Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Welcome to America-The Radical Left

Welcome to America-The Radical Left

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The radical left has officially surfaced in the United States.  There was the radical right and now they are joined by the radical left. 

Peter Bergen and David Sterman of CNN cited the emergence of the radical left in their June 2017 article titled, The return of leftist terrorism?, With a Question Mark. This was in response to the shooting attack on the Republican baseball game that injured House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and it was questioned in several articles if in fact the radical left is rising.

With the fight over the statue of Robert E. Lee, the violent take down of a historical monument in  North Carolina, those removed in Baltimore, with the New York Times reporting that the mayor sites public safety, and the calls for the removal of the Stonewall Jackson monument in West Virginia, protests in New York City, we now have the emergence of the Radical Left in America. There is no question, they are here. They have risen.   What is pretty shocking is that they mirror ISIS in their removal of ancient or historical landmarks.  

With the rise of the radical left we also saw the reemergence of the White Supremacists.  They sparked a frenzy in the US media and a run at bat to condemn them to look good in the eyes of the media. Donald Trump lost Brownie points for condemning both sides and not pinpointing the White Supremacists alone.  Facebook pages lit up with discussions and black Americans coming out in favor of leaving the monuments. 

I guess if the radical Left were in Europe, a good deal would be taken down there especially the former Nazi concentration camps and the Egyptian obelisk brought over by Caligula that adorns Nero’s circus where Christians were brutally murdered, which stands at the Vatican. That would have to come down too.  The history is everywhere and the list goes on and on.  Sadly in the wake of today’s violence American history is being removed. 

Meanwhile the violence that is playing out is horrific and unprecedented and frightening.  These are the end times, this is the violence that Jesus warned we would see, and which we have been seeing. The question is how far will this go?   From my observation I am not sure if this is about any cause, I think all of those involved just want to fight and destroy property.  So the rise of the Radical Left is no surprise, neither is the  emergence of the White Supremacists, and we are in a time of uncertainty as to how far the violence will go that Jesus predicted would characterize the end times.   Will it split America, will America become like the world of Mad Max?   We don’t know. What is certain is that the violence we are seeing over the last few years is unprecedented. In these eruptions people are either brutally beaten or murdered.

When the recent G20 riot was taking place and being streamed live as it was occurring no one knew for sure who was rioting or why and it became apparent that while there was some whispers of the cause, the folks there mainly just wanted to riot.   So it now is with the Radical Left and the Supremacists and any groups that will now follow. The anger and rage that we are seeing in these individuals is shocking.   Again more signs of the times and now in America we have the radical left.  
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