Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey& Russia Relations Hit Stone Wall- Ezekiel 38 War Update

Turkey& Russia Relations Hit Stone Wall- Ezekiel 38 War Update

ionsVladimir Putin answering journalists quest after downing of Russian jet by Turkey with photo of Ezekiel 38:1 across photo

Many who follow Bible Prophecy are aware of the Ezekiel 38-39 war, which is launched by a coalition headed by Russia.  This future war includes Turkey. Many Bible Prophecy commentators reported as Russia and Turkey’s ties deepened, which evidenced the lineup of this prophecy to yet be fulfilled.

This all changed after Turkey shot down the Russian su-24, which Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated ‘looked like a planned provocation. Turkey had communicated to Russia several times the week before concerning its airspace as if this lent justification to their shooting down the jet of their ally.

As the story unfolded the details became more shocking. Turkey would not communicate with Russia after the shooting of the jet.  They immediately notified NATO. After an emergency meeting NATO’s secretary general: Jens Stoltenberg,  publicly stated that NATO stood behind Turkey’s decision, but one can only imagine what was said behind the scenes. Turkey became the first NATO nation to shoot down a Russian plane in half a century.  

 Vladimir Putin called’ Turkeys action a stab on the back, which became the hashtag  #stabintheback on twitter for updates on the latest shocking news of the shoot down.  Such as the plane was only in the airspace for 17 seconds, and that Turkey violated Syria’s airspace to pursue the su-24.
Even more upsetting the second pilot- who Russian commandos rescued- stated that there was no warning by Turkey as Turkey had claimed and the plane did not violate Turkey’s airspace.   Turkey stated that they made 10 warnings communications. 

Not only did Turkey act like a wild horse in its actions against Russia, but also within NATO and its actions were completely self-serving. While Turkey stabbed Russia in the back, it used NATO as a shield with no regard of its actions would hurt the Alliance as a whole. As if using NATO as a card in its pocket.

Lavrov canceled a trip to Turkey and warned citizens against traveling there.  Russian citizens reacted as hundreds pelted rocks and eggs at the Turkish embassy in Moscow yelling ‘stab in the back’ and ‘Turkish Islamic State.’

According to RT, Russia’s leading new’s outlet, Lavrov stated that the downing of the warplane occurred  after Russian airstrikes on terrorist oil convoys and facilities which shed light on Turkey’s motives for shooting down the Russian plane.    Turkey supports Jihadists and is a smuggling route for them.  Even worse, the oil trade that keeps them alive according to Zero Hedge is facilitated by Erdogan’s son who is the man who makes the export of ISIS oil sales possible.  It became obvious that the shoot down of the jet was in retaliation for Russia’s recent bombing of 1000 ISIL tankers.
Just last year Vladimir Putin and Erdogan negotiated the Turkish Stream pipeline, 

the proposed natural gas pipeline from the Russian Federation to Turkey across the Black Sea. A meeting that was to take place this week on the pipeline and after the downing of the jet it was canceled. Russia suspended military cooperation with Turkey and according to Sputnic, the Turkish Stream falls under the restrictive measures and this would also include the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, which is currently under construction in the southern province of Mersin in Turkey..Russia and Turkey signed an agreement in 2010 to construct and operate Turkey’s first nuclear power plant at the Akkuyu site.

According to the Independent Vladimir Putin has complained that he has received neither an apology from Turkey nor an offer "to make up for the damages" following the downing of a Russian warplane. 

Erdogan’s response is that Turkey will not apologize. Russia has since imposed serious economic sanctions against Turkey. The downing of the jet is viewed as an act of aggression against Russia that must be dealt with and Turkey is being handed Russia's retribution.

In Bible Prophecy, the nation rising against nation prediction unfolds with this event and the act of treachery on the part of Turkey to Russia, fits the end time predictions, But, the alliance of Russia and Turkey pointed to the Ezekiel 38 war’s fulfillment and the fruition of the prophecy has just hit a stone wall.

 As Russia’s foreign minister pointed out, it is now obvious that Turkey is on the side of ISIL, which is an enemy of Russia and in which Russia along with other world powers are in a battle against. 
Complicating matters for students of Bible Prophecy are the prophecy teachers who are teaching the re-emergence of the Ottoman empire is the revived Roman Empire, based on Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman Empire dream that stretches all the way to China, Syria and Iraq. These Bible Prophecy teachers have some students of Bible Prophecy believing that and a worldwide Islamic Caliphate would fulfill Revelation 17.  

In their discourse of relevant facts, they point out the Ottoman Empire as the evolved eastern leg of the old Roman empire and its relations to Israel. They completely neglect the European Union as if it were a non-entity.

They are waiting for the end times Islamic leader called the al-Mahdi to emerge as the Antichrist.  These Bible Prophecy students are most likely looking at Turkey’s bold action as a sign of fulfillment for their theory.  This theory takes some serious leaps from what is predicted to what has happened in history and poses so many geopolitical impossibilities that it borders on absurdity. More importantly when decoding Bible Prophecy it is a puzzle and all of the pieces must fit. There are many Scriptures in this theory that are neglected and do not fit.

Concerning the Ezekiel 38 war that is coming. We know that Turkey and Russia will align and a mend is in their future forecast based on Bible Prophecy, At the moment Turkish-Russian relations have broken and many of the facts that have come to light reveal that there are serious obstacles in the path of a restoration.  Again, based on Bible Prophecy, a future restoration will take place. 

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