Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Enough of Donald Trump Impeachment Media Frenzy

Enough of Donald Trump Impeachment Media Frenzy

Donald Trump Impeachment end time bible prophecy

The US news media is in an online riot over the headline of Donald Trump allegedly giving confidential information to the Russians, which there is no viable source sited and the US media revealed that it cannot even pass journalism 101. 

 This headline has got the media and the democrats in a frenzy. What an opportunity now for them to attempt to do what they always wanted to do and that is impeach President Donald Trump and advocate his removal.

 Vladimir Putin himself came out and offered the transcript to prove that President Donald Trump did not provide this information. As always as Vladimir Putin once commented he is not being listened to by the media. That should have been the end of the story, but no the frenzy has turned into an all-out catfight making the US media look like a bunch of emotional lunatics. Moronic headlines such as Republicans hiding and cannot be found at this time are wasting the online airwaves. Meanwhile real news is getting squashed and is not being reported.

 This is why I do not rely on any US news outlets as my leading sources when I report back to my audience on end time Bible Prophecy. This nonsense is just not as important to the rest of the world media as it is to the US media and politicians. I am not a conspiracy theorist and I am the first to speak out against conspiracies in the area of end time Bible Prophecy but, in this case I have to admit this looks like a media conspiracy against Donald Trump. Like him or not he is our US president and he is trying to do his job.

 Is this US journalism? The finest the US has to offer in the way of news? No instead it falls in with the commotions of the end times that Jesus predicted would occur and now we see the emotions running high within the US media and in the Democratic party.

 In other news, serious BREXIT discussions are underway and they are getting emotional and heated. BREXIT threatens the Northern Ireland, Ireland peace settlement with the border a sensitive issue. The conflict known as The Troubles went on for 3 decades and ended with the Good Friday agreement. It might possibly erupt again after BREXIT.

 Hungary has seen a serious disintegration of democracy and human rights and the EU might enact article 7 or issue sanctions. Emmanuel Macron was just elected president in France and at his victory rally he chose to play the EU anthem Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and fulfilling the sign that was to come he met with Angela Merkel and they agreed to help construct a stronger EU, which will be along federal and political lines. To the surprise of many Macron campaigned on a globalist, federalist platform and won. He will be meeting with Donald Trump for a lengthy lunch on the 25th of this month and this is going to be a very important meeting because both men are on opposite sides of the fence and it will be Trumps’ first real exposure to a European federalist and their viewpoint. There is a lot at stake in the EU-US relationship as both markets account for about a quarter of world trade. In addition, TTIP now hangs in the balance, which estimated a 4% rise in US GDP.

There are the upcoming UK elections, the German elections, all of which has the potential to cause major geopolitical shifts and no one in the US is paying attention because there is too much focus on Donald Trump and the US media frenzy cat-fight, which is a sign of the end times because now lack of rationale because of anger has spilled into the US media and among disgruntled politicians. No longer is it US news, but rather angry rants and the media frenzy has turned into an online riot against Donald Trump.

This is America? Is it no wonder we do not see America in end time Bible Prophecy as a leading nation. 

We are being destroyed from within and the signs that Jesus said we can expect we are now seeing play out in our own media and among our own politicians.