Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bible Prophecy Update-Antichrist's Army Forming Now

Bible Prophecy Update-Antichrist's Army Forming Now

Antichrist's army-the army of the antichrist-666

In a previous video I discussed how the EU Army has been evolving since the inception of the EU.
It's no secret that the European Union has wanted its own army and if you tune into my previous video you can learn more of the details of this evolution.

Here in this video this is a no-holds-barred tell-it-like-it-is video.

 This army is going to be the Antichrist's army. Do you get it folks; the Antichrist army! The one in which he is going to lay siege to Jerusalem. The one in which he is going to conquer the world.

 He will go into [invade] the nation's and they won't even so much as let out a peep, that is those nations he invades.

While this Army has been evolving and it is Bible prophecy news, in September the [EU's] Foreign Affairs MEP's called for a European Defense Union and we see from this proposal that this army is getting to be a full-fledged army. They're calling for an EU operational headquarters to plan command and control operations. In addition, a defense spending budget of 2% of GDP. They want to establish multi-national forces, have a defense training operations and turn the current EU Battle Groups established in 2007 into a readily employable military arm.

In addition this proposal requests a European defense research program for European defense and related projects.

 This is it folks, this is going to be the Antichrist's army. 

Does the rest of the European Union know this? No.  Do those forming this and making this proposal know this? No.

The Antichrist is a deceiver who will enter the hierarchy of the EU and in his initial years in power he is going to raise the EU to its pinnacle of power, but here folks is his military. 

The one at midway point that he will go in and lay siege to Jerusalem and reveal his true colors when he stands in the Jewish Temple and declares that he is god and Institute's the mark of the beast. So you need to be paying attention.

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