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3-Bible Prophecy Predicts End Time- Technological Breakthroughs

3-Bible Prophecy Predicts End Time- Technological Breakthroughs

Decoding 666 The Number of the Beast The Magi Report No. 1 Bible Prophecy Predicts End Time Technological Breakthroughs
Bible Prophecy Predicts End Time- Technological Breakthroughs

In the book of Daniel, the prophet is told of the technological breakthroughs at the time of the end.  In Daniel 12:4 it states,  “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

Many running to and fro describes modern transportation, airplanes, cars and trains.  The word for knowledge used in this verse for increase in the Hebrew means, “increase exceedingly, enlarge, become numerous, become many, multiply, to make great’, plenty. It also means to grow up. This describes the machine and finally this technological age, which are the end times and provide the framework for the fulfillment of various prophecies.

Adding impetus to the rapid expansion in knowledge are the funding by nations to pursue the economic growth that new technologies can spur.  From computers to television, consumers want the latest features.  This fact has increased growth and spending in commercial research and development programs by, the US, China, the EU and Japan.  This means that nations are in a race to promote new technological breakthroughs, and they work hard at making and selling the latest products. 

The European Union jumped on this bandwagon in as early as 1974. Today, scientific research is the third largest area of EU spending, after agriculture and structural development. The Federal Trust for Education and Research, a think-tank organization that aids in formulating EU policy, stated several decades ago in a report that:

Europe cannot afford to exclude itself from the profound technological transformation which is currently sweeping the world and which is expected to be the locomotive of economic development over the next two or three decades.  Historians have noted that, periodically, the world brings forth a new technology, or group of related technologies, of such a revolutionary nature that it transforms the whole basis of economic activity...There is little disagreement that information technology is the mainstream technology of the current era.

In this quest, the Mark of the Beast will be researched and launched.

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III.            666 The Number of  Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit-62

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