Thursday, April 6, 2017

Running For Your Life- Eating Dirt-Refugee Story (Perilous Times)

Running For Your Life- Eating Dirt-Refugee Story (Perilous Times)

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Listen in to the shocking, harrowing story of refuge from the Congo  and founder of Just Path Ministries: John Semahoro and the unbelievable sufferings he endured as a result of living in these end times, which Jesus warned would be difficult because of the lawlessness and increase in sin and evil. This is also predicted in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 ,and it is stated that the times will be perilous.

 Let John's story inspire you as he endured unthinkable horrors and yet John did not become angry at God, but let his experiences drive him to found Just Path Ministries.

Be sure to also follow John on his Facebook page  and he can be contacted at if you would like to take part and contribute to his ministry.  Feel free to contact him. Again his email

Meanwhile for those of you experiencing difficulties due to the evil times in which we live, may you find inspiration in John's story as he and his family  drew closer to God to help get them through their plight and God miraculously brought John to the United States.  For the details of John's story tune in.