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Sign My Petition For President Obama To End Russia Sanctions

Sign My Petition For President Obama To End Russia Sanctions

Graphic of Europa bull representing the EU, with Sanctions captioned underneath the bull, and next to it the US eagle emblem with  the caption sanctions underneath the emblem and below the EU bull is the Russian bear with a weapons walking toward a map of Ukraine, representing EU, US Russia Sanctions.
EU US Russia Sanctions 

In my articles I have stayed clear of political involvement and have remained neutral on many topics. It now ends with the initiation of my petition for “The US Government to End Russia Sanctions.” I have covered the EU, Ukraine, and Russian conflict in several articles and as the cartoon character Popeye was famous for saying, “I have had all I can stands I can stands no more.”  Thus I wrote my petition for the US Government to End Russia Sanctions.

In my previous articles I have stated this dispute is between Russia and the EU and it is the first conflict in the age of Empires, which is the geopolitical framework we now find ourselves living in.

Certain US politicians such as Hilary Clinton and the media portray Vladimir Putin as a dangerous, ruthless leader.  It seems that the media likes to portray Putin as the world’s next greatest threat for page hits. Truth in media gets compromised for page hits because the ad revenue keeps them in business and they do not earn money from ads if no one reads what they write so they have to attract your attention.

Think about it, what does Vladimir Putin’s troops in Ukraine have to do with the United States?  While President Obama stated that Putin invaded Ukraine out of weakness, it was the United States who jumped into that conflict, uninvited. This dispute does not affect US foreign policy even if Vladimir Putin invaded all of Ukraine. United States Russia sanctions hurt US/ Russia relations at a time when we should be working on mending those relations.  Unlike President Obama accused Vladimir Putin the US is the one who appears weak by acting as a bully and by going into this fight uninvited and jumping in without looking at both sides.

The European Union is an empire that is now bigger than the United States. 

 It has 508 million citizens to our 314, and possesses the world’s largest market. The EU has been working very hard at forging its political identity. The launch of the euro at the turn of the millennium via the Maastricht treaty was the single most political act on the part of the EU.  Within a few years the euro was the world’s second reserve. The Amsterdam treaty negotiated after Maastricht helped the EU take in the eastern bloc countries as members that embraced democracy after the fall of the Berlin wall.  Russia didn’t interfere. The Ukraine is obviously where Vladimir Putin draws the line. Vladimir Putin is facing sanctions issued from two of the world’s leading empires, in the face of such adversity he is doing remarkably well for his nation and is maintaining his image of a strong leader for Russia.

Below you will find links to each of my articles.  I am also going to include again two video’s one is Nigel Farage’s speech to the European Parliament and he references what occurred in the second video the waving of the EU flag at Kiev.

So look at the Video Stop Playing War Games With Russia with UKIP President Nigel Farage. He makes the same points that I argue.

Video of the Euromaiden Rally that Nigel Farage is referring to and that provoked Vladimir Putin.

For some reason the Upload feature does not work on this particular video so you will have to click on this link or paste it into your browser.

Video that Details the EU Position in Ukraine, and provides a good understanding of their point of view. This video also blogger is not allowing me to upload. You must click on the link or paste it in your browser.

Video Title Ukraine Crisis What Your Not Being Told, is a great video and you must watch it because its reveals taped conversations regarding the US setting up a puppet neo Nazi regime in Ukraine.  This video contains the __ck the EU comment by Victoria Nuland during the discussion which shows her position of the EU in this matter.   After listening to this conversation the US diplomats look like keystone cops and you get the impression that they do not at all know what they are doing that this is just job to them. 

This mission does not appear in the best interests of the United States, the European Union and it is obviously aimed at Russia in a continuation of Cold War strategies and game play. 

The methods are dated in that they have been used by the US for years and most times ineffectual.  They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Video of Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, he does not address the EU accords, just the military situation.

Letter by Vladimir Putin to the New York Times to the American People Regarding His Position on Syria. When you read it tell me if this sound like a letter from a ruthless leader?  Not at all. He sounds quite reasonable.

Below are the previous articles I have written on this topic?

Here is my original long version of the petition for the US to end Russia sanctions on go  Petition, which I transferred to the White House, we the people board for Petitions, which I had to shorten for the their board.

In March 2014, the United States issued sanctions against Russia in a conflict that is between the European Union and Russia and for which both sides have legitimate arguments.

Ukraine is a border country for Russia and its cultural and economic ties go deep, and parts of Ukraine speak Russian. A percentage of Ukrainian citizens express desire for closer union with the European Union, which is why the European Union is in conflict with Russia over Ukraine as they were in the middle of accords, which would bind them economically and then lead to Ukraine's membership of the EU. Ukraine has 44 million citizens and is the second largest country and army in Europe. While providing a big gain for the EU, Ukraine as a member of the EU would be a threat to Russia.

The United States has no business in this dispute, which is not on the grounds of democracy because the US is teaming with the EU, which has its own democratic defect it has been working on fixing for years.  These sanctions alienate Russia and the ability of Russia and the United States to work together toward defeating common enemies and seeking to expand  economic opportunities between the two empires that can further prosper their prospective economies.

US Sanctions also create tension, uncertainty and instability between Russia and the United States. The American public do not share the US government's histrionic response to Putin's invasion of Ukraine and neither do we see how the conflict between the EU and Russia in any way effects the security of the United States.  This is a conflict that must be worked out between the EU and Russia and in which both sides have legitimate disputes.

What is going to effect the security of the United States are the US Sanctions against Russia.  By alienating Russia we eliminate an important partner in other foreign policy and economic objectives. In addition, this  foreign policy move on the part of the United States appears reactionary, ignorant and weak.  We were not invited by the EU on this matter yet we jumped in and took the lead on an issue that does not negatively effect the United States.

In a condensed version, which had to be shortened for the We the People board at the White house, it reads:

The United States issued sanctions against Russia in a conflict that is between the European Union and Russia and for which both sides have legitimate arguments and which the American public does not view Russia’s actions as unreasonable given the details.

US Sanctions create tension, uncertainty and instability between Russia and the US. By alienating Russia we eliminate an important partner in other foreign policy and economic objectives that are more pressing. These sanctions on the part of the United States appear reactionary, ignorant and weak.  We were not invited by the EU on this matter yet we jumped in and took the lead on an issue that does not negatively affect the United States, and have teamed with the undemocratic EU for Russia’s alleged breach of democracy.

As I stated I have stayed neutral and do not write against any of what is going to occur because it is all suppose to happen. T he prophet Daniel worked for Nebuchadnezzar who was the feared King who came to judge Israel.  He told Nebuchadnezzar that his position was given to him by God.   .  I have written favorable articles for European federalists, also for Vladimir Putin and I have stayed out of the mudslinging between US Republicans and Democrats and even of President Obama. But, on this issue is where I draw the line.  While Jesus tells us that Nation will rise and against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom, US took the role of aggressor because the conflict is not one in which the US should have participated, it rose against Russia and this move will have consequences.  If this petition can get enough signatures and get heard at the White House and be acted upon, and the US government listens to the people that we do not see Vladimir Putin as a threat to the United States or to the world, and he is going for his people as any president should do for his country.  We feel it is in the best interests of the United States to work on mending the relations with Russia. The United States can mend relations and work together on common causes of what is coming ahead via the commotions, conflicts and wars predicted rather than being a contributor to more conflicts  At the moment the United States is the aggressor.

Concerning the European Union, they have achieved what they hoped and at least by Russia have the recognition they have worked so hard to obtain.. The United States does not realize that the EU is a leading player in world affairs and that it can handle its own issues. Based on the tape of Victoria Nuland, the US is in keystone cop mode and still living in the Cold War with a Cold War mentality.

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