Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Prophecy Report April 27 North Korea and French Election 2017

Prophecy Report April 27 North Korea and French Election 2017

ka Grey Bible Prophecy Report with Michelle Mendoza Live From Seattle

Tune into this week's Prophecy report where Erika Grey discusses the North Korea-United States conflict as a sign of the end times and what a Macron election will mean in end time Bible Prophecy.

 because Matthew 24:6 predicts there will be wars and rumors of wars, which this threat is an example. In addition Erika discusses the other headline of the week the outcome of the first round of the French election, which saw Macron and Le Pen in the lead with Macron already ahead in the poles. Erika explains what Macron's election, will mean for end time Bible Prophecy and how he will help further greater political integration of the European Union. His election will contribute to the evolving EU, which is growing into the final world empire that leads the world during the Tribulation.  Listen in for the details. 

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