Saturday, May 27, 2017

EU President Juncker Clears Trump of "Very Bad" Comment

EU President Juncker Clears Trump of "Very Bad" Comment

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European Union President Jean Claude Juncker Set the Records Straight on the firestorm over supposed comments reported in both the US and European media that has commentators ablaze and roasting US President Donald Trump in the media brazen bull over a comment he never made.  

Consider this reporter’s question and EU President Jean Claude Juncker’s statement, which sets the record straight.  

“I don’t want to comment but I have to comment on this because we had a meeting with President Trump, which was a very friendly very constructive meeting Its not true that the president took an aggressive approach when it came to the German trade surplus. I do really think and for what is true that this is a real translation system, if someone is saying the Germans are bad that doesn’t mean that the this can’t be translated literally. [speaks German] so he was not aggressive anyway.”
When EU President Jean Claude Juncker continues his response it becomes obvious that he is giving President Donald Trump a lesson in EU trade, because what was accurate is that President Trump believed he could negotiate trade deals with each individual nation in the European Union, which cannot be done if they are EU members.  Consider President Juncker’s lesson to President Trump:  

 “Without taking the defense of the Germans I was making clear that the US cannot compare their trade situation with individual member states of the European Union, they have to compare their performances with the global performances of the European Union and I made it clear that the Commission is in charge of dealing with trade issues and not the Member States.”

Before anyone bashes President Trump on not knowing that detail, let’s put the blame where the blame should go:  how about, the US media for providing very little EU coverage and erroneously reporting that the EU is going to fall apart.   

German trade is conducted through the EU, as is now every nation state in the EU. This sounds like a big development to me and it happened decades ago.  Not one of President Trump’s advisers corrected him on this fact.   The US looks pretty ignorant, both its media and its government advisers.
Concerning the nation state or member countries, they were a geopolitical trend in the 1800’s and 1900’s.   About 135 of the 196 countries formed in the 1900’s alone. 

  Simultaneously after World War 1 we saw the formation of the League of Nations in 1920 that failed, and was a first attempt at an international organization. After World War 11 the road split off from the nation state with the formation of the European Coal and Steel Community, the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, and the GATT, which morphed into the WTO. In 1957 the European Coal and Steel Community signed a new treaty with more members, structure and areas of coordination and it became the European Economic Community, which as it evolved continued to grow in all of the above areas including admitting more member nations and renamed itself with enforcement of the Maastricht treaty  in 1993 the European Union. No one paid attention then, they paid it no attention during its evolution except to say it was going to fail.

Fast forward and now here we are in a multi polar world or age of empires.  The economy and world is so interconnected, problems are now global in nature and the fork in the road turned into a highway and the nation state is about to get kicked to the curb. American dominance is going to come to its end.

You heard it here on Prophecy talk. 

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