Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trump Embraces EU's Far Right GREAT NEWS for Bible Prophecy

Trump Embraces EU's Far Right GREAT NEWS for Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy News Trump Embraces EU's Far Right Great News for Bible Prophecy

French far-right leader Marine LaPen reportedly accepted an invitation from US president-elect Donald Trump's team to work together.

 Merion answered,  “I answer yes to the invitation of Stephen Bannon CEO of real Donald Trump presidential campaign to work together.” Why they reached out to France's most extreme far-right party, I do not know but Donald Trump is also having Nigel Farage attend his inauguration.  The former president of the UKIP party was the man who was single-handedly responsible for Brexit. 

Donald Trump having Nigel Farage speak at one of his rallies and also being seen with him upon his election, and reportedly Donald Trump asking Nigel Farage if he would like to be the UK’s ambassador to the US fueled the liberal’s fears within the European Union.

 The liberals want to see the EU form into a political union and the EU form along federalist lines. They're part of the European movement and what is called the European project. They don't want to see their project their union fall apart. The rise of the nationalist and populist is helping do hinder the European Union's going forward. Right now in end time Bible prophecy we know the EU is going forward.  It is not going to be stopped and it continues to go forward despite all of the EU’s problems which are causing conflicts right now and causing some hindrances to the process.

Donald Trump’s embracing Nigel Farage and now also reaching out to La Pens niece is serious in the eyes of EU liberals.  Add to this his overtures to Vladimir Putin who the liberals believe has teamed with the far-right within the EU to help pull apart the EU.

Donald Trump with all three is viewed as a serious threat to the European Union.

 In the past the US was always in a partnership but we still don't know how his relations with the EU will unfold. He is beginning to surround himself with individuals who are anti-EU. He did make a statement while he was in Scotland that was very negative about the European Union.

So what does this mean for Bible prophecy? 

It means that in Bible prophecy Donald Trump is a major catalyst now for the EU to go forward. 

I reported in a previous video that at the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, which is going to be at the end of March there's going to be because of Brexit, because of the migrant crisis, and the previous financial crisis and Donald Trump. 

Now more than ever is the plan to revamp the European Union and reconstruct it. And really reconstruct it along political federal lines.  They will turn the Commission into a full- fledged government. It is still in its toddler stage. Making it a full-fledged government is seen as the remedy to all that is now happening so that the EU can just continue to build on its momentum.

The European Union is right now a sleeping giant it is monolith. With about 508 million citizens it's already a third larger than the United States.

 It is the world's largest market. It would have the world's largest standing army. This is not a dwarf on the world stage. This is a baby Huey. Baby Huey was the giant who didn't realize his own strength. This is a giant that is not punching up to its weight but when these other things take place it will. It's going to form into a very strong and powerful Empire. It's going to evolve into that. Donald Trump is going to be one of the biggest catalysts moving this thing forward.

 There are still some unknowns such as we don't exactly know what Donald Trump will do with the European Union.  He is a dealmaker. He advocates that he likes to cut deals. I don't see him doing anything foolish. There's a lot of us businesses intertwined with the European Union. A lot of prosperity, a lot of money that is being made the increase of our GDP, which is important for our economy because of trade with the European Union. So he's not going to jeopardize that but certain institutions like NATO and some other areas we might see be revamped as Trump will potentially look more inward and look to build the US from within. 

It will wait to be seen how the far right within the EU, which Trump seems to be aligning with will eventually affect his policy and his view on the European Union. Essentially your fire right in the EU wants the nation-state to retain all of its power, where the far-left want to merge that power. They believe that the nation state is no longer capable of dealing with the problems in modern society.

This is more in line with what we see in the end times, this world order, this globalized world and this is exciting because we know that this is all going to happen.

So Donald Trump is probably one of the single biggest things that could have happened to end time Bible prophecy. 

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