Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End Times Warning-Is it safe to go to Paris?

End Times Warning-Is it safe to go to Paris?

Erika Grey Prophecy Talk End Times Warning-Is it safe to go to Paris?

Is it safe to go to Paris now? According to Google many are asking this question. Is it safe to go anywhere? Is it safe to go to Brussels after Belgium’s high alert, is it safe to go to Boston? New York City?

Who ever imagined that a local social services center in San Bernardino would be unsafe and the place of a terrorist attack. Sadly, these events fit in with what is forecast in end times Bible prophecy, that the days will become more wicked and violent, which raises the question is it safe to go anywhere?

The parents of the school children who were killed in the Newtown shooting never imagined that their kids would not return home from school because of a crazed killer. The reality is that while you and yours may never find yourself victim to any of these attacks, the possibility is very real in these end times that you might, which is why you want to make sure your spiritual house is in order and you are prepared for whatever can happen.

 According to Bible Prophecy the days will continue to grow more violent as men and women become more brutal and this is predicted in 2 Timothy 3:1-6. 

 Is it safe to go to Paris? You might as well go and not worry because as violence grows more epidemic it will strike anywhere and everywhere.

Welcome to the End Times.

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