Saturday, February 11, 2017

Russia US Relations About To Go On The Mend

Russia US Relations About To Go On The Mend

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President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and accused Russia of meddling in the US election and in response kicked Russia's diplomats out of the US. Obama's had a hissy fit and he's upset because not only did Hillary Clinton lose but with the administration that is now just gotten in, it looks like his disastrous destructive policies are going to be repealed. So he's really angry and he's really upset and he just threw a tantrum on the world stage.

Fortunately Donald Trump is smart enough to know what's happening and so is Vladimir Putin did not respond by withdrawing US diplomats. He is not stupid. He knows that there's a new sheriff in town and the new sheriff has been making friendly overtures to Vladimir Putin. 

It appears as if US-Russia relations are going to be restored, which is a wonderful thing. I have been voicing for some time now that this restoration needs to take place.

In Jeremiah 6:22, we have a reference to what I believe is the United States that states that the king of the north and a great nation from the sides of the earth-- there in a little hint of a union here- and they're going to Armageddon, which I believe is the US with Russia heading to Armageddon.

At that point the EU headed by the Antichrist is going to turn the world upside down. It will lead to the Battle of Armageddon, which we will then go along with Russia in what appears to be a partnership. 

The relations with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, which are about to begin could be the beginnings of this relationship. So this is very exciting for end time Bible prophecy.

The US restoring with Russia is geopolitically smart and makes a lot of sense. Vladimir Putin has taken a lot of flak in the media and unjustifiably so. There is a Cold War mentality in the media and in US think tanks there is a mirage. In Ukraine- I've written articles about Ukraine- what Vladimir Putin did made a lot of sense.

If you understood the entire situation that was an issue and still is an issue between the EU and Russia. This is the age of empires and the Russian Empire and the European Union Empire need to work that out. It was nothing that the US should have meddled in. If you look at Vladimir Putin's behavior during the whole tenor of his presidency you will not see all the things he's being accused of as having taken place. Go back to the Obama expelling the diplomats. This is a smart move on the part of Donald Trump. His statement we know is already gotten back to Vladimir Putin and Putin is smarter than expelling his diplomats.

 At this point in the US’s history it makes sense to restore the relations with Russia. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose. There's a saying if it looks like a duck, it's a duck. Well Vladimir Putin is not the duck that everybody is saying he is. This is a wonderful thing that these relations will be restored. As the EU rises to the superpower status this great Empire status, which it will eventually achieve, the US is going to need some alliances. Russia is going to be one of its alliances that we see in the time of the very end.

 I have been an outspoken advocate for US Russian relations I was against the US sanctions. They didn't make any sense. Our actions towards Russia have been aggressive. We have been in fact the aggressor. Vladimir Putin has pointed out how we were expanding our military compared to their military and other facts that I have related in previous videos.

 I am happy to see  relations that I've been advocating for some time and which are in the best interest of the United States are about to unfold.

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