Saturday, February 11, 2017

Can we stop Bible prophecy from happening?

Can we stop Bible prophecy from happening?

Bible Prophecy News-Bible Prophecy can we stop it from happening

Are we to stop end time Bible prophecy from happening? Absolutely not! End time Bible prophecy is going to happen whether you like it or not or  whether you try to stop it or not. 

Consider the prophet Daniel when he was in Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom. Nebuchadnezzar was the predicted king who would come and take Israel captive and annihilate the land. He took Daniel captive and Daniel served in his kingdom and said O king your kingdom was given to you by God. He served him as a loyal servant because Daniel was not looking at 'this is the king who the people of Israel fear.

This is the evil king that we've been told about, and oh my goodness!

 Do know what Daniel did? He served him as a faithful servant because he was looking at what was God's will and God's Will was that prophecy be fulfilled, that his will be fulfilled and that's what Daniel looked at and that's what we need to do.

We look at it that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. We don't try to stop it. We don't speak against it. W speak of it unfolding, and when its unfolding it's rather exciting. 

I know other people who feel that that we should want these things not to happen because they are so horrific but at the same time with the amount of evil we are seeing in this world how much sin and sickness is suppose to be in the society before it gets judged? How much is God supposed to accept? how much?

I relay headlines that are just absolutely horrific. The Bible states that when the transgressors are come to the full these things are going to happen and the tribulation is going to begin unless society were to turn around, but that is not happening. Instead society is getting worse by the day.

For more on the signs of the times, tune in to my playlist on the signs of the times that I keep relaying on a regular basis. That is why these things are coming; for more on end time Bible prophecy subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.

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