Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bloomberg Politics Makes HUGE Mistake Re: European Union

Bloomberg Politics Makes HUGE Mistake Re: European Union

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 It is shocking how news outlets get EU facts wrong.  No one pays attention to the EU or feels that it is relevant enough when in fact it is one of the leading empires in our multipolar world.  

Here is a clip from Bloomberg Politics and I want you to take a listen. The journalist states, "  He is going to meet with the head of the EU, Donald Tusk. The other Donald so to speak as they say here in Europe. As well as Jean Claude Juncker the head of the European Commission”  

 Okay, there you go, now those facts are wrong. The reporter stated He is going to meet with the head of the EU, Donald Tusk. The other Donald so to speak as they say here in Europe. 

He obviously did not get the memo because the head of the EU, its leading presidency, the president of the EU is Jean Claude Juncker,  the reporters adds Juncker as if he were an assistant to Donald Tusk.  

Let me give you a quick lesson on the EU,  the presidency of the Council of the European Union has only been established since the Lisbon Treaty went into force in 2009, According to the Council of the European Union’s website:

The European Council defines the EU's overall political direction and priorities. It does not negotiate or adopt EU laws. Instead it sets the EU's policy agenda, traditionally by adopting 'conclusions' during European Council meetings which identify issues of concern and actions to take.
According to the Commission website:

The European Commission is the executive of the European Union and promotes its general interest.  It has a list of presidents dating back to the European Steel and Coal Community when its presidency at that time was named the “High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community.” The Commission not only proposes EU law but also sees that it is correctly applied.

When Henry Kissinger asked what number does America phone in Europe-it is the president of the EU Commission and this isn’t the first media outlet to get it wrong, when the Lisbon Treaty came into force and Herman Van Rompuy was elected as the first president of the European Council the US media reported erroneously on the presidency.

The New York Times stated, that Herman Van Rompuy was chosen as the European Union’s first president.   The Telegraph even reported Van Rompuy as the first president of the Union.  RT referred to Van Rumpuy in an article as the EU chief.

The EU’s constitutional specialist Andrew Duff stated in the Financial Times that this presidency was an “experiment.” The direction the liberal parties want to take the EU is to streamline the Commission so that it is a more complete governmental body.   The EU is still evolving and in Andrew Duff’s, A Fundamental Law of the European Union, which is a proposed revision of the Lisbon treaty, states, “The Fundamental Law makes it explicit that Parliament and Council form the legislature of the Union and that the Commission is to be regarded as the government." 

So I cannot say this more loud and clear the leading President of the European Union is Jean Claude Juncker, the Commission president.

For more EU ignorance here is a clip by Fox news. In this clip Niel Cavuto refers to the European Union as the European Community, which it ceased being called at the launch of the euro in the year 2000. “Members of the European Community, the European Union itself, no one is immune to this threat.” 

In addition he referred to The Members of the European Parliament as “vipers,” that was real professional of him to call a group of men who he has never met and does not even understand their functions: Vipers. 

“You know that guy, BREXIT leader Nigel Farage, making a big speech to the European Parliament earlier today, talk about going into a, I don’t know what you call it, vipers nest how ever you want to call it.  I think that sometimes news agencies are so weighed down in the business of getting the news out, enough time is not spent in getting the facts straight. 

 All news caters to ratings and often you get the news that is approved to get ratings.  This type of reporting is why I do not look to the US media for EU and world news.   

There are some great sources for EU news such as Euractiv and New Europe, EU Observer and the EU’s website itself. I Should not fail to mention the Financial Times.  Not a one is a US news source.  For other EU news programs  I like France 24, and DW, and this is not an exhaustive list. 

The European Union is boring to most and frankly ignored.  This is why clickbait news stories about the EU falling apart make it into the headlines. 

Many people now think that the EU is being destroyed from within and it is not, it is doing anything but being destroyed. Shockingly even EU citizens do not pay attention to the EU.

I pay attention, then again my view is biased, because I am looking to what I know is going to be in the future, and the European Union is going to become the world’s leading world empire and will become the greatest empire to exist. 

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