Sunday, September 10, 2017

More Record Breaking Hurricanes Coming in Bible Prophecy

More Record Breaking Hurricanes Coming in Bible Prophecy

More Record Breaking Hurricanes coming in bible prophecy

What has struck me( in the media reporting) is the public cries to God and officials calling for Prayer as their area was about to be pummeled by Irma and also during Harvey’s flooding. Fox New’s 6 Reported the cries of God Help us as reporters studio was being flooded while they were reporting the news. The Telegraph quoted officials in the Caribbean warning, “may God protect us all” from the 185 mph onslaught.

"As Hurricane Irma pulverized the tiny Caribbean island of Barbuda desperate families tried to hide their children in cupboards and prayed for deliverance as the walls and roofs of their homes flew away."

  Along with the cries for prayer are the dire warnings from Leaders,  The Independent quoting Florida Governor Rick Scott warning Floridians, “you will not survive.” And also as stating “This is a deadly storm and our state has not (never) seen anything like it.

While God hears these prayers in these storms. these horrific natural disasters are predicted in end time Bible Prophecy as a sign that the coming of Jesus is soon and that the Tribulation is not far off.  

Even more so, there is more to come of these natural disasters.  Consider these headlines the Atlantic asked, “ Does Harvey represent a new normal for hurricanes”  Bill Nye of TMZ. Com stated Cataclysmic Hurricanes are the New Normal. NBC4i reported, “Scientists say megastorms are the new norm.”   Some blame these storms on global warming and say that more are coming for that reason, but Jesus forewarned of signs in nature, when asked what would be the signs that would precede his second coming. He predicted the increase of these natural disasters over 2000 years ago during the reign of the Old Roman Empire and based on Jesus’s predictions more will be coming and they will gain greater intensity and will come in greater frequency, just as we are seeing.  

During the Tribulation period begins the horrific plagues that are so cataclysmic that these hurricanes pale in comparison.

More is coming, which is the reason that one should not be investing so heavily in this life. Jesus talks about our treasures, which should be in heaven and they cannot get destroyed. This life is fleeting and all that is in it, nothing in this life is permanent except the rock that is Jesus Christ and what He offers. 

If the hurricanes teach one lesson it is that your life that you have built on this earth can change and be destroyed in an instant and if not from hurricane, from illness, death of a loved one and all other sadness and despair this life dishes out, but not Jesus, in Him is Life and in the new heaven and new earth there will be no disasters or tears or heartbreak.  

Yes, more is coming because that is what is predicted in end time Bible Prophecy and because there is not much time left for this earth before it is completely destroyed by God. And God wants you to get this message that everything in this life is fleeting that everything that you have in a moments notice can be destroyed but that He stands firm. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and may you turn to Him today.  For more on end time Bible Prophecy subscribe to my channel prophecy talk.