Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Spot Fake News - Bible Prophecy News

How to Spot Fake News - Bible Prophecy News

How to spot fake news-Bible Prophecy news

I want to highlight this story today from DW news, “EU task force hunts down fake news.”

You need to tune into this video when you get a chance for the details, but the reason for the task force is because of the effect fake news had on the U.S. election and with the current elections about to take place in Europe in France and Germany the European union wants to make sure that those elections will not be affected by fake news as it happened in the U.S. elections.

 This video shows you the evolution of a fake story and how it was picked up by a major network as well as how many thousands upon thousands of fake news stories they've uncovered.

Ben Nimmo of the task force summed it up perfectly and I’m going to play you exactly what he says on how to spot fake news and he sums it up in one sentence. This is exactly what happens in Evangelical Christian circles and end time Bible prophecy with all of the conspiracy theories that circulate and proliferate within our circles.

Listen to what Ben has to say on how to spot fake news and think of those articles you've read from Bible prophecy sites.

 Article and videos about the Illuminati and the different conspiracies and what they relay.

“The more you find that the story is trying to push your emotional buttons the more you need to be wary of it because the way the fake works it makes you feel so emotional that your rational process is shut down and you just feel angry or resentful or afraid and then you'll believe anything which reinforces that emotion.”

There you go.

This is how to spot a fake news story and once your seized with emotion  you can't think logically anymore about if the story actually makes any sense and a lot of times in end time Bible prophecy the stories that circulate make no geopolitical sense.

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