Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End Times Bible Prophecy-Overdose Deaths Skyrocket

End Times Bible Prophecy-Overdose Deaths Skyrocket

Erika Grey Prophecy Talk End Times Bible Prophecy Overdose Deaths in US it Record High

In these end times of Bible Prophecy should we be surprised that overdose deaths are reaching record highs.  

According to the article in Yahoo, these deaths are now 1.5 percent more common than car crashes.   In line with the escalation we are seeing in the end times, overdose deaths have tripled since the year 2000.  Why are these rates escalating in the end times?

According to 2 Timothy 3:4 in the End Times men will be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

Drug users are lovers of pleasure and as 2 Timothy 3:2 states men will be lovers of themselves, Drug users put themselves first above God, their families and friends. This is not to say they are happy, on the contrary, they find themselves in the addiction prison.,. Christ can deliver from this bondage, which I tell about in my book Free From Captivity: Biblical Secrets to Overcoming addition.

 Sadly, drug use is another symptom of life in the end times and I do not believe there is one family that has not been impacted by an addicted family member including my own. 

Despite the end time predictions there is hope in Jesus Christ not only for the addicted drug user, but also for those family members emotionally devastated by their loved one’s addiction and its aftermath. Sadly, in these end times drug use is not going away, but is a sign that we are in the end times.

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