Saturday, February 11, 2017

What are you looking for in End Time Bible Prophecy News

What are you looking for in End Time Bible Prophecy News

What are you looking for in end time bible prophecy news?

What are you looking for an end time Bible prophecy news?

 Are you looking to be sensationalized? Are you looking to be shocked off the edge of your seat? There's a lot of information out there that does just that, there are all the conspiracy theories. There is some real frightening stuff and it doesn't fit in end time Bible prophecy.

End time Bible prophecy is really about news that fits the prophetic and it's about real news not fake news, not conspiracy theories. 

There is no conspiracy theory in the Bible. There is no conspiracy that's going to bring about  end time Bible prophecy. If you're being relayed a conspiracy theory you need to exit the site. There are some really good Bible prophecy teachers who rely on decent news headlines and behind-the-scenes news, but there's also a lot of junk out there and the junk fills the many pages of Google with a lot of bad information.

The news that you're going to hear on how this is all being fulfilled is as good as your teacher.  If your teacher is steeped in some of these things well that's what you're going to get. In the end you're going to be disappointed because you're going to see that none of these things take place that you've been told.  You will then come to believe  that Bible Prophecy is not really happening when in fact it is happening and you don't need the conspiracy theories or the alien Vatican nonsense, you just need to tune in to my channel to see what is happening.

 It is unbelievable how the actual headlines and behind-the-scenes information that the media doesn't always report on show the fulfillment on end time Bible Prophecy. I can show you in this channel how the events are fulfilling what the Scriptures forecast and what the Scriptures forecast is a study in itself. 

You want to make sure that your end time Bible prophecy teacher is steeped in enough teachings and is a Bible scholar so that they can effectively relate to you these headlines. You also want to make sure you're not getting fake news.

 I'm assuming if you're at my channel this is what you're wanting and this is what you're going to get and it's what I deliver. I have tried very hard to piece together my website so that it is easy for you to get the information you need.  You're going to get information that you won't find anywhere else in a concise manner. I tackle some topics that have not been tackled by some of these other sites on the deeper teachings, the hidden teachings that are seemingly hidden. Nothing in the Scripture is really hidden. You just have to search for it. The seemingly hidden deeper truths about the horrific judgements that are going to be coming onto the earth.

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