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Bill Cosby-Wolf in Sheep's Clothing-Jesus's Warning

Bill Cosby-Wolf in Sheep's Clothing-Jesus's Warning

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

In these end times we need to take heed to Jesus's warning. In Matthew 7:15 Jesus warned, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” 

There are several references in the Bible to the danger of human wolves. In Matthew 10:16 Jesus states Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. He reiterates in Luke 10:3, “Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs among wolves.”

 In Acts 20:29, Paul also referenced the danger of human wolves:
29 For I know this, that my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock.

Ezekiel 22:27 elaborates on the nature of a human wolf : “Her princes in her midst are like wolves tearing the prey, to shed blood to destroy people, and to get dishonest gain.

A human wolf has no regard for human life other than their own and their purpose is for dishonest gain, the result is always that the prey is destroyed or wounded in the process.

According to the website Living With Wolves:

Wolves are opportunists. They test their prey, sensing any weakness or vulnerability through visual cues and even through hearing and scent. Contrary to ambush predators that rely on the element of surprise and a short and intense burst of energy to secure their prey, wolves are endurance or coursing predators. They chase their prey, often over longer distances, sometimes even a few miles, in order to find the right animal or opportunity.  According to the site wolves are adaptable and also clever in their hunt.  This aptly describes a human predator be it a false prophet or anyone seeking any form of dishonest gain, such as money that does not belong to them, or a sexual conquest.  

Bill Cosby is a perfect example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Three more women have come forward bringing his total to now over 55. Thirty five women of those women posed together in the New Yorker Magazine with their story.   According to the Bible human wolves disguise themselves as sheep.

Wolves are Adaptable and Clever

Cosby like any wolf in sheep’s clothing wore the perfect disguise. Known as the clean cut family man comedian who would not use foul language during any of his skits his comedy often focused on family issues.  Whoever would have imagined that of all comedians Bill Cosby would be an alleged serial rapist, using his position and power in television to prey on vulnerable young actresses and models. 

 Often human wolves will disguise themselves to go undetected by their prey and to place themselves around their intended potential victims.  This is why we hear of Boy Scout leaders who are pedophiles etc. In Bill Cosby’s case, his intended victims were aspiring and up and coming actresses and models whose trust he could gain by his clean image and power in the industry.

Wolves are Opportunists

Often times the intended victim crossed the path of a wolf in the wolf’s terrain.  Wolves live and hunt mainly in their own territory. According to Animal Corner:

Wolves Test Their Prey sensing any weakness and vulnerability through visual cues and even through hearing or scent.

Bill Cosby sensed his victim’s vulnerability. Their weakness was their desire for a career and their need to earn money.  False Prophets tune into what they know the people are looking for, what they are needing.  Men who prey on single women with children see the woman’s need for a man or for a father figure for their children and go into the relationship with the intent of abusing the woman’s children.  Wolves look for where you have a need so that they can come and provide the need and by you accepting their help you have let the wolf in your door.

Wolves are endurance or coursing predators. They chase their prey, often over longer distances.

Once a human wolf has identified you as a potential victim or target he will not go away, he will stay the course.   

Once a human wolf has you in his or her sights, they will stay the course for the opportunity to present itself for them to strike. If the wolf is not successful or you brush him or her off, they will lie in wait. According to Animal Corner Wolf hunts can either last minutes or hours depending on whether attacks are successful or not. If an attack fails, the wolves will continue to hunt until they are successful. It is a matter of survival. This means that your wolf is not going away.  Their survival is feeding their greed, self-love, power or a perverted sexual appetite that violates others.  As the Bible states a wolf is out for dishonest gain and wolves are dishonest and great deceivers.  

Bill Cosby acted like a man who wanted to help his victims but used deceit to rape them. He set them up for bondage- drugs are a form of bondage in rape.  It is a way to subdue the victim while the perpetrator has total control over them and that is what a rapist wants is to control and conquer.  

Bill Cosby is a man who did not have to rape any woman and could have easily found women who would have been enamored with him and who would have slept with him with consent.  This is not what Bill Cosby wanted because he is a predator who wanted to rape and violate women.   He is the perfect picture of someone who is not what they appear but also someone who has no concern for anyone except for fulfilling his evil desires at another human being’s expense. As Ezekiel describes the wolves who tear the prey, human wolves injure the lives of their victims leaving them with great severe wounds.

Bill Cosby isn’t the only wolf in sheep’s clothing.  His story is provides an example of how we need to be on our guard.  I think of the case of a woman with a boy with a rare illness and a woman who seemed to care for the family’s plight started a fundraiser only to rob from it and use it for her own purposes and in the process added to the family’s grief.  The woman who seemed to care for the family’s plight was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  

The stories and the examples are endless and Bill Cosby is an obvious example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He teaches us a valuable lesson, that we must be careful of those who come into our lives.  The Bible says that by their fruits you shall know them, we cannot take a person at their word, but look at their actions. In Bill Cosby’s case his actions were secret and no one saw them to be able to judge them. The women were completely caught off guard and believed Cosby’s clean cut family man image and were afraid to come forward because of his power in the industry.

 Wolves have no boundaries and do not have in their vocabulary the understanding of the word no.

Once you are on a wolf’s territory and you have crossed his or her path and you are a potential meal.  Your purpose is to feed their appetite for the food of their choice.   Deception is part of their ruse.  The best way to deal with a wolf is to be on your lookout for one and once you have spotted the wolf beneath the sheep’s clothing is to stay as far away from him or her as possible and to cease all contact.

Any communication on your part is an indication to the wolf that you are letting him or her in your door.  Wolves do not understand the meaning of the word no, neither do they have any boundaries.  

 A sure sign of a wolf, if you tell a wolf no and they persist or if they overstep boundaries. These are human predators who will wait for the next opportunity to strike at you if they missed the first one.  Some call these sociopaths, psychopaths, human vampires whatever the term, you must make sure to avoid one like you would avoid Ebola. As the Bible states when dealing with one, be wise as a serpent but innocent as a dove.  The serpent in the Bible is a cunning reptile, and you must be cunning when dealing with a clever wolf who has you in his sights as prey.

Bill Cosby is also a classic example of life in these end times, where wolves in many varieties are everywhere committing acts that are detestable.    He teaches us that we cannot even trust anyone who seems trustworthy for so much as a drink. Especially be careful when you  are in need that those coming in to fulfill the need or help in any way are not wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

  The story of the mega church pastor 54 year old Jack Schaap is another  example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Schapps congregation numbered 30 thousand. He was sent to prison for grooming a 16 year old teen into a sexual relationship.

In these end times, which Bible Prophecy predicts in 2 Timothy will be filled with many individuals whose love will grow cold, who will be out for themselves and in the pursuit of their own pleasures, especially we need to be on our guard and especially in those places that we least expect to find a wolf. 

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