Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Texas Healthcare Worker Tests Positive For Ebola- UT OH

A Texas Healthcare Worker Tests Positive For Ebola- UT OH

Graphic (c) Erika Grey of Ebola depicted as a giant red monster with symbolizing  hemorrhagic fever which has enlargements of the ebola virus as hands and feet, and as its nose and hair, reaching out to whoever it can infect

The spread of the Ebola virus is a prime example of the plagues Jesus warned in Bible Prophecy would inflict the world in the end times

According to CNN a Texas healthcare worker has tested positive for Ebola.  I stated in a previous article that we can expect Ebola to spread.   What is frightening about this second case is that the nurse was wearing protective gear.   As the Centers for Disease Control speaks with confidence regarding their protective measures more people are getting infected with Ebola.  This is a scary virus that liquefies your organs and can leave you looking like you emerged from a horror flick, I cannot imagine what it is like to experience suffering from the virus.  It might be time for those living in population areas in the United States to tuck away some supplies as has already been suggested by some online writers in case of a Government declared quarantine. 

We have this end time plague happening at the same time as ISIL and many other conflicts erupting. Meanwhile USA Today reports India lashed by cyclone, Typhoon  hits Japan, with the largest, most powerful storm of -a super typhoon. All of these events and plagues are simultaneous with a blood moon that is confirmation that these are the perilous times that Jesus foretold would precede the Tribulation. 

The other night I was talking to a Catholic priest about being born again and how they teach good works and we teach faith in Jesus Christ alone and

 I brought up Bible Prophecy and to my surprise he follows Bible Prophecy and he said the signs are now in everyone’s face and yet they choose to ignore them. 

We both agreed that we cannot comprehend how anyone can ignore the obvious.  Now that Ebola has spread to a second person in the United States we need to be more concerned than ever.

We must trust God for the protection found in Psalm 91 and Job5:19-27, which mirrors Psalm 91 as storms and people and plagues are now out of control.  Along with Ebola are a plethora of viruses surfacing and spreading.  Many have frightening symptoms that our out of our nightmares.

This all are examples of the unfolding of Bible Prophecy and God providing signs that the Tribulation is soon to begin. 

What is shocking is that as more signs of the end times occur, it seems that more people ignore them. This is the purpose of my articles to point out the end time signs as they are occurring in hopes to inform the reader so that they are not disregarded.
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