prophecy

Donald Trump causing wary EU citizens to embrace EU

Huge Norwegian Pedophile Ring Busted

Israel Burns Arab World Celebrates on Social Media

Russia & Armenia to form Military Alliance- Ezekiel 38 Prophecy 

Rape Melania Trended on Twitter-Were in Sodom & Gomorrah

Anti Trump Protests and Riots Signs of the End Times 

Donald Trump's Wall is Now A Fence

Donald Trump wins US Presidency-What to expect

Signs of the End Times-Walmarts becoming crime centers

US Militia preparing for riots after election

Not all Bible Prophecy News is Bible Prophecy News

Donald Trump leading-A Win will guarantee seismic shift

Donald Trump Election Will Propel EU Forward

End Times Shocking Mother Child Rape

End Time Shocking Child Rape by Church going man of faith

EU State of the Union VS. US -EU Wide Defence on Agenda 

North Korea Nuke Test No. 5-Thank you Hillary Clinton

Russia Turkey Unite As Friends In Line with Ezekiel 38

End Time Signs- Vietnam Readies For Conflict in South China Sea