Sunday, February 12, 2017

Falling Apart Eurozone Outshines US

Falling Apart Eurozone Outshines US

Erika Grey , Eurozone, EU and Bible Prophecy

For all of the misconceptions on how the European Union is going to fall apart take note of this article that appeared in The Financial Times titled,  “Eurozone economy quietly outshines the US.” 

According to this article in The Financial Times, “the Eurozone economy has now posted 14 consecutive quarters of growth… the unemployment rate has returned to the single digits… and economic sentiment has reached the highest level in six years.  

The numbers contrast with the reports of a stagnant and disintegrating economy.  Eric Nielsen the chief economist at Unicredit stated, “I certainly continue to be amazed by the skewed negativism toured Europe,” and according to the Financial Times he stated that such views are mostly based on what seems like superficial attention to the data or maybe to alternative facts.

There's another word for fake news and it's not fake news so much as the media likes to report on a disintegrating European union because it gets headlines.

Its clickbait, it's not the facts and you have the facts here that the Eurozone economy is doing well so I wanted to highlight this article because I keep talking about the European Union growing and evolving in line with end time Bible prophecy and there are people who when I discuss the European Union really believe failed and is falling apart.

 I wanted to highlight this article to show you some facts. For more on end times Bible prophecy subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.