Monday, October 31, 2016

Vladimir Putin-Hillary Clinton's Boogeyman

Vladimir Putin-Hillary Clinton's Boogeyman

Hillary Clinton witch,

The Democrats are creating a Cold War that does not exist and are pretending that Russia and Vladimir Putin is our enemy that they have to protect the American citizen against. 

 If you elect Donald Trump, you will not be as effectively protected against the Vlad villain as with Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats have invented the Russian foe and the reality is there is no Russian opponent.    

The US media has jumped on the fabricated cold war bandwagon as well because it sells new articles. Meanwhile Vladimir Putin might as well be banging his head against a wall with all of his requests for partnership with the United States because no one is listening to him.   While I may not like the person of Donald Trump, he is on the mark when it comes to US Russia relations and I have been an advocate of those relations strengthening. I am a harsh critic of US policy towards Russia and I mean harsh critic.   The United States acts like slap stick keystone cops in their foreign policy.  

 As for Hillary Clinton calling Donald Trump the puppet of Vladimir Putin, well he certainly is the boogeyman for Hillary Clinton, you remember, the one when you were little kids that you were afraid of and hid from. The one that didn’t exist?   There is also finger pointing at Russia in areas that the United States is guilty of such as intercepting email and spying on friends, lets not forget that we were spying on our friend Angela Merkel, or our beefing up NATO against Russia and pointing missiles their way. When Russia responded by showing its muscle through various actions we called Vladimir Putin the aggressor.  In the Ukraine, we helped set up a puppet government there and that was when our assistant secretary of state,  Victoria Nuland uttered the F the EU comment, which highlighted her arrogance and low opinion of the EU.  Yet, we tout ourselves as the good guys on the block?

 Hillary once likened Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler, to who does she liken herself?  With the many dead bodies that lie in the wake of her career, her brutal treatment of those who work for her and much more, if she is elected they need to bring the witch a broomstick and a black hat.  Meanwhile Vladimir Putin is Hillary Clinton’s boogieman and Americans should realize the seriousness and the potential of her delusions and what this could mean for the future of America if she is elected.

On America’s future, in end time Bible Prophecy it will not be the leading empire it is today,  instead of Hillary focusing on the  imaginary Vladimir Putin boogeyman, she should be trying to figure how to effectively reduce the United States deficit because that is the real monster that will most likely bring the US down.

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