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Ten Reasons Twitter is a Must For Bible Prophecy News

Ten Reasons Twitter is a Must For Bible Prophecy News

Twitter is a must for Bible Prophecy news
Twitter for Bible Prophecy News

If you are following Bible Prophecy News in these End Times here are 10 Reasons You Must Have a Twitter Account:

1.     Facebook is for  friends but Twitter is used by journalists and politicians worldwide and Twitter is a tool for journalist to obtain stories effectively, which Facebook cannot even match. 

       Journalists can obtain stories with their Twitter accounts acting as a source of information depending on who they follow.  If someone is a Bible Prophecy expert and is not active on Twitter they are behind the times. Anyone “in the know” is on Twitter.

2.   Twitter gives you information in real time as it is happening and I tweet Bible Prophecy News sometimes minutes after it is released by the News Wires. 

      This saves me a good deal of time too. I do not have to put those links on my website, they are all in my feed as they are happening. These include my own articles as well.  I am not just tweeting news headlines, but comments by VIP’s, Think tanks, ,blog posts, videos, reports and press releases.  A headline is only part of it.  Most of the headlines I tweet are from the News Wires and leading sources.  

3.     When a news headline breaks by following it by #hashtag you can see photos and learn information from those tweeting at the scene.  

      When an explosion took place in the East Village in New York City and the news was just breaking on the wires and details were not yet given, by #hashtag I was able to follow those who were at the scene sending photos and video as the fire was happening and they were providing first hand accounts and details that started to answer the question that many of us had who tuned into the story that this was not a terrorist attack.  I recall the story of a man who followed by many journalists at the start of the US bombing of ISIS because he was located in a position to report on the exact targets the bombs were hitting.  

4.     With Twitter I do not have to post any headlines on my website like other Bible Prophecy experts, and I do not have to use a ticker or RSS feed, I have imbedded my Twitter account in my webpage and it is my news feed.

5.     Twitter is so vital for all of the major news outlets that they are imbedding Twitter feeds in their websites. This should tell you of its importance in news.
A few examples:

Euractiv's Heard In Europe Page embeds entire feed.
CNN's Article on Nepal Earthquake embeds comments from hashtags
Judy Dempsey editor in Chief of Strategic Europe of the Think Tank Carnegie Europe embeds her twitter feed 
Reuter's Breaking Views embeds entire feed
London School of Economics embeds entire feed
Yahoo News Embeds Feed in Amtrak article (example of one of many)
Euronews writes articles showcasing various tweets to support its story.

6.      On Twitter I can tweak a headline if I do not like how the journalist wrote it and tailor it for my audience.  Many times this is the case. I have read articles where the headline the journalist chose was weak compared with more descriptive text within the article.  On one occasion I tweeted a statement within the article that pertained to my audience who follow Bible Prophecy news.

7.    Twitter is social as you can retweet, reply and carry on dialogue from a tweet. The importance of social networks have literally changed public figures behavior.  Celebrities and politicians, along with everyone in between in the scenes and behind the scenes has a Twitter account and tweets. If they do not tweet they lose out on gaining an audience.  Yes, we also have the other networks such as Facebook, Google+ and others, but none is as dynamic as Twitter.

8.      Twitter is easy to use.  You set up and account and follow who you choose to follow To tweet you have 140 characters and your links are shortened.   You can tweet statements that you make, quotes, photos, videos in the same way that you do on other social networks only you are limited to 140 characters. If you want to say more tweet the link to your blog, video etc.

9.      Sharing is simpler than on any other social platform.  With Twitter you share with great ease, because it as simple as tweet, comment and retweet.

10.  For Bible Prophecy News Twitter is easier to scan and see the headlines vs any other social sites. 

T   This is the main reason I like Twitter and find it so dynamic.  When we read online we scan for information.   Unlike all of the other social networks Twitter is set up to scan. I am sure this was done by accident and was not deliberate on the part of Twitter’s designers. It is what makes Twitter stand above all other social networks.

It if my feeling that if someone takes the time to follow me, it is a courtesy to take the time and follow back.  Many people on Twitter will not keep following you if you do not follow them back.   The old rule of thumb on Twitter was to get as many followers as possible and to show that you do not follow many people.   This was the status quo for Twitter early on, but is my experience that Twitter is social and people prefer those who are active on Twitter.  Someone who does not follow any followers is not active on Twitter.  

I personally do not follow anyone who does not follow me back no matter who the individual or organization is.  If it is a news outfit I will place it in a list where I do not have to follow it. 

If you do not have Twitter you will want to sign up. You will w pick your user name, write a description and I would advise writing a description because many are apt to follow accounts that are active users and those who do not put a description appear inactive.  

 You will also want to put up a photo.  This is also important so that you do not appear like an inactive user.  Once you set up your account you will want to start to follow people and you follow those you know and also put in search terms for your interests and follow those who you would like to get tweets from. 

If you are looking to build your account of followers you will want to follow back those who follow you. I you are using your account as an aggregator, you can follow those whose tweets you are interested in reading.  If you have several areas of interest you can create lists and name your list and add those whose tweets you want to follow within the list.   You can also follow the lists from sources you really like who have compiled lists in areas that interest you.  Why create a second list if one already exists from another source.

In these end times for Bible Prophecy news, Twitter is an exciting tool and a must for end time watchers. 

 All politicians and those in every aspect of politics, and I am talking all governments, are all using Twitter. Never before has information been so freely accessible and can we truly get a glimpse behind the scenes, as with the internet and especially with Twitter as a tool.  Twitter also allows me to deliver the information to my follower in seconds.

You can also download the Twitter app on your smartphone to tweet on the go and not miss out on any important tweets. You can tailor the notifications you wish to receive. 

For Bible Prophecy News follow me today @erikagrey on Twitter and I follow back. 

A special thanks and shout out to @prophecydude1 who inspired me to begin using my dormant Twitter account and who saw Twitter's value in Bible Prophecy news early on.

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