Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"ProphecyTalk Live" on YouTube

"ProphecyTalk Live" on YouTube

a photo of Erika Grey standing against the worlds, Erika Grey Prophecy Talk Live-I want your two cents

Erika Grey’s Prophecy Talk Youtube channel will be going Live. That's right, live Prophecy Talk and I want your 2 cents i.e. to hear what you have to say. Unannounced broadcasts will air during breaking trending Bible Prophecy News.   

 The show will also stream on Periscope at the same time. If you are on Periscope you can find Erika Grey at Bible–ProphecyTalk-ErikaGrey,  and be sure to follow me. When the show is live, send me your love.i.e. hearts.

Prophecy Talk aims to do just what it says; talk Bible Prophecy News and headlines, while also discussing related topics.  Many times as I come across a new's headline, or discover information or gain an insight from the Bible regarding Bible Prophecy a good deal of my short commentaries from these sources never make it into my articles or books and that is what Prophecy Talk Live will now relay to Bible Prophecy watchers. Prophecy Talk Live does more than just inform you concerning the latest commentary relating Bible Prophecy to the current news headlines, it is a show that includes YOU.  I want your  comments and if you happen to tune as and comment I will answer.   I want to hear what you have to say and contribute to the Prophecy Talk discussion. To contribute you just have to tune in to either YouTube or Periscope. Since the shows are unannounced you will need to follow me on twitter or subscribe to me on Youtube to see when I am going live.

From time to time Prophecy Talk Live will also feature interviews, covering a range of topics that all relate to end time Bible Prophecy. The show will also be a first to discuss and debate the opposing interpretations and views.  Also featured on the show will be occasional dramatic Christian testimonies to show how God is still working powerfully in these end times despite how wicked the times have become.

Prophecy Talk live with Erika Grey is the first live show to comment on world events in light of Bible Prophecy as they are happening. In my live broadcasts I will discuss all of the topics that have those who follow Bible Prophecy talking.Each show will feature a topic.

Currently if you do not subscribe to Erika Grey’s "Prophecy Talk channel, be sure to SUBSCRIBE.  In my Prophecy Talk Channel I provide cutting edge commentary on Bible Prophecy and current affairs and proof we are in the end times. I also give some insights into the book of Revelation. I provide information not found anywhere else that you will not want to miss. For a geopolitical, analytic approach to end times Bible Prophecy subscribe to my channel and mark your calendar for ERIKA GREY PROPHECY TALK LIVE.

The live broadcasts will launch December 8, and will break for Christmas week: December 22-26 and will resume after the Christmas holiday.