Wednesday, November 30, 2016

EU Parliament Prez Martin Schulz Steps Down But Not Out

EU Parliament Prez Martin Schulz Steps Down But Not Out

Martin Schulz EU Parliament President Stepped Down

European Union Parliament President Martin Schultz announced that he was stepping down and it was a shocking development. Within the EU Parliament, Martin Schulz has served two terms, but he is stepping down so that he could rejoin German politics. There is already speculation that his reason is to challenge Angela Merkel in the elections and become the new chancellor of Germany.

Martin Schulz is well-liked within the EU Parliament and he will stand a very good chance of becoming Germany's next Chancellor. What does this have to do with Bible prophecy?

 It has a lot to do with Bible prophecy because Martin Schultz is also a committed European Union politician committed to the EU’s political and federal union much more so than Angela Merkel. If Martin Schulz becomes head of the largest country within the EU, Martin Schulz would have great influence in steering the future of the European Union into this federal union. This would make the European Union a powerful global player on the world stage and also completely line it with end time Bible prophecy.

We know from Bible prophecy that the European Union is going to become a powerful world empire so this is a very important development and one that must be watched.

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 There is another potential here we are getting so close to the start of the Tribulation could be possible that if Martin Schulz wins the chancellorship in Germany that he could also be one of the ten kings that we know aligns with the be aligning with the Antichrist and not knowing that he would be aligning with the Antichrist. For more on end time Bible prophecy, bookmark my website and  subscribe to my Youtube channel Prophecy Talk today.