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Eric Garner Death -More Violence From The Police & Protesters

Eric Garner Death -More Violence From The Police & Protesters

I Cant Breathe written in capital letters on a grey background, commemorating Eric Garner's last words that were not listened to by the police who were arresting him.
Eric Garner "I Can't Breathe"

The verdict from the  New York City Choke Hold case surprised me along with everyone else who looked at the video,( published by the Guardian) which shows a clear case of police brutality.

 Even the UN took notice and issued a statement that the United States needs to deal with this issue. Our police policy got the attention of a world organization, which means that the problem is not only evident to US citizens but to nations of the world.

What is striking in the video is that as Eric Garner is telling the police that he can’t breath and they totally ignore him.  The autopsy ruled the death a homicide and there was no mention if the hyoid bone in Eric Garner’s throat was  fractured, which occurs in one third of all strangulation deaths.  With or without, the police officer’s arm around Eric garner’s neck with all of his force would be enough to strangle the man.   It was obvious Eric Garner was not a threat to the police officers but they were obviously threatened by his size alone to use such excessive force. His crime was that he broke up a fight and possibly sold untaxed   cigarettes.  Tragically, his six children are now fatherless and his wife of 27 years a widow.  A good man has been murdered and to add to the injury the jury did not charge the violent police officer.  There must have been something in the water for that group of individuals not to see that it was clearly a crime. The UN saw it, the rest of the viewing public could see it, but the grand jury missed the obvious.

If an out of control child were to be held in a choke hold the person would be held on child abuse charges. If a woman were to be violated in the same manner it would be labeled domestic violence. But used on a big man and it is restraint? The hold itself taught  in martial arts and the military is intended to reduce air and blood flow and is superior to manual strangulation because of the advantage of  leverage. If you want to kill your victim via strangulation a choke hold is the way to do it  A family man is now murdered by a police officer who walks free.  The officer is a public servant and should be held to a higher standard.

 If this is not the lawlessness that is described in Bible Prophecy that is characteristic of the end times I do not know what is.

 Since society is already heightened in its anger due to the end times, we now have more riots and protests. This is an issue of police brutality and we are seeing police officers use excessive force in situations in which no force should be used. I recall the mentally ill women who the police officer pounded fist after fist while she lay on the pavement.   The murder of the mentally ill man in Fort Bend Texas who was threatening suicide and when the police got to his home they opened fire on him murdering him because he refused to open the bathroom door he hid behind and would not release the knife he was going to use to harm himself.. 

What is going to end up happening is that people are not going to want to call the police for anything because they will not want their call to end in a homicide. People who have mentally ill family members are going to think twice about phoning the police because their call can end in the death of their loved one. We are going to feel uneasy around police and want to avoid the civil servants who are there to protect us like the plague. Meanwhile with more of these episodes occurring, social unrest will follow. People are reacting violently to the issue of police who use excessive violence. Doubling the issue is that it is used against a black man who the officers deemed a greater threat based not only on his size but the color of his skin.

Meanwhile this family and the world lost a good man to a murderous cop or to a police officer who was so stupid that he thought that he was taking down Goliath with super human strength and abilities and he needed to use a choke hold that would cut off Eric Garner’s air and blood supply because of the disparity of force.  The officer and all of the officer’s in the clip were obviously afraid and acted out of fear and they have no place in law enforcement with that kind of fear that blinds them to the situation at hand and caused them to make foolish judgment calls. The injustice of it is now for all for all to see. Sadly these are the end times and this type of violence was predicted by Jesus that it would be characteristic in the end times.

Jesus talked about the coldness and loss of love in the end times. 

He said that if he does not come back when he does there would be no love left on the earth.
People are enduring the most horrific of life circumstances and they become bitter over them. Eric garner’s lovely family has now firsthand experienced the horrors of living in these end times and its brutality. Sadly Eric garner’s words “I can’t breath” touched many who saw the video. We were left shocked at the coldness of the officers who ignored Eric garner as they thought they were taking down a superhuman Goliath, who they no longer regarded as human and who they felt no empathy towards.  This man who only minutes before used his enormous size to break up a fight when most would have walked away or ignored it.Eric garner used his size for good to put a stop to something bad that was happening and instead of the police giving him the honor he deserved for making their job easier, they ganged up on him, and choke held him to his death.  Something must be done and police who are cowards, because that is exactly what these officers looked like, a bunch of cowards are more apt to use excessive force out of fear and they need to be terminated. 

We are hearing so many stories of those who are suppose to protect us, the Oklahoma officer accused of raping 6 women reported by USA today,  the cannibal cop who wanted to cook the gals he liked, and the list goes on.

The police in the United States now suffer an image problem and people will think twice before calling them or being around them. They will only incite the violence that is not only within them but also within those living in society.

This story while focused in the Untied States is one among many that evidences the difficulties faced of living in these end times.

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