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10 Reasons Businesses and Ministries Should Say No To Youtube

10 Reasons Businesses and Ministries Should Say No To Youtube

10 Reasons to say  no to youtube - bible prophecy news

Online businesses and ministries all want an online presence.  It is not just enough to have a blog anymore, you also want a place in the video world so you make videos for youtube.  Some might not want to start a blog or write for a website so they deem it best to upload videos to youtube.   I am going to give you ten reasons to say no to youtube and to find another video sharing place for your work.  This is also why Youtube is not the place for  a Bible Prophecy News channel.

1. On Youtube you will be invisible.

Youtube is TOO big and by virture of its size that is continuting to grow you will take all of the time to upload to Youtube and you will remain invisible and will not be found.  This is fact.  You want a private channel for your family home movies?  You don’t have to make the channel private, no one is going to view your video, you can leave it public.   I have seen many a video with a hand full of views and it was odvious the person made an attempt but saw that Youtube did not product any results for them and you will only see that business or ministry only uploaded a few videos.   Alone in a crowd, that is what your video will be on youtube. 

2. You will not be found in Youtube’s algorithm.   

Darrel Eves and other Youtube promoters teach that if you upload content daily, you will increase your watch time and Youtube will take notice and feature your videos.  Guess what?  It does not work.  To make it in Youtube’s algorithm is very difficult and you will have to product so much content so fast that you will still not be found in their algorithm.   That algorithm depends on videos gaining fast momentum and the percentage of videos that gain that are few which is why Youtube’s algorithm is made to detect them so that they do not lose out on the gravy train, but do not be fooled, that only happens for a few and for companies, ministries, media outlets already with a big online following.

3. You will not make any money on youtube and your time will account to Youtube slavery. 

 That’s right you will be a Youtube slave with no value working for pennies per hour. You will allow Youtube statistics so that it can attract advertisers and make big dollars but you will make nothing.  Slavery is looked down upon in most parts of the world but Youtube enlists slaves every day with the promise of earning to help pay for their time and work when the reality is that you will pay to do youtube.   Youtube takes a disaportionate chunk of what it does dole out to its creators, it is like 45%, when in the old paper publishing world publishers received 15%.  Youtube argued that it marketed and featured your work but that does not happen anymore with creators having to win an Olympic race to get into Youtube’s algorithm.

4. Your best videos and attention grabbing titles will be censored by Youtube pulling its ads.

 That’s right, videos of mine that were actually doing well were censored because they used the term, “Bible Prophecy” and titles that I could not for the life of me understand why they were not allowed to have ad revenue.  The fact that Youtube rejects your videos means that the 45% cut they receive expanded.  Your video that got rejected is still viewed and helps Google pitch its statistics to advertisers.  Not only will Youtube censor your video from ads but you cannot even request a review unless your video has 1000 views.  While it is not direct censorship, it is censorship via another route.

5. Youtube publishes material that one would think would not be found on youtube.   

One day while following a headline story that took me to youtube within the featured videos was a video of a woman being tortured in China and another of a child in South America, which horrified me beyond believe.  It was then that I realized that Youtube had joined the ranks of Live Leak.  While I have not seen it I have heard that Youtube has pornography as well.  Lets face it their recent wave of cencorship is because advertisors pulled from videos of radicals and extremists.  All on Youtube of course.  The dark web exists right on Youtube.

6. Youtube has gotten so big that its search results only provide a small showing of available content.

If you are creating content in an area that is popular, the results area not accurate. Meaning that if your video is providing great content and never before facts on the topic, it wont be found because all of the stars have to align for your video to be featured in search, which means that the search results are no longer accurate, they are giving you results based on what hits their algorithm.

7. Youtube has too big of a learning curve to get it right for most businesses and ministries.  

 The learning curve to make videos and get them found is HUGE and getting bigger. Youtube even has its own academy and that does not include the time it takes for you to learn lighting, cameras, backgrounds, green screening, software, script writing, to name just a few, and after putting in all of this time and money you will still practically be invisible on Youtube with subscribers only trickling in.

8. Youtube’s platform is time consuming for uploading your videos.

  For each video you upload you need to write a description, provide tags, a thumbnail, and idealy upload the script, which must be saved as a text file.  For the description and tags you must do research to help your video be found.  There are other features as well that you must take advantage of within youtube’s dashboard and it is tedious and time consuming to do it right which only ads to the many other tasks in the running of your business or ministry. The time you invest is not as they say in business costs effective.

9. Youtube ads are priced out of the market for businesses, which creators rely on.

 Creators rely on advertisers which Youtube gains through Google and a creator signs on via Google adense to monetize their videos.  Adsense uses google adwords. Which is overpriced for most small businesses.   For instance for me to use adwords to advertise one of the books that I have authored is about 10.00 per sale, which is more than the earnings on my book.   At one time internet advertising was cost effective for a business and now it is not and this means less advertising revenue.

10. Subscribers Only Trickle in.   

On youtube the magic number of subscibers is 5000 because you can get sponsors with 5000 subscribers, but to get 5000 with the size of Youtube now takes years, which means that you cannot monetize your videos.  Donations also do not come in, people have a hard enough time making ends meet on their pays than to pay you and why should they donate to you when what you are putting out there you are putting out for free.

So if you are looking to start a Youtube channel don’t do it, you will be wasting your time that you can put into other areas.   Google is going to be kicked off its perch. Already in Russia, Yandex has surpassed Google as the continents top search engine and the EU has issued whopping fines for Google’s unfair trade practices.  Google killed the new’s media ability to earn any money and it is now favoring subscription based sites and many more new's sites are turning to subscription based because people cannot work for free.

From here on out I will only use Youtube in a limited capacity and I am moving to another platform, which I will reveal shortly.   Finally, the internet is constantly changing and it is my opinion that the Youtube has had its day, it can no longer provide any value to the many businesses and ministries that have hopped onto the platform.  It has created this internet mindset that all information should be free, which people work hard to provide using their own resources.   The only one earning from the age of Free information is Google and that is all now about to change. With over 300 videos I now earn a mere $7.00 to $8.00 a month on ad revenue.   Youtube provided a little message noting the decrease and to see the videos demonitized.  The revenue was not great to begin with and I have listened to other creators make the same complaint.

So there you have it, the 10 reasons to say no the Youtube and why this Bible Prophecy New's site is exiting Youtube.   I was roped into spending the unneccessary and unfruitful time that Youtube took to have a presence there, and I can now put that time into other tasks and ventures that will be more fruitful and cost effective.

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