Saturday, May 27, 2017

Donald Trump Frowns During Meeting with EU Heavy Weights

Donald Trump Frowns During Meeting with EU Heavy Weights

Donald Trump Frowns EU Politicians, EU leaders

Donald Trump’s meeting with the EU Presidents in Brussels was an eye opener for Donald Trump.  After following years of US media, which have reported little to nothing on EU affairs, and have launched many a headline of how the EU is going to fall apart, and also being misguided by those in the US administration who also do not have a clue about how the European Union functions, Donald Trump did not have a positive view of the European Union.

He had stated how EU regulations caused him conflict on one of his business deals and his experience supported his view.   His knowledge of the EU became even more tainted when he flanked himself with Nigel Farage who is the head of the UKIP party and EU MEP responsible for BREXIT who also states the EU is a failed Union and will fall apart.

If this were all not enough there was the interviews with Ted Malloch, a man touted to be considered as the US ambassador to the EU, who predicted a soon fall of the EU and euro and who made a statement that he was instrumental in one union being taken down and there is another one that he can now help bring down.

So what was Donald Trump’s view of the European Union, not much different than most Americans.   Americans, including the US media and our own government are clueless about the European Union, and view it as a non-entity.

Did that change when Donald Trump visited the European Union, take a look at the frown on Donald Trump’s face when he sat at the table with EU Parliament President Antonia Tajani and Vice President and Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Chief Frederica Mogherini, EU Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, each represent the 3 leading presidencies of the European Union, with the Commission President the leading presidency along with his Vice President Frederica Mogherini.  The frown is clear.   I would like to have known the President’s thoughts at that moment.  Could it be that he had been ill advised?  This was not what he expected.   He did not expect a European Union that is alive and well and a major player on the global stage.  A giant that is not punching up to its weight.

The Financial Times is reporting that Ted Malloch was in Brussels ahead of Donald Trump’s arrival.  They also report that Donald Trump’s administration denied knowing him, which Malloch claims is false news. After Trump’s return I believe we are going to see some changes after his eyes were opened and he saw for himself the sophistication of the EU Empire.  

It will also affirm to Donald Trump that he is right about the US media in not reporting real news.   When Trump met with EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker he agreed to work out the details on trade and for this he is going to set up a task force.   

Now that Trump has been to the EU and met with its leaders it will be worth watching. he frowned in the face of these EU political heavy weights as if he was out of his league, and he was because the European Movement and EU Federalism and the EU empire, that is an entire world that Trump had no knowledge of and had not been exposed to until he went to Brussels and met with EU leaders and walked in their buildings.

It is what I have been talking about here at Prophecy Talk.  EU ignorance is staggering, not only in the US but even within the EU itself.   Maybe after Trump’s visit this will change, not only because he saw the EU empire, but many who viewed Trump’s trip got to get a glimpse as well.   The EU falling apart, shame on the journalists who report such nonsense,  rather it is a growing non imperial empire, using the term from Former Commission President Manuel Barroso.  It is going to surpass the US one day and take over from the US as the leading world empire, you heard it here on Prophecy Talk.  

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