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Bible Prophecy and the UK Elections

Bible Prophecy and the UK Elections

Bible Prophecy No Brexit
UK Flag Bible Prophecy No Brexit

On many of the major Bible Prophecy websites and their accompanying social networks the UK election is not making Bible Prophecy news.  

Some of the smaller less known sites interestingly have given it a mention.   These elections are important in gauging the European Union’s move forward into the powerful empire described in Bible Prophecy.

The recent EU elections saw the rise of the Eurosceptic parties and the additional seats gained by UKIP, the UK’s Independence Party, headed by Nigel Farage.  UKIP is diametrically opposed to the United States of Europe and would ultimately like to see the dissolution of the euro and the European Union as it stands today. They have influenced David Cameron to promise a referendum by 2017 to determine if the UK will stay in the European Union or exit the EU, this is known as BREXIT.  The Independent reported that David Cameron promised an earlier date if the Tories win.  Along with the talk of a GREXIT, the BREXIT has added to the EU’s uncertain future in the eyes of many people. 

For the details on the election, the Economist’s article, “The 2015 Variety Show,” provides a good overview as does The Week on the UK Election. The Guardian has a page devoted to complete coverage of the elections.

Although the 2015 UK elections are a must follow for Bible Prophecy watchers only very few are paying attention. Not only are Evangelicals indifferent, but so is the US as a whole, which prompted CNN to write the article, “Why American’s Should Care About the UK Election.”

I have given thought to the issue of BREXIT and its possible occurrence, but based on Bible Prophecy I speculate that the future UK will remain a member of the EU and eventually will adopt the euro.  Yes, that day is going to happen.

 The Telegraph published an article stating that after 2020 all EU members will have to adopt the euro. While the Telegraph is not alone in its view that the UK should adopt the euro, there are those who believe that a BREXIT might take place and others who believe  the pound will never be relinquished. It will.

While the future of the UK is that it will be firmly cemented in the EU, and will eventually adopt the euro, the reason that these elections are a key watch in Bible Prophecy is that they will help Bible Prophecy watchers and the Magi gauge time frame.   If Cameron is reelected and there is a referendum this will present some delay to the eventual.  If a referendum were to take place I do not speculate a BREXIT.

When we watch for the signs in Bible Prophecy, all of the signs must align and there are gaps in Bible Prophecy which are the areas we have not quite arrived at in the future.   The UK is presenting a gap and depending on who wins the gap can widen, but in time all gaps fill when it comes to the unfolding of Bible Prophecy.

I was talking to a Canadian friend about the UK elections and he asked me which were more important the coming US elections in 2016 or the 2015 UK elections and I told him that the UK elections are more vital to Bible Prophecy.  We already know that the US is a declining power and based on Bible Prophecy the US will continue to decline.

The enormity of the US deficit is a major tipping point.  Each US president since Ronald Reagan has taken their part in increasing the US pile of money borrowed. In addition, the US dollar is eroding as the world’s reserve currency. 

A new president isn’t going to change the deficit.  The United States Federal and State governments are quick to spend taxpayers and borrowed money as if they have a never ending supply.  In The United States it was estimated in 2013 that US citizens pay about 58% in all combined taxes. This includes State, Federal, Property, purchases, and other taxes on gas, utilities, and other items. Nearly 60 percent of US citizen’s income is not able to fund the Federal and State government’s spending.

The US has the money to send arms to Ukraine and to pledge to nations and spend on all kinds of frivolous programs and yet cannot easily find the areas where to cut spending. For this reason the deficit will never be eliminated and one day will topple the US economy when the dollar ceases to be the world’s reserve. While everyone wants to put the blame on President Obama, each US president since Ronald Reagan both Republican and Democrat has spiked up the deficit. Whoever gets into the US presidency next might very well be the president to handle the US through its topple stage. What it would take to save the US from its up and coming disaster would be a drastic reduction in spending and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can ever agree to move anything forward that could fix the problem.  The US’s governmental structure is to its own detriment.  The only way legislation can move forward with any speed is for majorities in both the House and Senate.

The EU is in a similar situation within its institutions. There are too many members of the Council and certain legislation in the past required unanimity, which kept the EU from moving forward. Although Nice and Lisbon refined the decision making process to qualified majority, with 28 members that is not so easy to achieve in all areas. The difference between the EU and the United States is that the EU’s institutions are still evolving and ‘enhanced cooperation’ can bypass certain impasses. This is where Member States that decide to move forward in integration not decided by the EU as a whole and these States can move forward in enacting their unification within the umbrella of the EU Institutions.  The United States is a full-fledged federal union and does not have this provision for its States because its States are completely united.   

A prime example of the disagreements within the EU is the UK and its possible referendum and the idea of a BREXIT. The United States is not without its own threats of EXITs with Texas more recently threatening to break away.  The difference is that BREXIT  is taken more seriously because the EU is still in a building faze of its evolution.  Experts fear a domino effect that will occur if one nation exits the EU or the Eurozone, which they refer to as contagion.

The EU is more powerful than it realizes and is not punching up to its weight. The nations are far too integrated for a nation to exit either the euro or the EU and not suffer catastrophic effects to its economies. There are parts of the EU that will not unravel no matter what the media writes and experts state of its possible dissolution.  Many EU directives and articles were adopted into the national law of the Member States. The result was a boost to their economies via the elimination of costs by the harmonization of laws.

 The European Union is now the world’s largest market. The EU has not finished the process either and is now going into other areas such as unifying the digital market.  Why would a nation want to place itself outside of this market or renegotiate all of its trade deals that the begin part of the EU encompasses. Euractiv published the conclusions of such a report and what it would entail and it is not promising. For this reason the idea of BREXIT and GREXIT is not economically or geopolitically feasible. 

Others in the UK such as UKIP will argue otherwise and site how this process has harmed certain businesses and a nation can go it alone. For this reason the UK is at an impasse. These elections will determine if the impasse will remain and cause more problems for the evolving European Union or be halted through these elections.  

For those of you who are watching Bible Prophecy you will want to check back for commentary after the election results. 


The Conservatives won a majority in the British elections. These elections were a must watch for Bible Prophecy watchers as they would help us gauge the EU going forward. This win threw a wrench in the EU’s move ahead.

Labour was crushed in Scotland with the SNP Scottish National Party winning 56 of 59 seats.  The Liberal Democrats took a beating and the liberal democrats are predominantly pro EU.  UKIP only got 13% of the vote and UKIP leader Nigel Farage resigned along with Labour leader Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg leader of the liberal Democrats.   The nationalists made their presence known through this election, yet the supra nationalistic UKIP party lost seats.  But, there will now be a referendum.

Politico stated that Cameron’s silence regarding the EU during his campaign made it clear his promise of a referendum was tactical. 

We can expect some deal making and negotiations. EU Commission President Juncker came out before the election and stated that he wanted a fair deal with Britain, but he made it clear the EU would remain firm. 

Alde President and MEP Guy Verhofstadt stated that at this point there should be two forms of membership for the EU. If the UK wants associate membership it will lose its say in the EU decision making process. 

The UK referendum might lead to the EU breaking into a two tier structure, which we see in in Bible Prophecy.  This has its beginnings in the recent EU treaties and will be formalized in the next treaty, which I detail in my articles and books. 

Based on Bible Prophecy there will be no BREXIT, but rather we will see how this outcome will chart the EU’s bumpy move forward.

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