Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Epic Hurricane Irma Roars The Tribulation is Coming

Epic Hurricane Irma Roars The Tribulation is Coming

Hurricane Irma, Photo NASA,  end time bible prophecy, bible prophecy news
Photo NASA  Hurricane Irma 
Hurricane IRMA is the Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane on Record. It is so powerful it is registering on devices used to measure earthquakes. It is beyond a Category 5 and is extremely rare.

 According to France 24,    If it opened up to other areas such as the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean sea there would have been four similar wind speeds  since 1980 and the worse one was Hurricane Allen in 1980 with Hurricane Irma being close. In  1928 there was St Falipe, where 3000 people died. Irma is being called epic, monster, words that we are seeing all too much in these end times, but never a hurricane so powerful it is registering on earthquake measuring devices.

What does this all mean in end time Bible Prophecy?  How are we to view Hurricane Irma?

 What Prophecy analysts  look for as a correlation is the frequency of these strong hurricanes because when Jesus provided the birth pang example we know that birth pangs grow more frequent as a woman is ready to give birth.  In 2015, we had hurricane Patricia in the Pacific, which was the second most intense tropical cycle on record worldwide behind Typhoon Tip in 1979. This is all on top of Hurricane Harvey, which just made landfall as a category 4 in Texas just 6 days ago causing catastrophic flooding.

In India with their recent catastrophic flooding, storm Mumbai happened during a drought and according to the Guardian the storm dropped 15% of their rainfall in one day.  The Guardian stated, “Mumbai, Assam and other regions are used to extreme weather, but the recent flooding was not ‘normal’ The powers that be must adjust, and fast.”

All of this on top of extreme weather in Europe, which caused major flooding in countries this summer and all of this extreme weather happening simultaneously around the globe.

At the moment I feel like Paul Revere who took his midnight ride on horseback warning, “The British are Coming” only the warning is “The Tribulation is Coming, The Tribulation is Coming.” As I stated in a previous article we are seeing these natural disasters occur with the frequency that Jesus predicted and alongside of the immoral chaos happening around the world that Jesus warned about as well. 

I cannot make it clear enough that the start of the Tribulation is not far off and if you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal savior know is the time to know Him and not only will you live the rest of this life more abundantly because Jesus promises that, but Jesus also gives the promise of eternal life and those who know Him will escape the Tribulation in the Rapture. 

Trust Jesus today and His finished work on the cross, and for more Bible Prophecy news and analysis subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.  


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