Monday, January 4, 2016

Internet Expansion Like Fastest Tsunami

Internet Expansion Like Fastest Tsunami

Erika Grey Prophecy Talk End Times Bible Prophecy Internet Expansion Like Fastest Tsunami

Tsunamis travel the speed of a jet plane of nearly 500 miles per hour. The internet has become a tsunami traveling faster than a jet as it now covers the globe.  What does this mean for businesses, organizations, non-profits, churches and individuals who want to get their message out?. Many have all been drowned and destroyed in the wave. 

Before the internet tsunami anyone who came on line could start a website and be found on the first page of Google.  According to Internet Live Stats the internet started with one website in 1991 and in 2014 numbered one billion.  From 2011 to 2014 the internet or World Wide Web more than doubled in size. This is when the Tsunami struck.  The result, many businesses, churches, ministries, non-profits, NGO’s and all other organizations that you can think of, including private bloggers became invisible.   New You tubers coming onto YouTube found their videos having no views.  Those who have survived this tsunami needed to be in position on the internet before 2011 and even then many are effected.

 Today’s life boat is you need a big social market, and you need to be producing a lot of content. What does this mean for all of us, it means that it gets harder to get our message found and if you are thinking of starting a website or a blog, unless it will act as an online brochure for your business or ministry you will remain invisible unless you partner with persons like myself who are already established online or have a lot of money and that will not guarantee you a successful launch.
Like any wave, it reaches its height and then drops off. Many websites and blog will just die or be deleted, we will see the numbers recede as getting known on the internet changes with its growth.  This puts an extremely high value on your social network.

  On the flip side of the internet tsunami with so much information, there might be great answers to your queries that you will never see because those sights cannot make the top 100 pages of Google. If a sight is not structured right, if it is not producing a lot of information and if what they publish is not being shared you may never find that info unless you use a long chain keyword.

 In this tsunami, you are not getting all of the information available if your search terms are too specific.  In the scheme of how it works you can find on the first page of google information on many people because the internet is now acting as a data base of persons worldwide.

 This catches the attention of those of us who follow and write on end time Bible prophecy as do the rest of these facts for those of us who want to get our message out.  

Meanwhile, if you are looking for someone to link or partner with, or you feel that I am a good fit to help get your message out, my door is open, drop me a line.