Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Obama Gives America A Final Kick in the Teeth

Obama Gives America A Final Kick in the Teeth

Bible Prophecy Talk-President Obama Kicking America in the Teeth

If Obama’s policies have not been bad enough for helping to topple the United States he is now making some last ditch efforts to insure a quicker demise of the US and give it his final kick in the teeth.  

As I stated in a blog six years ago,  in response to those who follow end times Bible Prophecy and believed that President Obama was the Antichrist. Obama is not the Antichrist, but he sure is making the way for him. He is lending to America’s decline by his costly policies. 

There was so much Obama spending that the Washington Times referred to him as the 20 trillion dollar man, with the national debt nearly doubling during his presidency. But, in Obama’s final kick in the teeth to America that amount could  possibly raise to possibly about 25 trillion dollars if Obama is to have his way.

Those of us who follow Bible Prophecy anticipate the decline of the US, and we are seeing it.  Yet, to see a president who seems to have made the United State’s decline his goal is disturbing.     
Lets look at Obama’s spend thrifty policies though his presidency:

Universal health care- The congressional budget office estimated that Obamacare costs every American $50k per year in taxpayer money who is insured under the plan.  Obamacare costs Americans more in premiums. I know of couples who pay $30K a year for health care coverage under Obamacare, that is more than many people earn per year.  

The Stimulus and mini stimulus cost -$830 billion to over a Trillion or more with interest.

Granting legal status to 5 million immigrants who have been in the US for more than five years- By doing so increased those who will possibly receive welfare. USA today reported that half of immigrants are on welfare.

The bailing out of the auto industry, in which the US expects to lose 16 billion dollars, minus the price of GM stock if it increases. 

Obama decreased the military and then acted as Robin Hood giving a good deal of money, such as $4.6 billion to wronged minority farmers.
He spent $20 billion for the victims of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

$ 4.5 billion for improved school nutrition, as if this should cost anything but could have been improved by new laws.

$330 million in stimulus to various states and universities to create new k-12 student performance tests based on latest research.  

The Serve America Act, which tripled the size of AmeriCorps ,which comprises of non-profits, schools, public agencies and community and faith based groups. 

A new GI bill which offered $78 billion in tuition assistance over a decade.

Increased the eligibility for food stamps and offered broadband and cell phones to low income persons. 

4.5 billion of competitive grants to reward states for education reform.   

For more details on this list see the Washington Monthly’s article Obama’s Top 50 Accomplishments. 

Obamas giveaways do not stop here, according to cnsnews.com, by 2012 Obama increased foreign aid by 80%.  In 2016 the US government has planned to give $37.9 billion dollars for 2016 in Foreign Aid.

Among Obama’s decisions to topple America are also the TPP and TTIP Trade Pacts. The TPP that Obama wanted to make a priority , undermines democracy by allowing corporations to sue countries for their environmental or other laws that prevent their product from being sold. The financial burden of these lawsuits rest on the taxpayer.  Both the TPP and TTIP trade deals are being negotiated in secret but documents have been leaked to Wikileaks, which reveals the shocking facts of the trade pacts.

Obama’s policies hurt the American economy and the tax paying citizen under the guise of helping the people and giving them what they want.   He proposed making community college education free for all students and announced a 60 billion dollar college plan.

Obama’s spending does not stop here, during his presidency he invested heavily in renewable technology, which is a future growth industry, but he invested to the tune of $90 billion dollars, more than any previous administration, in research on smart grids, energy efficiency, electric cars, renewable electricity generation, cleaner coal, and bio-fuels

If this were not all enough, if sufficient damage has not been done through the weight of our deficit, in an economy that is shaky, with a Federal Reserve that is experimenting in the US economy with its economic policies, now Obama really wants to kick America in the teeth as he nears the end of his presidency.  He has proposed adding a $10.00 a barrel gas tax that will increase the price of gas to the tune of  25 to 30 cents a gallon to pay for his green transportation program.  

Currently American’s are enjoying their savings on gas. They’re able to spend the savings elsewhere and Obama wants to know take their savings.  Obama himself once complained that the gas prices hurt the poor and now he wants to take the gas savings many American’s are enjoying to pay for more programs.   

If this were not enough, Obama now wants to increase NATO’s budget by $3.4 billion for additional weapons and equipment for NATO countries in Central and Eastern Europe aimed at deterring Russia from further aggression in the region.  The $3.4 billion quadruples the current NATO budget.

What is horrific about Obama’s NATO move is that it further deteriorates our relations with Russia and Vladimir Putin, and puts the United States in the role of aggressor. Giving money to NATO is like throwing it to the wind. NATO lost its relevancy after the end of the Cold War. We are in a different world order now, and the EU does not look to NATO for its security but for years has been working out the details for its own army and security arm.   

The nations that Obama is so concerned about in the Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are all EU members.  These fall under the EU’s protection. 

Obama doesn’t seem to recognize the EU. This was evidenced by the US’s taking a position to issue sanctions against Russia before the EU and Obama’s anxiousness to send to military backup to Ukraine until Angela Merkel reigned him in and let him know that the EU and Germany wanted to handle the matter with Russia through diplomacy.  Even  EU Commission president Jean Claude Junker stated that the EU would write its own standard for its relations with Russia that would not include the US.

What most people don’t know is that several of NATO’s past secretary generals have themselves been anti- NATO and worked towards the EU having its own security arm.  Former NATO secretary general Javier Solana was not only anti-NATO but he went onto become the EU’s High Representative of its Common Foreign and Security Policy.   The EU does not want NATO and neither does it need NATO. The EU is currently punching below its weight but manages to put together the laws and unity it needs when conflicts arise.

One of the reasons that the US backed the unification of Europe is because a strong Europe was in the best interests of the United States.  The US wanted the EU to share the burden of ensuring democracy. Now Obama wants to go and play Cold War games as if the 508 million citizen EU does not exist.   He is just throwing more US tax dollars away and agitating Russia when the US should be working on better relations with Russia, which would be smart geopolitically and economically on the part of the United States.  No we are too worried about Ukraine when Ukraine was none of our business.   

 Vladimir Putin has held out the olive branch to the United States on several occasions and what does Obama do but respond by beefing up NATO and issuing sanctions in a mess we created and that the European Union does not want us butting our nose into.  When the US issued its Russia sanctions in their press release they mentioned the European Union, but what was very telling was that in the EU’s press release of its Russia sanctions there was no mention of the United States.

Beefing up NATO is another Obama kick in the teeth of the United States to help bring the United States down and contribute to its demise.

If this was all not enough, After these proposals came Obama’s finale of sending a record $4.1 trillion spending plan to Congress to combat terror threats and global warming, thus making him the $25 trillion dollar man.

His recent proposals act like a final kick in the teeth to America and we have yet to see their repercussions and we will because the United States is not the leading nation in the end time Bible Prophecy lineup.  That time for the US will be found in the history books.  For those of us who are watching the end time signs of the times, and who know that the US is going to be kicked off of its top world slot we can look at Obama’s policies and spending as mounting the debt ceiling that will come crashing down onto US citizens and bring the total decline of the United States to make way for the final world empire that is forecast in Bible Prophecy and that’s going to be the European Union. 

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