Bible Prophecy and Financial Markets

Bible Prophecy and Financial Markets

a graphic with the title Bible Prophecy and Financial Markets in large blue capital letters and below it is the opening page of the book of Revelation from the Bible and to the left of the Bible is a symbol of the euro and beneath the euro symbol a symbol of the US dollar

As a Biblical Scholar and a Bible Prophecy expert I can tell you that areas of finance overlap the political forecasts in Bible Prophecy. They intertwine in several places.

For further information on where finance overlaps with Bible Prophecy you will find the details in my books and my upcoming Magi Report on Bible Prophecy and Finance.

ABC's Of Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy provides us with the future, I will call this point B on the map.  Bible Prophecy experts both decipher the details of Point B and speculate on the geopolitical direction that will take us to point B.  So you say, this is nonsense, maybe to you to it is, but to those of us who are the Magi we are watching events unfold as they were forecast  and you will find the details in my upcoming The End Times: The Evidence & The Gaps (The Magi Report [No. 1] ): A Status Report and Geopolitical Forecast.

A=ANALYZING the written Word in Bible Prophecy 
B=UNDERSTANDING the forecast in Bible Prophecy and what is going to happen in the future
C=Speculation on what will take us from the present to the future in point B

Part of our speculations cross into the world of finance and as a result a major concern for Evangelical Christians in light of the teachings of Bible Prophecy is PRESERVATION of their personal assets.  I dare go a step further and state that while many will stand to lose a great deal there is also the potential for growth for those who are positioned correctly.  

The Bible's Prime Example of Bible Prophecy and Finance and a Growth Scenarios Based on the Forecasts.

In the Book of Genesis, God gives Joseph the ability to understand prophetic visions  and dreams. Pharaoh has a dream that perplexes him and Joseph tells Pharaoh its meaning.  The dream forecast a seven year period of abundance followed by a severe seven year famine.  Pharaoh by knowing the future was able to prepare for the famine. He stockpiled and stored extra wheat during the years of plenty. When the famine struck and all of the surrounding nations did not have food, they went to Egypt to buy wheat. The famine was so severe that there was no food anywhere except in Egypt and the Egyptians sold the wheat at a premium. Egypt became rich and powerful though its wheat sales. Joseph was promoted as second to Pharaoh and he was made in charge of the wheat operation. This is a classic example of Bible Prophecy and Finance.

Bible Prophecy overlaps Finance in several areas and in my books and Magi Reports you will discover the details. Here on my Bible Prophecy and Finance page you will find links to the articles I have written that cover the areas of speculation as well as financial products or classes that I recommend..


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I interviewed US economist, investment banker, New York Times Best Seller, James Richards. A big topic in Bible Prophecy and Finance is the dollar and many of us have speculated on its collapse. I teach that it will lose its role as the world's reserve currency as a certainty.  Below are the articles that followed:

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