Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Behind the Scenes- 60th Anniversary- Europe Fights Back Forum

Behind the Scenes- 60th Anniversary- Europe Fights Back Forum

60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

This video highlights the EU Spinelli group forum that took place at the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and March for Europe in Rome Italy.  Erika Grey provides the footage taken from her smart phone of highlights of the event and also provides the bios of the European Union politicians who are helping to shape the European Union into a federal union which in Bible Prophecy terms is interpreted as a revived Roman Empire.

Not only does Erika Grey take you behind the scenes at this event but in the process you will get a glimpse into the European movement and its leading players who have been helping to build to EU empire that lines with Bible Prophecy.

This video provides insight into the European Union often missed by the media.

It should be noted that Erika Grey is the ONLY Bible Prophecy commentator who is providing this level of depth into the revived Roman Empire revealing the unfolding of the prophetic forecasts. Essentially she is a first who has crossed over into the European Union political realm.

For sound bites from this event see below:

This European Union is a Success-Elmar Brok

"People have shown up because despite all of shortcomings of the European Union, they know that this European Union is a success story in the last 60 years, that we have to say. This European Union is a success. we celebrate in Rome today a success story because reunited Europe after the fall of the wall. We celebrate a Europe that guaranteed really 70 years of peace and freedom in Europe. We celebrate a Europe which has organized wealth in Europe compared in my life time to my younger years.  This Europe is an development , a liberal, positive development despite all the problems and economic situations.

The Consequences of Europe Can Only Be Met by Globalization-Elmar Brok

The consequences of globalization can only be met by Europe, economic and social consequences can only be met by Europe, not by Luxembourg, not by Belgium, not by Italy alone, only together.

Putin, Trump, Wilders, Le Pen new founders of Europe -Elmar BROK

And then President Trump says he wants to negotiate in trade it will be legally, he want to negotiate in trade with all separate, with all European countries, separatly because then its better fo the United States. I say opposite is right. We will unite not to separate us because together were stronger. Europe is more than the sum of the member States. Were much stronger together. I have a feeling that Putin, Trump, Wildeers, Le Pen have become the new founderes of Europe because they woke us up. 

Core idea of EU was Political Union - United States of Europe -Jo Leiden

EU-We started without the British and Must carry on without the British- Andrew Duff

We started without the British, and we must carry on without the British and in the end if the 

British people see a federal polity which is successful and is ensuring prosperity and security for its peoples then they will change their mind and they will want to come back.

The Press Will Come -Andrew Duff

The instant that there is a center of power of politics, which works, the press will come.  We 

have to build a polity that works, that will command the affinity of the people. So far we have not succeeeded in doing that. 

Future of Scotland in the EU and UK- Alyn Smith

Yes Europe is the Answer For the Future - Christopher Gluck

EU -Lets Do What the Founding Fathers Really Had in Mind - Verhofstadt

European Sovereignty is Important -Time 4 Action & Reform- Verhofstadt

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