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47- Funding For Babel’s Mark of the Beast in Place

47- Funding For Babel’s Mark of the Beast in Place

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III. Funding For Babel’s Mark of the Beast in Place

The people of the Tower of Babel’s ultimate goal was for notoriety and to make a name for themselves.  In our modern technological Tower of Babel we see the world’s empires and nations aiming for the wealth and power technological products will provide.

David Simpson, author of the Post Human Book Series stated it perfectly at his TED talk when he said, “Intelligence is pretty powerful, the country that attains strong AI first has dominant strategic advantage forever.”

The US, China, EU and Japan are the top four spenders on research and development of new technologies. In the account of Babel, bricks were used to build the tower and in today’s environment, it is money that provides for the building.

It is in this environment that the mark of the Beast will be discovered and launched.  Bible prophecy allows us to know the future, and in knowing the future we can see how these actions are leading to what will be the final outcome as portrayed in the Bible.

Based on Bible prophecy we know that the future European Union will win this technological race. Since the EU is the launching pad for the Antichrist, I am going to focus on the EU’s current spending.

The EU’s Future and Emerging Technologies program allocates considerable funding with the mission of turning science into products and it takes the lead in yet uncharted technological territories.

 The EU Commission’s website it states:

“FET actions are expected to initiate radically new lines of technology through unexplored collaborations between advanced multidisciplinary science and cutting-edge engineering. It will help Europe grasp leadership early on in those promising future technology areas able to renew the basis for future European competitiveness and growth, and that can make a difference for society in the decades to come.”

FET Open funds projects on new ideas for radically new future technologies, at an early stage when there are few researchers working on a project topic. FET also nurtures, supports, and helps build exploratory research topics.  

The description of the types of projects that FET funds describe the image and mark of the Beast type of technologies.  The EU is pouring considerable moneys into these projects to insure their success.

FET Flagships are 1-billion, 10-years initiatives,  which bring together hundreds of excellent European researchers to unite forces and focus on solving ambitious scientific and technological challenges,  such as the Human Brain Project, which started in 2013 and the initiative in Quantum Technology, which will begin in 2018. 

The reason for the huge amount of funding into quantum technologies is in their own words to “ensure Europe’s leading role in a technological revolution now under way.” 

The EU Commission will launch its €1 billion flagship-scale initiative in quantum technology, within the H2020 research and innovation framework programme discussed earlier in this report.

The “initiative aims to place Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution now unfolding worldwide, bringing transformative advances to science, industry and society and thus securing the EU’s position in the world.  The spending and infrastructure for the research and development of new technologies is all in place as is the quest to be the empire that makes the discovery and is the first to distribute the product. It will accomplish more than all of this, the technology will provide the Antichrist with his mark for all of society.
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III.            666 The Number of  Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit-62

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