Monday, January 18, 2016

Davos Report is Wrong-EU Will Grow Into Goliath

Davos Report is Wrong-EU Will Grow Into Goliath

The Davis World Economic Forum brings together 2500 of the world’s top business leaders, political leaders, selected intellectuals and journalists to discuss the world’s most pressing issues. The Forum meets once a year in Davos, Switzerland.  We see similar meetings take place in the Bible in Egypt in the time of Joseph, or in Babylon, during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. To a lesser degree we saw meetings around the kings of Israel when a prophet would give a negative forecast.

Geopolitics has not changed since ancient times and we have the Davos forum, along with other groups that bring together the world’s brightest to discuss world’s issues.   In Egypt’s day they got it wrong, in Babylon’s day, they got it wrong and today they get it wrong.  The Davos Forum’s recent report warns that the EU risks disintegration. The Davos Forum sited fragile EU institutions, the refuge crisis, the rise of populism in Europe and the EU’s current economic problems.

The Bible predicts something quite the opposite. The Bible predicts the revival of the Roman Empire, although not under that name and it will be the most powerful empire the world has ever known.  It is depicted as an economic hub and an incredibly strong empire.

If we eliminate what is forecast in Bible Prophecy and look at it on a human level, we know that problems in one’s life usually makes them stronger. Did anyone at Davos consider that the problems the EU is facing will make it stronger? More united?  Isn’t that what happens with human beings, we face problems and gain strength through them.   That is what is going to happen to the EU despite its current problems.

In the financial world the principle that past behavior is a predictor of future behavior is the basis of many charts that lead to trades. When we look at the European Union for its entire history we see that despite many obstacles and much criticism the EU continues to move forward.  It looks like Davos ignored the EU charts. Throughout the EU’s history the experts have been quick to come to the conclusion that it will fail.

 If we put the EU on a chart we would see that over the years it has steadily grown in both size and the laws that govern it have become more numerous and intertwined with the Member States and even more interconnected since the launch of the euro.

The completion of the Single Market in the early 1990’s and the launch of the euro were doomed to failure by the experts. The financial crisis was suppose to topple the European Union and it still stands.  At these times the EU saw growth and movement upward in the charts, with the problems it faced causing some decline, but continuous upward movement and progression would be depicted in the chart overall  At the EU’s inception, the formation of the European Coal and Steel Community the experts stated that it would fail.  

The EU is like a baby giant who is growing up and it not yet taken seriously.  Or rather like a stream train. Even with the rise of the nationalists, the threats from Greece and Britain the EU still moves ahead as it has always done as a stream train that keeps traveling.  Only this steam train started out as a simple locomotive with six cars and now it is a high speed train with 28 cars and a 29th car in waiting.

It has become the world’s largest in economic terms and this train even has its own currency that is the second world’s reserve.   In the course of its traveling it has been barraged with experts and nationalists throwing rocks at it, yet it keeps moving.  The throwers now have bombs and a few have been launched and the train has been hit but still is moving and has not derailed as the bomb throwers have hoped. The conductors engineers and mechanics are all on hand and the EU has made many decisions to repair the train and ensure it continues to move forward.  

If we really look at the David Report and their finding of the possibility of the EU disintegrating, one has to ask, now that the EU has changed the geopolitical and world economic landscape, is it going to disband?  Can you imagine the negative impact that will have on major corporations and markets? How about its effect on regional trade groupings?  It would create chaos in world organizations such as the World Trade Organization, the IMF and another new role for NATO. 

  According to Europa, the European Commission employs 33,000 people, that does not include the many programs funded by the Commission. Total EU staff exceeds 50,000. If the EU Collapses
50,000+ Persons plus those in groups funded by the EU, lose their jobs.

What gets even more confusing is if Davos specifies that the trade pacts can remain. Then the EU does not really disintegrate, but takes a new direction. 

Eliminating the Schengen accords would be like going back to the dark ages for EU citizens and they would not be happy at the new inconveniences at borders.  It is understandable that with the numbers of refuges pouring in that countries would violate Schengen to protect their borders from an unforeseen threat.  The Commission responded before the first of this year by establishing the European Border and Coast Guard.
 The report stated that the refuge crisis is lending to the EU’s risk of disintegration, but can you imagine if the EU disintegrated, what problems the smaller countries might face not part of a bigger union in the face of the threats from the Islamic State?  What about NATO, is the world ready to have it go back to its Cold War existence.

The United States is not in a position to be the world’s policeman any longer. It will face its own crisis caused by years of runaway spending, which now amounts to an 18 trillion dollar deficit.  On a geopolitical and economic level the disintegration of the EU does not make any sense and is not even a possibility. 

We are in the end time Bible Prophecy lineup and saw the formation of the EU at the same time of the rebirth of Israel, and we have seen the EU steadily evolve in line with the predictions and we will continue to see it evolve until it is the world’s leading power with strength that exceeds any empire to have ever existed. 

 In conclusion the Davos Report is Wrong, EU does not risk disintegration the EU will grow into Goliath, and its problems will only make it stronger.

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