Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bible Prophecy Teachers Have No Respect

Bible Prophecy Teachers Have No Respect

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Not one of today's Bible Prophecy teachers have any respect- none of the teachers are given  any respect by anyone in the world of acadamia. The reason Bible Prophecy teachers are not given any respect or looked at with any credibility is becasue of the nonsense that
Bible Prophecy experts teach such as conspiracy theorie.  They are the biggest propogator of on fake news  and they rely on the fake new's sites for their information. What they teach is total
sensationalism. Is it any wonder that  that none of the Bible prophecy teachers are given
any respect?  

In the days of old the prophets always had the respect of kings. They might not have always been listened to and if the king didn't like the prophets message, the prophet was persecuted and sometimes even killed. They were still questioned by kings. We see at the time of Herot the Magi are consulted but in our day and age no one takes any Bible prophecy person seriously. 

Thereis no criteria for putting up a site on the internet. People who have no experience in journalism and do not even know how journalism works and haven't even written a book have a Bible prophecy
website.  You have various religions posting their Bible prophecy information. Its an area that absolutely has no respect and no wonder it has no respect the heories that are coming out are
absolutely ridiculous.  They make no geopolitical sense. They make no political sense they don't even fit with how the world works and no one respects them. We are not just a niche audience, but
kind of viewed as if we are the lunatic fringe. I'm lumped in with the lunatic fringe. Well I'm sorry I don't lump myself with the evangelical lunatic fringe because my site is a serious site and my world news lense is not conspiratorial. My site is a serious site. It is geopolitical and  I've read through the European Union treaties and I've read through draft agreements and proposals and different things that nobody would even waste their time with because they're too busy looking up aliens and Vatican nonsense that theysay fits with end time Bible prophecy.  They do not take the time to get to know 
foreign policy or or how the world works  internationaly and don't even know what a think tank is and they do not even know what a respectable newspaper is and they're on the internet talking
about end time Bible prophecy. That's why end time Bible prophecy teachers have no respect.
That's why nobody wants to hear what we have to say. Were viewed with no respect.
On this channel and on my website I'm going to get some respect. On this channel I give 
something different and I give something that can be respected and if I couldn't I wouldn't have this 
channel  or website.  If my channel has one mission it is to change the landscape so that at least
there can be some of us who can garner that respect because what we're coming out with is very analytical it's scholarly both from a biblical and from and from a geopolitical level and not nonsense no conspiracy theories here. No fake news here for more on end time Bible prophecy from the source you can rely on subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.